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  1. Not the greatest picture. It's the most recent though, it was from the beginning of December.
  2. Yea it was just haling here and I can see that there's already a thick layer of ice on my car I'm too lazy to scrape off my car!!!!!!!! I don't wanna do it tomorrow morning. Between 8am and 2pm today my car got a really thick layer of ice on it so before I could go home I had to spend like 15 minutes defrosting and scraping off my car. That was just lovely.
  3. Very nice!! Hey, every notice how the best people are born around the same time of year? I SWARE that can't be an accident B)
  4. Heyyy dudde happy birthday B)
  5. Yeaaaaa we're only supposed to get 1-3 inches here if even that. The freakin shore ruins everything and when all of New Jersey has no school, we still do!!! I actually would rather go to school though, hey my car can make it through this!! This week, our Finals and Midterms were supposed to be this week Tuesday through Friday. But, since we had a delayed opening on Monday, they got pushed back to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. If we miss another day, it'll all get pushed back again. I just wanna get these freakin exams over with!!! Plus Saturday's my birthday and I don't wanna study at all this weekend.
  6. I'll Make You See - Skyline and Thanks to RD The Trainwreck - The Prize Fight
  7. Ally

    Gulf Commercial

    LMAO NOTE TO SELF: If I ever randomly decide to work at a gas station, slash, if my dad randomly decides to buy a Gulf station, do not bring Rusty gas if he calls. Instead, send 350-lb biker chick sister. I gotta remember that one.
  8. Ally

    Hey Roughdraft...

    Aww, RD! I'm sorry this is like 100 million days late, but I suppose better late than never, FEEL BETTER!!!!! You're the best!
  9. Brand New - Okay I Believe you, but My Tommy Gun Don't
  10. I haven't been to a DFC meeting in so long. Damn people in my family keep dying and stuff!!! :-\
  11. Yep. I'll probably do something to help out again this year. If anyone is interested in helping out in anyway (there are lots of ways to!!) just let me know or whatever. I don't know what is exactly going on yet for it so I'll find more info. Yep. Yep. Yep.
  12. I don't believe that it's a woman's "god-given right" to kill a human being, born or unborn. Other than circumstances in which the mother's life is in danger, abortion doesn't have many strong points. I agree with Tretyak in that at conception, life begins. The fetus does have it's own set of DNA and begins growing almost immediately. Why if someone kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with two counts of murder, but if an abortionist kills a fetus, it isn't considered murder at all?
  13. Windmill is also open like all hours of the night
  14. Yup yup yup! My dad used to live in Long Branch with my two uncles, one of which used to teach at Monmouth U.
  15. Me too and so did my father B) Well, I don't know if he grew up on it, but he ate back in the day and he sure does now
  16. Ally

    Ken Daneyko Night

    Hey, If ya'll are interested, for Ken Daneyko Night on January 9, 2004, the Devils Fan Club has a Ticket Promotion. Tickets are in the second tier and cost only $35 each. Orders must be received by December 26, 2003. DFC Ticket Offer
  17. Brown shoud definitely be brought in for the home opener!! I wanna see him play, I've only gotten to see him play (in person) at the Devils practice
  18. Ally

    Current Payroll

    (yeah... i can play too)
  19. Ally

    Opening Night

    Woo, I'm going too! I forget where I"m sitting though. My parents didn't didn't get season tix this year That's what happens when you have two kids in college I guess If there's a meeting or whatever, lemme know and I'll prolly go!
  20. Ally


    that's great!!! If I was creative enough, I'd write one for the Devs... heh, but I'm not!
  21. Ally

    hey all

    MY DAUGHTER!!!! I haven't seeen you in sooo long!!!! I keep giving your sister notes to give to you Please come back soon!
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