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  1. thats and awesome response. lol good one. Its a part time job I pay to attend..
  2. overtime98

    Rick Nash

    yea but didnt he already also came out and said he wants out? I think Columbus wants him out. Parise also said he was a loyal. lol
  3. overtime98

    Rick Nash

    RICK NAAAAASSSHHHH.... Section 233 supports RICK NASH! Yes, but he wants out and willing to waive this. Semin is going to penguins. 1 year deal. not confirmed yet. probably could be... Columbus asking too much...
  4. fvck Parise. He bailed on us... He'll hear it from us Nov 11th
  5. The next assistant that runs the PP and we do not score a goal EVERY damn time, Im sure you'll hate him as well.
  6. Zach Parise is an a$$hole. fvck him I hope he enjoys losing every year.
  7. Its amazing that Lou and the Devils would wait like this with their captain and HOF player...... Did they wait with Crosby? Did the Kings let Quick 'test the waters'? NO....
  8. Janssen is a good team player and will be used during the regular season against the ranger and flyers.
  9. Ive been around forever but do not post or get involved enough to be nominated for any of these awards. lol
  10. he is one of the biggest stars and best players in the league who is a free agent, OF COURSE there will be rumors.
  11. If debour keeps playing the same line up he must believe we can win with this team by the way they have been playing, we ahve been getting better from game 1 to game 2....So hopefully we onyl get even better for tonight game 3....
  12. last friday night was awesome.... getting to celebrate a series win like that was un real.
  13. yea I am sure her and her boyfriend were completely innocent and were perfectly behaved visiting fans. LMAO.
  14. Exactly! and so true... and so many fan dont realize this. the only way this series is over and we dont win if Lundqvist continue to stand on his head and get lucky for 2 more games... Devils need to keep coing at him strong and harder. next game get 40+ shots to the net.. wear him out.
  15. I have a feeling Kovy may have a big game tonight....... pain killing drugs can do wonders.. lol
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