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  1. heard that! couldn't help but smile
  2. its so weird to realize i've been a part of this site since i was 16...
  3. sooo true..off season has always been a little rough around here haha. even in my absent years, its still the same forum i remember when i was 16. in lou we trust! i'm keeping the faith
  4. thank god i got my hdtv tv in today. i don't normally get tsn2..but i do with the new tv! Another good omen! Let's Go Devils!!!!
  5. What a heartbreaking loss. Marty has every right to be pissed, but in the last 5 seconds of the game, he got up a little too slow after the last shot before the goal. I've never seen him so upset..they ALL better frickin' bring it in game 5!
  6. hey everyone. i just thought i would stop by and say hello to you all! its been a while and i was talking to Gina and thought about everyone here the site looks great!! it always was the best! you all rock! GO DEVILS!!!!
  7. yah well my computer is on the fritz hardcore so i dont even bother... anywhore. i leave for my flight...now...so stay safe everyone!!
  8. thanks for the wishes everyone! i'm glad i got to stop by here a few times before i leave to head back to canada. incase ya didn't know i'm in north carolina visiting my family. i head back tomorrow and my friends have the drinking festivities planned out. woot! but i'm having a good birthday here. i get to hang out with marines...mmmmm! and happy birthday petey! it was great to sort of talk to you all. have a great summer and GO DEVILS GO![/b]
  9. i was so drunk once i walked in on my sister and her boyfriend doin' it. i guess i got REALLY close to the bed before i realized what exactly they were doing. i then turned around and walked back into the kitchen and told everyone they were fornicating... they bought a lock for the door the next day
  10. that...was...so...hot... nieds tho...he'll always be the numbero uno for me i love being a puckbunny
  11. well i'll be 19 in 4 days, so i can try different kinds of beers. but thus far i like to drink budweiser and labatt blue. i don't chug but i funnel. for that i would go with tuborg (its like a can and a half) or whatever else there is. im really not a picky drinker. i just love beer
  12. i know i havent been around for a while but reading this thread made ME ansyand i've barley had time to pay attention to anything in the off season! and who is sandman related to? ive been trying to figure it out but i guess i like the brain capacity to accomplish things when I'm on vacation jess<3
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