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  1. I certainly miss it, living literally 10 minutes away in Little Ferry. Easy peasy to get there at pretty much a moment's notice. Last event also was WWE Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan's only world title PPV defense.
  2. YESSSSSS Amazing what Shero can do when the player isn't a jersey mark from New Rochelle....keep it going, Ray, get us some defense next. Caps fans online are furious, so that's gotta be a good thing.
  3. Hall-Henrique-Hischler. Get ready to hear Triple H's theme music over and over and over at The Rock, baby!
  4. Someone should tell Tom from the Stars that suit jacket doesn't fit anymore
  5. The law firm of Nico Rico & Hall is now incorporated and open for business!
  6. Me too, before the playoffs started I honestly had them going to the Finals if they didn't play Pittsburgh, and once Pittsburgh started getting hurt and Crosby's soft head came into play, I was getting mighty nervous. Thankfully Ottawa somehow won 4 games getting reeeeeally lucky. '94 and nevermore, hope everyone can keep their emotions in check watching this very touching linked video. https://streamable.com/c22jw
  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Canada! Our temporary hockey rooting home and native land! True patriot love, in all thy sons' command! WHERE'S YOUR CROWN, KING NOTHING?
  8. Whew, thank God for Karlsson. 3-1 Protagonists after 40, KEEP IT UP! 20 more minutes, don't ease up!
  9. 2-1 Sens, late 2nd....c'mon, can't just make it a nice relaxing blowout Ottawa? That's it, that's ALL the goals the Rags are allowed!
  10. 2-0 Sens after 20....pleeeeeease keep it up, Ottawa! Blank 'em, Anderson, and they can't take it from you!
  12. Gaaaah....don't tease us, Ottawa, if you're gonna push it to OT you damn well better win it!
  13. I said before the playoffs even started Pittsburgh's the only team that can stop them, but now I'm real worried about that with how banged up they are.
  14. They're done. They're not doing jack against Lundqvist in a closeout game in MSG and their strategy for the most important period of their season was apparently "let the goalie do everything and magically we'll score somehow eventually."
  15. Can't even make it out of the period with the lead, quel surprise
  16. Sens ASPLODE out of nowhere to take the lead 3-2, starting another power play...just don't let the damn Rags score again this game, Ottawa!
  17. Gonna get shutout by an emergency backup, wow
  18. Wide open net and Damon puts it parallel to the goal line.
  19. Just fall down playing the Devils, you'll get a free PP
  20. Checked the Reddit Pens forum, even their fans thought that was garbage
  21. "Stole it! You stole it!" at some ref by Hynes before leaving
  22. Same exact play. SAME EXACT PLAY and then they take away the PP for complaining.
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