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  1. Smart move by Jansen pitching around Esco…the moment was too big for Alvarez unfortunately
  2. And memo to Buck - we’re in THE series of the season…no reason to put your fifth or sixth best reliever in the game down two, that’s not a time to wave the white flag and gogetem tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for nothing Tylor, see you next year
  4. LOL six innings, three ER…quality start my ass And sure the offense sucks too…the offense isn’t opting out wanting $50 million deals either. 86 pitches too…talk about soft. And now here comes Megill to blow up the game
  5. Jake is basically turning into Gerritt Cole, an overrated ace who allows a sh!t ton of HR’s around his K’s
  6. Of course Pete and Lindor killed that inning, you guys are really gonna let former Met reject Collin McHugh shut you down too?
  7. This is the kind of thing that usually happens to us…ace cruising and leaves early due to god knows what, Mets HAVE to capitalize Apparently someone watching the Braves broadcast said they saw Fried looking ill
  8. Not gonna lie I kinda wish Buck didn’t change the rotation, at this point I’d rather have Bassitt in #162
  9. It's shameful all around what happened to Tua...players are always going to try to downplay their own injuries, especially ones who are trying to prove they can stay healthy over a full season but when you have what happened Sunday happen, the Dolphins and the NFL have to be the adults in the room here. ESPECIALLY with the damn Thursday game three nights later.
  10. It’s just always something with those two, just like the frigging LA Chargers of the NHL…great young talent that everyone goes gaga over but it never translates into actual winning, horrible coaching/management and always sh!t happens to them injury wise or ‘luck’ wise
  11. Seriously, either this was incompetence from the medical staff or buffoonery from the front office trying to cover up an injury for…a competitive advantage in a preseason game or selling two more season tickets before the truth comes out?! Neither one makes us look great, and yeah I love Nico but if we have to go through this sh!t again with Nico and Jack then I don’t know how you can ever build a sustainable winner around two guys who miss 25-30 games a year?
  12. It really wasn’t pretty at times but for once the schedule game played out the way I thought it could - 2-1 against the Brewers and A’s, 1-1 against the Marlins (figured 1-2 against the Brewers and 2-0 against the Marlins was a possibility too) while the Nats going 2-4 and the Phillies 2-2 was about the most you could ask for there. Although to self correct the magic number would still be 4 with one win in Atlanta, there’d still be work to do there, winning two would make it a bit easier
  13. Why would you walk anyone to face Eddie Judge Esco? HUGE last two hours
  14. DREW SMITH!!! Okay let’s win this fvcker now…three more chances to get a runner in from 2nd
  15. LOL Alonso and Lindor popped the balloon there, and the Nats about to fvck up a man on 3rd with one out Or not…thank god. At least no worse than tied now going to Atlanta
  16. Gotta save our sh!tty bench to maybe bat for our sh!tty catcher
  17. Close enough, another first pitch hack popup…hopefully Esco can continue his 2015 Murphy like surge Eduardo Murphy does it again
  18. LOL and just when I turn on MLB Network the Braves tie the Nationals on an infield hit and an error
  19. And consider this team had a 2.5 game lead on Saturday, a 3-0 lead on the A’s with Jake on the mound and the Braves in a mini slump after losing three in a row…feels like that was our last fatal missed opportunity where momentum shifted
  20. LOL just use an opener and Trevor Williams as the follower at this point if we even play a Game #4
  21. Hard for me to completely kill the pitcher when the offense has two dink hits in five innings, it’d be nice to see them hit better than a group of old timers
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