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  1. Well if it wasn't offical before it is now, Lugo is the closer period.
  2. Welp Gregg Williams really is gonna have to wave a magic wand with this D now...first the corners go down, now Avery. They do have some talented players left with the d-line, safeties and Moseley but still...and I liked the spots with Avery on the morning show, Joe and Evan are probably in mourning they'll need a new guest for this year.
  3. Well that figures, after getting suspended for two different seasons in Cleveland, the Patriots get a quick reinstatement of Josh Gordon. Not that he won't get suspended again after another few weeks anyway but still you'd figure after getting suspended for multiple seasons that the next ban wouldn't be a few lousy weeks.
  4. JD Davis coming up lame too...maybe we'll see both Tejada and Dilson by next week
  5. LOL so much for the 'must sweep', eh? Ticket ops must be tearing its hair out, they were finally selling some seats for the upcoming home games, now it'll go back to being a ghost town at Citi.
  6. I don’t like overpaying kickers but really, it’s not like we could even give away all our money/cap space this offseason. Same reason I didn’t care about paying for Bell, might as well spend to the moon now while we have a QB on a rookie deal.
  7. Yep...Wally Whitehurst and Julio Machado lol, talk about blasts from the past https://www.amazinavenue.com/2013/7/25/4553784/new-york-mets-history-july-25-bob-murphy-says-mets-win-damn-game And I like whoever was in the booth with Murphy just laughing when he says that word
  8. They have to win this one first, good lord. Maybe Matz can get the extra outs he should have yesterday
  9. I haven't seen much of the preseason game tonight but two missed XP's, really? Guess another kicker's 'retiring' soon
  10. Not to mention the Phillies have gotten 'new manager' bounce with a sweep capped off by Harper's walk-off GS.
  11. Yeah I get wanting to put in Lugo but he wasn't going to finish the game regardless - you want Matz in the 7th while he's rolling with a low pitch count or you want Diaz plus whatever's behind the mystery box in the 9th? Granted it never got that far but still, these managers can't wait to find the pitcher who doesn't have it that day. And I don't remember the last time I saw a pitcher get pulled immediately after being allowed to hit lol
  12. Just when you want to get back into it, Wheeler pulls out a stinker and McNeil pulls up lame.
  13. So the Phillies fired their hitting coach and replaced him with Charlie Manuel. I didn't realize the guy had a Larry Robinson-like devotion to the franchise...not sure it'll make Gabe Kapler all that happy since he's really on red alert now lol Then again we said the same about Mickey a while back after the pitching coach change.
  14. Yeah we’ll see how Douglas handles the special teams in the long run. The no-doubt worst thing Mac did all offseason was not bring back either Myers or Roberts, especially considering our cap space to burn. Granted kickers and returners are a bit fungible at times but why mess with something that clearly worked?
  15. lol it's the old quit before you get fired routine.
  16. Pretty telling that in the biggest game of the season they leave Lugo in for a second inning to close it even after he gave it up in the 8th instead of going to the human bundle of nerves. And Lugo drops the hammer, the 7 train express keeps rolling along. This series is getting eerily similar to the post-deadline 2015 one with the Nats.
  17. #LFGM, a perfect meme for millenials lol It is amazing how much of a leader Alonso's become as a rookie. And it's also hilarious how Todd Frazier seems to come equipped with magic pixie dust.
  18. Yeah now this one's got me in the believer category...something's really going on with this team now. Whether it's 1969, 1973, 2001 or 2015-16 remains to be seen but wow.
  19. BTW apparently the Mets WERE in on Cabrera - who granted was having a poor season but was pretty good his first time around, but seems like hard feelings lingered
  20. Maybe Brandon Nimmo gets out of Yoenisville before the end of the season and at least improves CF? That guy fell down the same black hole as Lowrie did. Sadly I’d almost have rather given Dilson or Tejada another try with the way they’ve hit in the minors lol but I do get wanting a vet for down the stretch, especially a local guy
  21. The last sentence reminds me, Nick Castellanos complained a while back about how Comerica was so pitcher friendly which is laughable considering how many band boxes there are elsewhere in baseball. Hitters are basically growing up spoiled and wondering where’s my cheap HR’s?
  22. Yeah I thought the dumb early deadline would kill off most deals from the borderline teams, there were still big deals made and teams you'd figure would be sellers became buyers so maybe it actually added unpredictability at least. If they're going to have no waiver deadline at all then the actual trade deadline should be at least mid-August with all the wild card craziness. Not only did neither team sell but neither fired their inexperienced manager when they looked all but dead men walking. Although I'm still very wary of Callaway (and make no mistake, this run would buy him into next year if the Mets maintain this) it's good in a sense that firing the manager isn't always the needed spark.
  23. Especially when the Nats themselves were twelve games under after like fifty games lol, let alone us being eleven under later in the season.
  24. Yeah the closest we would get to a Lightning situation is if the Dodgers won 110 games and somehow got wiped off the mat in three straight by one of the nine thousand teams slouging toward an 85-win wild card. It might even BE the Mets at this rate lolz. Even if the Yankees or Astros somehow got swept in the first round it'd likely be by a 95-win Indians/Twins/A's/Rays team, plus they'll be jockeying for best record throughout while the Dodgers have home field in the NL pretty much in the bank already.
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