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  1. His vaccine hesitancy didn’t already convince you he was a dumb sh!t?
  2. Sharangovich had 16 goals and 30 points last year. He has 8 goals and 15 points in 31 games this year. Not really that big a difference, that's basically the same numbers over 62 games without Jack this year. Johnsson was a total bum last year and hasn't scored in almost the last two months this year, but he was a point a game guy scoring all over the place with Bratt. I'm just saying the winger excuse only goes so far when you see another guy clearly having an impact with the same suspect group of wingers.
  3. Bratt also got a turbo-charged performance out of freaking Johnsson and rookie Mercer, who haven't really produced with anyone else while Hughes hasn't had that effect on anyone else.
  4. Becton missed the whole year basically due to an injury that was supposed to be a 6-8 week deal, and was called out for his weight being an issue in not being able to rehab. He's basically our Zion Williamson at this point, a unicorn whose body may not allow him to play. Plus even before he got hurt he got punked by Carl Lawson repeatedly in camp. But at least they were willing to hold him accountable, and he was their top pick too. I have more confidence in Wilson just due to the fact he didn't turn the ball over his last several games, and he was playing with nobody in the lineup either at the end of the season. He was at least making better decisions and being more accurate on his five-yard throws. Of course I saw good stretches from Darnold too so I'm not exactly totally sold yet, but I digress. Sharangovich and Kuokkanen struggling this year does make Hughes look better, but still this is really the first prolonged stretch he's consistently shown star quality play and it's not like he never played with Bratt or other semi-decent wingers before.
  5. I mean even if you're not totally sold on the QB yet (and I am at least more sold on him than I am any Devils goalie atm), Vera-Tucker, Moore and Carter is a pretty good start on offense at least. They need to fix the D big-time around Moseley and Quinnen Williams but they at least competed 80-85% of the time this year, which is more than I can say for this group of sloths starting with - lifting from CR - Deadwood in net. And at least the Jets have some level of accountability for guys who suck (aka Denzel Mims, and even Becton who got called out publicly for his injury/weight issues) while we continue to roll the same trash out there night after night without holding anyone to account. What do all those names (with the exception of Hamilton who wasn't here) do when you continue to have games like tonight where the team is less than the supposed sum of their parts offensively? What has Mercer done in the last two months since Bratt got taken off his line? Of course Hughes magically now looks like the star Mercer did early in the season, with the common denominator being Bratt making their line go. And he's on a bridge deal presumably because he wants to cash out at the end of it, and it's clearly going to work, he'll cash out. Whether it's from us is another question, especially since only the owners know if there's an internal budget or not.
  6. I hate everyone tonight, they quit on the game after the first goal. There aren't many players I'd really give a second thought if they were moved or left at this point. For the first time in my adult life the Devils are clearly the worst and most hopeless of my three sports teams, that takes some doing considering a lot of the beauts I've had to endure with the Jets and Mets.
  7. Damn the Bills are beating down the Pats far worse than they did the Jets last week
  8. Yeah that’s well put and pretty much how I feel about it too. In a vacuum if you retire Keith’s number as a player don’t you kind of have to retire 8 too? And wither 16 and 18, who were star players for longer than either but obviously had and have other issues. I do think his post playing career with the Mets plays into it, especially given it exposes a new generation of fans to Keith, which is why I’m fine with it as well. Plus he probably should have gotten more consideration for the HOF than he has and if he ever gets in on a vets committee it will be as a Met, given his post playing career as much as his playing career.
  9. Yeah that's the thing, we can't really say the Mets gave 17 to nonentities like Luis Lopez and whomever cause that was Fred and Jeff. This is clearly Cohen having a different idea of who should get homage paid in Met history.
  10. Mets retiring Keith's number in July (Saturday the 9th against the Marlins), assuming we're actually playing baseball by then. Being as he was my first favorite player in any sport and I still have a ratty paper copy of his book diary of the '85 season with the '86 epilogue, I'll be there - and I haven't been to a Met game 'at all' since the pandemic, or even just gone on mass transit since for that matter. Even I admit to having some reservations on whether Keith 'should' have his number retired as I did with Koosman, but someone of my age range is gonna enjoy this regardless.
  11. Yeah there was definitely a bit of 'personality conflict' with Flores and his GM/QB, but it's still insane. He'll get another job this offseason for sure, given how much he got out of that team in hopeless causes. But yeah some of his handling of Tua (particularly last year) was VERY questionable and leads you to think he was the one driving the bus on all the Watson rumors.
  12. LOL that graphic just before the Bills' last TD was so telling...360 total yards to 60, it was absurd the Jets were even in this game in the 4th quarter. Wilson does hold the ball too long at times but holy hell it's not like our #5-7 receivers are getting open either.
  13. Oh boy, dis is gonna be spicy assuming he actually does have medical receipts this time.
  14. Where? On her Twitter bio she has 'reporter' and content creator, which is mostly accurate. She only reports what the team wants her to though. If she's calling herself a beat writer then she deserves crap just for blurring the line of what she does compared to an actual independent beat writer.
  15. Ehhh there's a HUGE difference between TG, who worked for an independent paper, and Amanda who works for the team. And I don't just mean the fact one's a better writer...their mission statements are different. People keep holding Amanda to beat writer status, THAT'S NOT HER JOB! Fans just want her to be a beat writer because basically nobody else is one right now.
  16. Nah this was right at 1980's backup goalie level...two or three soft goals in a game, five total allowed.
  17. That's such a canard...Panarin was just fine under Torts, same with the Tampa guys when they were young guns.
  18. The sad part is LaFleur actually did call a good game otherwise...but he picked THAT moment to get all conservative?! Yeah I definitely had Gregg Williams cover zero flashbacks too, especially on the play that actually won it for Tampa though it wasn't a cover zero blitz, you still can't let the guy get behind you from thirty yards out.
  19. Welp if you wanted a higher draft pick that game was ideal lol, but holy hell how do you run a fvcking QB sneak on 4th and 2 to try to ice the game?! It's like they just wanted to leave Brady a longer field for the TD drive. And then the D promptly allowed an 87-yard drive without timeouts...typical LOLJets moment. I do have to say though Zach's been very encouraging lately. Considering we were playing without our top three WR's, our top two TE's, our top two RB's and starting LT/C, that's a more than acceptable performance.
  20. While MSG doesn’t work for the team they are trying to sell a product, so when they continually hype up the Devils playoff chances when they’re ten points out in January it’s annoying to those of us that know better but they’re catering to their casual audience. Bryce and his stats are catering to the stat wonk fans, though he provides solid traditional analysis too. And how deep can Erika, or Deb Kaufman, Christine Simpson, whoever really get with four or five question, two minute hits with a player during an intermission or after a game?
  21. Oh I absolutely get it...it's a tsunami of reasons for attendance to be down. Bad team (which let's face it is no different than any other year in the last several), COVID spike and the new protocols at the arena. I'm sure all of the above kept ticket sales down but usually the first post-Christmas home game - and a holiday afternoon one at that - is a sure sellout in spite of the Devils' overpricing so it's noteworthy this was far from it. I'd sold my tickets a while ago because I figured I had to go to work, but it was only open till noon so I could have gotten a ticket and squeezed in the game, didn't because I didn't want to watch an extra game in a mask or deal with the virus at the peak of its spread.
  22. Especially when it comes with your 'face of the franchise' having his second straight dominant game and showing signs of going to the next level as a player.
  23. Barely 13,000 fans for a New Year's Eve Friday afternoon game is a bad sign going forward. I get not everyone had off but I'm sure a lot of people did, or could get off easily.
  24. I’m not as surprised the Pats blew it as I am that Buffalo actually took control of the division back after being emasculated two weeks ago. And I still don’t trust them enough to assume they won’t blow one of the last two somehow, but they manned up today. I don’t really see the Fish going 10-7 either, not that they can’t win any individual game left on their schedule but normally when you have the kind of insane run from nowhere to get back into it, you have a run out of steam game sooner or later a la the 2011 Devils in mid-March.
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