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  1. Sounds like Carrasco had back tightness...guess that's another bullet dodged for the moment, seems like other than Jake (and to a degree Max) we've had a lot of injuries that 'could' have been serious but weren't. He's one of those guys that is either really solid or really bad...a bit Bartolo-esque
  2. A stress free shutout with Peterson starting? Yeah I’ll take that and run
  3. Before the season Lugo was still probably the reliever I had the most confidence in...that's long over with now. He might be shot, or just having an off year that 'most' relievers usually have.
  4. Mets doing what they need to against a pesky Marlins team so far. As annoying as the Braves and Phillies surges have been (now both 14-2 in their last 16) the Mets are still 6.5 and 8.5 up on them at least.
  5. Well this is better than I expected
  6. Alonso might just be on his way to the best offensive season in Mets history (even better than the 53-120 in his rookie season), or at least the best by anyone not named Piazza.
  7. Fourteen in a row, jesus fvcking christ. The NL East race is like an NBA game where you just knew the other team would make some insane sh!t run. I just hope these other teams continue to play like sh!t when we play them eventually.
  8. Nice to see Bassitt get back on the beam again On the OOT scoreboard Braves win AGAIN, but the Phillies implode against the Marlins. If that isn't a perfect encapsulation of which team we actually have to concern ourselves with (especially given fifteen games left against the Braves, while we've already beaten up on the Phillies earlier).
  9. Yeah they still have at least a week of schedule annoyances to get though before hopefully the oncoming tide crests . The Mets have done their part so far but all these other teams are having insane runs here
  10. Yeah we doubly needed that game from Walker after a rare clunker from Carrasco. Thankfully this time they had the day off after so Buck could just roll with Diaz for a five out save.
  11. Cano actually accepted a minor league assignment with the Padres (guess with that contract he has to) and well... Not to mention they're already rocking a six-man rotation as it is, and he's going code black not even talking to the media this week. Guess he doesn't want to be asked about his obvious bitterness over leaving, that dumb Instagram no-hitter post and how the chemistry of the Mets is better this year
  12. Oof...guess it's coming down to tomorrow to see if the Mets have a good trip or not. While the damn Braves and Phillies win again. I get they can't keep this up and eventually the Mets will not be playing West Coast trips but my goodness, nine and ten game-winning streaks do a lot of good.
  13. I know there's still a cushion here but it's getting old real fvcking fast seeing both the Braves and the Phillies refuse to lose again (eight and seven-game winning streaks, respectively). Just gotta ride out this Phillies new manager surge and the Braves' little sisters of the poor surge I suppose.
  14. And btw I know they're due for a couple wins, but my goodness it'd be tough to lose a series to the Angels when they have the immortal JUAN LAGARES batting fifth tonight.
  15. Yeah I'll say...21 ER allowed in his last 26 innings, woof. We went pretty quickly from 'wow at least this guy can pretend to be an ace for a while' to 'thank god he's only the 4th starter at best when everyone's healthy'
  16. Yeah realistically the Mets goal over this West Coast trip was not to let a double-digit lead get to under five, given the Braves beating up on the sisters of the poor over the last week.
  17. And just when we thought we were rid of the bad juju of the last several years, there goes Marte and Alonso out of the game due to injury.
  18. I’ve said this before, but it’s been vital that we actually are getting the Carrasco this year we were advertised before last year, I was worried we might never see the Cleveland Carrasco here with age and injury. Carrasco and Bassit being our #3 and #4 starters if everyone is healthy would be something
  19. It's a good thing the Mets salvaged these two games since the Phillies got at least temporarily well with the new manager bounce against another struggling team while the Braves got over .500. Not that there's any real reason to worry about the Phillies yet, but the Braves can fatten up the next couple weeks.
  20. Holy sh!t the Mets really are living a charmed life…Adonis Medina congrats, you just got your fifteen minutes of fame!
  21. If I ever see this umpiring crew again it’ll be too soon, get out of here with that catcher’s interference sh!t on a check swing
  22. Now Medina for the 10th lol, guess Smith and Holderman are unavailable? JD giveth then taketh away, that was a base running boner. Not like he was gonna score if that bloop fell, just stay there for fvcks sake
  23. LOL Buck actually has the cajones to pitch Diaz in the 8th with the heart of the Dodger order and leave Lugo for the ninth and he fubars a two run lead. Shame that that’ll only make managers even more gunshy to deploy their best reliever for the best hitters, no matter the inning.
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