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  1. The only decision that could be made, the meaningless one and done with Thor didn’t exactly help
  2. This week was a reality check for the loons like Benigno who still thought this team could win the division. Once Zach gets schooled by uncle Bill again the 5-12 train will be on track
  3. Jesus refs we know which way uncle Roger told you to call it today…
  4. You know who isn’t overrated? Garret Wilson. Of course after he changes the momentum the overrated D gives it right back with stone hands Sauce dropping another pick six Wow great job, finally getting a third down stop and airhead JFM with another killer penalty cancels it out
  5. And the Jet D again looks overrated when the QB isn’t just handing the ball to them on a silver platter while the o-line can’t block a high school d-line in pass pro
  6. Whoever didn't think that Fitz was just gonna be Shero 2.0 only with less autonomy The funny thing is I do think to a degree Fitz's plan is similar to Shero's, he's just...better at it and better at recognizing a hockey team is like an orchestra (couldn't help but use the Lou saying). Shero just talent collected with no regard as to whether the pieces fit and complemented each other. But even similar things they do are working out a lot better for Fitz. Whereas Shero traded for Mirco Muller, that was Fitz's Siegenthaler trade - similar mindset in dealing a high-ish pick for a young defenseman who'd stagnated, only one guy busted and the other's really worked out.
  7. I was gonna come here and slag Brodie for the PCA trade, till I realized it was Zach Scott (or maybe Sandy if Scott was already on leave by then, I don't even remember)...man we've had a lot of meh, iffy GM's in a row here. I'm not even sure that streak ends with Stearns since it seems he's committed to keeping Billy as the GM, but hopefully Billy will be better executing Stearns' vision plan than his own.
  8. Yikes, maybe they made the right decision cashing him out after all...Scherzer was a lot more of an obvious move at the time.
  9. Jake 2.0 https://twitter.com/theathleticmlb/status/1702063220310048894?s=46&t=o4shtH3dgA0iFstS0rkNfw
  10. LOL thank god the Wilpons are gone part #64378
  11. Got news for you, Benigno didn’t want Stearns either lol, was pretty against it in an aside at the end of one of his football podcasts - thinks he’s just another moneyball geek that never wins. Guess he doesn’t care he was a pretty significant piece of Houston’s FO before going to the Brewers.
  12. Officially official now Didn’t realize the dude was only 38
  13. I forgot about the Douglas connection but yeah as much as I hate him, Wentz is a better thrower of the football than Zach. And as far as the clubhouse cancer stuff goes, Wentz would be replacing a guy who pulled a ‘who me?’ act after the Pats debacle last year and had teammates wearing Mike White shirts.
  14. Can they throw enough money at Phillip Rivers to get him to try to play the last few months? We know there was talk he would have played for the Niners in the Super Bowl once Purdy went down, but I think he only wants a short term gig if anything I was hoping maybe Zach would be like late movie Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday once Cap got hurt but not so much
  15. And there it is fvck it, trade for Minshew or go full wildcat
  16. Jets are now 6-2 with Breece Hall despite having Zach all those games…damn did they miss him last year
  17. That…was the kind of ending this game needed and deserved lolololol
  18. Well he did go for it on fourth and an inch…I can’t exactly blame him for going conservative after that cause of who his QB now is - even the TD was a sh!t throw
  19. LOL what a tease…doink, but still over the crossbar
  20. This is the perfect example of what CRASHER used to call an anti football game
  21. Shockingly the Jets are now in a tie game…man post Daboll Josh Allen actually sucks
  22. And Wilson still sucks to the shock of nobody
  23. Usually they’re non contact injuries…this looked more like a high ankle sprain or a broken foot, both of which would be bad enough - especially with the first six weeks on our schedule Definitely shades of 1999 though
  24. October 12 and the Devils are all I have to look forward to as a sports fan, unreal
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