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  1. I'm not sure how viable he'd be as a choice anyway after the whole Brent debacle. Right now the only realistic non-hateable options are Guy Boucher and Shero going behind the bench himself. Promoting from within would be laughable. Having a Stevens or Elias coach, while it would be initially popular would be cringeworthy in the sense that you can't really fire either guy if things go sideways or if you do it'll be a mess not worth getting into.
  2. I'm starting to think it's not a coincidence the one season they broke out of the loser mold they had guys like Boyle and a few others (maybe even Stafford as much as I hated him lol) who would actually say what needs to be said and self-police the room. Much like the end of the Lou era, we have too many milquetoast guys now who just don't want to rock the boat.
  3. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Blocks of 20 I think it was...but if Shero's gonna follow Lou's example he should just go behind the bench himself. Unless you want to give me Guy Boucher I guess there aren't a lot of real candidates out there and the staff needs to be blown up into the sky.
  4. Kakko's hat trick is gonna be this year's Eric Boulton hat trick...the sign the end is near.
  5. Probably will be even if he lasts another ten games.
  6. It'd be nice if the goalie made a save in the clutch once in a while but the Devils' D is as bad as the Met bullpen, maybe even worse. At least the Met bullpen has Seth Lugo. Subban is becoming the Devils' version of Edwin Diaz - big name acquisition that goes splat.
  7. At the rate it's going Hynes has two games max, if that.
  8. Just keep piling up the picks that are doing absolutely nothing for us. At some point this team has to start winning again rather than just banking magic bean futures.
  9. Welp I feel your pain, Friday was bad enough. At least they blew this quicker
  10. LOL well the Jets and the refs did everything possible to blow that game but somehow didn't.
  11. Well okay that one on Jamal was real ticky tacky but Witten and the Cowboys are getting that call, especially after two others on the drive.
  12. And now the D's predictably imploding...pass interference call after pass interference call. Roberts particularly looked clownish going off the field completely oblivious.
  13. LOL well they did get a couple of nice completions to get into scoring range but you just knew they weren't icing the game here. I know this D's played good in the red zone but I don't want to hear about them ever again if they blow this up now. Up eight they really have two chances to seal the game, holding them out of the endzone and stopping the two point play.
  14. Dallas doesn't even have their top WR either...every time I hear them going to Austin I have to stop myself thinking it's Miles Austin. It's been all Zeke for the most part and a few good Dax throws.
  15. If they blow this game too I may not watch sports the rest of the year...this is getting ridiculous now. You just can't lose this game, up 21-3 right before the half and 21-9 with like twelve minutes left and the ball. Gase was too conservative without a QB now he's too agressive with one going for three straight passes and giving the ball right back.
  16. Well how about that, they do actually look like a professional football team this week with Darnold back. So far lol
  17. LOL okay so Subban's been great with so much impact even though the team doesn't have a win in four games and most of his risk taking hasn't yet paid off. And if you think that's criticism you don't want to know what I think of most of the rest of this team of losers right now.
  18. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Then their offseason made absolutely zero sense if the owners were 'committed to a tank'.
  19. Meaning he was expected to be an elite player and he's merely been okay. You don't trade all what you did for him and pay the guy $9 million just to be okay. Being okay is not having a real impact.
  20. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Ray's not going to let this go forever, he can't. Not after all the moves he made this offseason. This isn't last year where he could just troll the fanbase with an extension for Hynes as the team careens downhill, this team needed to do better this year or it's rebuild #2 on deck and that gets Shero onto a hot seat too.
  21. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Considering Hynes is probably 5-10 games away from getting fired unless something drastic changes, Hughes' development is the absolute last thing I'm worried about right now.
  22. That's a bit of a curve you're grading on. Subban's had exactly zero impact so far, at least relative to what was expected of him. Sure he's better than the rest of the trash on defense but we didn't get him just to be okay with the ratio of risky pinches and hit attempts outnumbering the impact plays.
  23. Better effort? This was the freaking Oilers here, 3-0 start or no 3-0 start...this wasn't the Lightning we were playing when it might be some moral victory actually keeping the game close even at home. And they BLEW YET ANOTHER LATE LEAD! If they can't win games against the teams like the Sabres, Oilers, Flyers and Jets without some of their top players just wait till Saturday or when they play other good teams. I'm already dreading next Thursday and am only glad I can't make the game anyway to watch the inevitable Kakko hat trick as they run us off the ice. I don't want to hear about the stupid whistle either, that's a loser's lament. The whistle shouldn't have even blown anyway.
  24. And there it is, Howie Kendrick just slams the Dodgers out of the playoffs in all likelihood - although you can never say never with the Nats' pen and Scherzer admittedly on fumes. Watch it now be Rays-Cardinals-Nats all lined up for the Yankee invitational. Although the Nats do have this weird reverse vibe of normal...imagine the troll it would be if they finally won it all post-Harper.
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