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    It's hard for me to take the 'who started it' angle seriously when you've had like thirty posts in this thread on it. You've become little better than a troll at this point, lying in wait for a post to respond with your talking points on.
  2. Gettleman worked with Rivera for years and never fired him so I could definitely see that hire.
  3. Bud definitely gave Fred a bunch of breaks...Manfred probably has no such attachment to Jeff. Not that I really believe this was baseball coming down on him to sell though.
  4. Part of me thinks the five year window is to try to get Fred a title before he croaks and so he runs the team for most of the rest of his life.
  5. An actual baseball move though of the meh variety, Marisnick is basically what Lagares used to be pre contract with a little more power.
  6. NJDevs4978


    Geez Daniel don’t you have enough threads to complain about Shero and Hynes? There’s (unfortunately) a legit discussion to be had over whether Subban is affected by the system, hurt, over the hill or turning into a fat cat but this thread is just the same discussion any number of other threads already are.
  7. As I was reminded yesterday on NYFS, we went through this with Einhorn a while back and the Wilpons pulled out so I want to curb my anticipation a bit. But I do hope like Benigno said this morning the Wilpons are looking at this universal reaction and fully realize how much they’re hated, maybe that convinces them to cash in and get out of the way once and for all.
  8. Yeah the White Sox have been second fiddle a lot lately on the big FA's, other than Grandal they can't give away their money.
  9. LOL I don't see why Shero would care at all about 'if I gotta fire Hynes I'm damn well putting his mini-me on the bench', I don't think he's that pathological. And I'm not going to assume Nas is automatically going to BE a mini-me just because of personal loyalty although I'm on record not wanting him promoted, I'd rather just have gone with Noel or Horachek as the interim (maybe Fitz but he doesn't have much coaching experience either) but it is the easiest thing to do if you're making an in-season change and not to a preferred long-term candidate. Lou installed himself, and a bunch of assistants when he made in-season coaching changes other than the Constantine thing which was meh.
  10. With the caveat the new guy can always somehow be worse...on paper a billionaire owning the team is an automatic upgrade over the Coupons so SELL SELL SELL
  11. Yeah that's pretty vague...some people are taking it to mean Jeff and Fred are greasing the skids to get out after five years (the fact there's a time limit on the amount of time they'll remain in control is I suppose what is setting off this speculation) but I'll believe that when they make the announcement.
  12. The hits just keep on coming lol For five years, $118 million...yikes. I wouldn't have touched that with a ten-foot pole. But nice job Brodie not dealing Wheeler at the deadline in the futile all-in chase when you could have gotten a lot more than the dopey compensatory pick.
  13. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Yeah it looks like the liberation is finally upon us. Having an early-morning practice on a travel back-to-back is highly unlikely for a mere bag skate even if punishment is deserved.
  14. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Nah I'd think Shero would want to do him the courtesy of face-to-face rather than a quick phoner or having him hear about his sacking on Twitter.
  15. NJDevs4978


    From what little I read on it, it sounds like Franzen had other either diagnosed or undiagnosed issues (concussion, depression) that exacerbated whatever Bab said to him on the bench. All we know is Chelios's description of 'verbal assault' whatever the hell that means. He's an easy target now though.
  16. NJDevs4978


    I still remember when people jumped me for saying he didn't have much of an impact early in the season lol...his play has only gotten worse. I'm hoping it's just the poisonous coaching situation and we'll somehow see the PK of old once a change is made but I'm not holding my breath cause he really hasn't shown me jack all season.
  17. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    And if I (and others) are wrong and Hynes isn't fired before tomorrow's game then I'll be rooting for another fiasco with the fans chanting bloody murder. And fiascoes every game until someone finally gets the message.
  18. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    That or nobody'll be there to actually do it. Or the deed will actually be done and our long state-wide nightmare will be over with. I've been very skeptical of Hynes being fired since the whole Fitz nonsense but this is the first time where I really think it's imminent now. If he isn't fired by noon tomorrow I'll actually be surprised. They've quit and look like they don't even know how to play hockey to begin with. We are now in MacLean territory.
  19. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Sadly I agree and I knew they probably weren’t firing Hynes in season the minute the Fitzgerald sham began. That just smacked of Shero trying to buy time.
  20. Yeah if Buffalo ever beat them in Foxboro the tiebreaker would be very interesting....division record would be tied unless one of them somehow gets tripped up against the Jets or Fish. So far each only has two conference losses.
  21. And still the Pats almost came back lol, I swear these teams find ways to cower at the sight of the Pat helmets. They probably will be on the road for the AFC Championship at this point, but they'll still get their bye and only have to win one home game to advance as usual, they'll probably relish being the underdog at Baltimore assuming they don't get tripped up.
  22. Even bad coaches can have overachieving seasons - exhibit A Hynes' first year here. Bylsma did good for 'half a season' when Crosby and Malkin were both out of the lineup from mid-January on in 2011 but they had a nice cushion to begin with considering they were 26-12-3 in the first half, it's not like they had to dig out of a hole without them.
  23. I find that most of the people like Sterio who are blind supporters of Ray tended to be the biggest Lou bashers. It's almost as if they're so invested that Lou was so terrible the next guy has to work. It's okay to admit you might have been wrong about Lou and Shero's sh!t doesn't smell like roses.
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