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  1. The latest example of how much a joke baseball is - Mullins hits what would normally be a popup to shortstop that gets botched into a three-base error because of the shift (and some nice hustle).
  2. Well they 'love' him more than Butcher, who was the guy getting scratched for him early in the year. Late in the season was just whoever could play, played. If Butcher OR Tennyson is in next season's lineup then you know we're going through another 'process' year.
  3. Back where he belongs Watch us play the Jags Week 1 and Lawrence throw him a TD pass lol
  4. Ironically it seems like deadening the ball to cut down on home runs has done that at the expense of adding more K's and an even worse batting average. Not exactly helping the entertainment value.
  5. All credit to Diaz for what was essentially a six-out save, but yeesh as ugly a win as you can get otherwise with renewed injury concern for Jake. This would have been a good time for a Carrasco return but apparently he had a setback they don't want to call a setback and is ruled out till the end of the month.
  6. McCann's gotta take that damn popup rather than make Villar run 70 feet for it, I swear if this leads to a Diamondbacks rally...
  7. Or the Big 10 in college basketball. That’s why I hesitate to give the Devils ‘but tough division!’ excuse this year, we honestly don’t know how good or bad these teams are playing in pods.
  8. Give credit where credit is due, the bullpen HAS been surprisingly good this season. And Lindor/McNeil have both responded with the bat after their fracas.
  9. Jesus, ALONSO bailing LINDOR out on a bad throw after Familia brings back the high-wire act
  10. Apparently management wasn't amused by the players being flippant about the altercation last night (Rojas also wasn't going along with the whole rat-raccoon nonsense in the postgame last night either).
  11. If you believe grapevine chatter supposedly McNeil was pissed about his slump (and it’s not exactly uncommon for him to be Paul O’Neill like intense), Lindor was trying to calm him down but he was having none of it and that’s how the supposed incident occurred. Seems like the offensive struggles are getting on their nerves about as much as ours.
  12. Hah yeah that was a bit creepy...who would be the Primo, Guillorme?
  13. I take back what I said last week, the Mets are now officially more tiresome than the Devils 0-23 and counting...will we get to Don Zimmer-level futility?
  14. Not to mention the rainout avoiding a Castro ‘start’
  15. I almost want to bring back Beltran just to give a fvck you to Manfred, as it is he's probably waiting in the weeds to see how things go with Boone and the Yankees the next couple weeks. That actually looked like a possibility until the Yankees got well against the Tigers and Orioles.
  16. Looks like Matz is returning to form too and thankfully reinforcements are on the way (Carrasco went five innings at the alternate site in his last start) but I never bought Lucchesi as a direct replacement, too many moving parts in the delivery and not enough stuff to justify it.
  17. What's the sense in firing a 'bridge coach' before the bridge has even been crossed? It's not like another coach is going to get the Devils to win next year unless they make major changes this offseason and Lindy's won enough in his career where I don't think you have to consider him a bridge until and if you're a playoff team and want to be a title team, which is way down the road. We're still on the rebuilding to playoff team road. Maybe if they commit to Fitz long-term this offseason (since he's only on a one-year GM deal) they're letting him hire his coach? Even though he was the i
  18. All this Gronborg talk gives me PTSD about how we were chasing Brent Sutter for like eighteen months before finally getting him to come.
  19. I was gonna make the joke maybe Diesel Donnie got Chili fired but I see that's like shooting fish in a barrel since everyone's making that crack. I get it was fun for a couple of days but it actually seems like management took it literally when they're not crediting the current staff but some alias/mythical creature/pet for their brief breakout. I don't know how much changing the hitting coach is going to do unless they also change their philosophy of ignoring shifts and swinging for 3-run HR's even when two men aren't on base. Maybe it does put Rojas on notice though, since that was
  20. To think Yankee fans complain about Giancarlo Stanton, at least he still can produce power numbers when he plays. Lindor is the most expensive good field no hit player in history.
  21. It wouldn’t actually shock me if they won three of the last four and finished the season with an illusory junktime surge, this is basically going through the motions time for everyone else now that the playoff spots are clinched while we have guys looking to get a leg up on winning spots and more ice time next year. But today against a good team that wanted the game was just a little reminder there’s still a long way back to relevancy here.
  22. Supposedly Diaz had back tightness and tried to pitch through it, oy vey
  23. I’m still somewhat surprised Diaz did the job considering Philly has been a particular house of horrors for him.
  24. LOL only the Mets could make a momentum surge last 1/3 of an inning
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