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  1. LOL I get the whole stick Tebow in a minor league and let him sell tickets nonsense, especially considering the Mets have had horrible outfield depth anyway so it's not like he's taking a spot from a prospect. But the only fathomable reason for even considering him for a spot on the 60-man roster is to do a solid for a former client and to give him the whole Moonlight Graham type moment at the end of the season where he gets a token AB or two. There's literally nothing he does that would warrant serious inclusion on a major league roster, he's a zero-tool player. That said I don't think this is anything more than lip service and they gotta realize at his age that losing a whole season pretty much kaputs the baseball experiment (not to mention Tebow's name recognition). Maybe that's partly why they're 'considering' him, so he can play in some of the JV games
  2. I feel like they would never have decided the last playoff spot that way, they might have had a play-in for the play-in between us and the Habs before they let that happen, or made the playoffs 24 teams irrespective of conference.
  3. What's actually offensive to me about how this turned out is how many of the 16 teams' fanbases in the play-in are actually going to be rooting for them to lose because winning the lotto is a much better chance than a team like Chicago, Montreal, Arizona, etc advancing in the playoffs? At least do both lotteries after the play-in round.
  4. I don't have much sympathy for Ottawa considering Melnyk and Dorion are buffoons and lucked into the second lotto pick, while they pretty much finished right where they deserved on the other. But Detroit, yeesh.
  5. We're really gonna still play this game when Detroit lost more games than like three teams combined and got boned out of the lottery? The lottery is r-a-n-d-o-m...how many more times do we have to see a team jump from the teens to a lotto pick, or a team go from 1 to 4 before we give up the ghost on this 'meaningless wins cost us' nonsense. Heck, a couple more 'meaningless wins' would have gotten us in the play-in tournament, which would have given us a 12.5 percent chance at Lafreniere assuming we ate it there, or a chance at making the actual playoffs which granted we didn't deserve. I'm kinda glad that scenario didn't happen though since half the board would have been rooting against us (at least) and I almost wouldn't blame them.
  6. This is still in the I'll believe it when it happens phase...but more and more the momentum seems to be leaning this way
  7. Happy belated! I've never seen that one, but I've heard something similar - that it's really for kids' viewing and doesn't hold up well for adults. I probably should get around to watching Bull Durham and the Natural sometime though, when Bull Durham came out it was too 'advanced viewing' for me but I'd probably like it now since I've always been a Major League fan. The Natural, I kinda know what it's about and how it's loosely based on Eddie Waitkus but have never really seen it either. I used to like Field of Dreams a lot more than I do now, it's a solid movie but hokey as hell and yeah the whole bat Joe Jackson right-handed doesn't hold up if you're any kind of a baseball historian. Supposedly Eight Men Out isn't as historically accurate as was initially thought either but it's still probably my favorite baseball movie drama. And really all that stuff happened a hundred years ago now so there's always going to be some historical question over who did what. My favorite baseball movie period is either Major League or the original Bad News Bears, I've probably seen Major League more times and some of the Bad News Bears humor obviously wouldn't hold up in today's PC world but sometimes you just can't take movies too seriously. A League of their Own was very good too.
  8. Lovely...and this is the same Jamal Adams who was UP IN ARMS when his name was being floated in trade rumors months ago.
  9. I do remember reading those two tidbits so maybe I did see that book too a while back lol. And really if you’re going to PH for a guy in the third inning of a meaningless game then he shouldn’t be in the lineup to begin with.
  10. I don’t remember reading that one, I only read the Game 7 1986 book, maybe when libraries open again in NJ I’ll find that one. He wouldn’t be the first or last athlete to misremember his own career though. I’m so over baseball right now though, as much as I like the booth and many of the current Mets I almost wish the players would sit out at this point rather than act like hostages being forced to play 50 games. Both sides are trying to ‘negotiate’ as if there was no pandemic at all. Nobody wants to hear any of your bullsh!t about paycuts, calling prorated salary a pay cut and profit losses when people are dying and out of work. Thank goodness none of the current Mets have pulled a Blake Snell - yet.
  11. https://nypost.com/2020/06/05/matt-harveys-reps-tried-to-get-him-into-kbo/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app Harvey in Korea would be a lot like Tom Selleck's character in Mr. Baseball when he's forced to go to Japan lol
  12. And here comes the big tease, part deux https://nypost.com/2020/05/29/alex-rodriguez-jennifer-lopez-taking-second-shot-at-buying-mets/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Whether A-Rod gets to be a frontman for an investment group or not I hope this part is true at least (it seems being the operative words till further notice):
  13. Yeah the whole Dykstra/Mookie/CF thing made little sense. If you want to trade one guy to make room for the other that's one thing, but you don't trade both just to bring in a converted second baseman and have HIM play center field. Cashen could do almost nothing wrong till they won the WS (other than the second Seaver fiasco I suppose), but then he pretty much did nothing right after the David Cone trade.
  14. A pretty good read especially for someone who was barely old enough to remember the late ‘80’s teams and had only a cursory understanding of the controversy that swirled around Gregg Jefferies then
  15. Well with the rumored 50-man rosters anyone can make a taxi squad this year. That'll be an interesting decision for teams, do you bring in short-term vets or subject kids to the taxi squad role. Not like they can play in minor leagues but teams won't want to use service time on their best prospects if it's in a reserve role.
  16. Jesus, Mountain Man in training Howie looks so much different
  17. Kinda sucks for these minor league cities and all the others losing teams during the streamlining. Brooklyn going from A to AA is kinda weird but it's nice to go there for a game, I've only been to like two or three. The one time I went last year the game was fogged out, or at least I had to leave during a fog delay
  18. With the A-Rod thing I’m sure there’s a little of ‘but Jeter owns a team’ envy too, or at least is getting to run it. Owning the Mets would be his way of trying to one up Jeter in addition to his own interest.
  19. LOLohman, sadly you might not be too far off with the Roger Dorn reference. Who the hell knows what's going to happen anymore. I would think they would have to go back to Cohen hat in hand, but MLB pretty well backed them up on the Cohen fiasco so I don't think he's going to be allowed to ride in on the white horse. If they had to sell before this, how quickly does everything that's going on speed up the timetable? Or is Jeffy determined to hang on longer than he's likely going to be allowed to because they're never getting full value for the team now? It also seems like they're determined to hang on to SNY at all costs, and not putting that on the table is driving down the price of the team even further. Which is also another reason they blew it with Cohen, he didn't even care about SNY, but at this point nobody else is going to take on the team with the debt they already had BEFORE the events of the last two months, without it.
  20. That's basically been Cory's Devils career.
  21. It's TV viewing sense, that's it. The first two months of the NHL go up against the NFL and the last two months of it go up against the NBA playoffs and the start of the MLB season. If you switched to summer playoffs, the only competition there is mid-season baseball and you avoid the October/November attendance drag games at the beginning, not having to go up against the MLB playoffs and half the NFL season. But yeah it's not feasible for reasons already suggested - the union doesn't want to give up its summer family vacation, and it's not realistic to expect warm-weather climates to have great rinks for the playoffs. The NHL's just not meant to be played in summer. Just like baseball's not meant to be played in winter.
  22. All in all, can't really complain about the draft although a second WR would have been nice at some point, can't have everything in one shot I suppose. They seemingly did try to address depth issues across the board, and a definite upgrade at punter was worth a pick too.
  23. I don't know what's more surprising the fact the Patriots traded with us, or the fact they actually traded UP in the draft to do it. While I do have the SOJ feeling that the player we let the Pats have will become an All-Pro, getting two 4's and a 6 (next year) is good value to move back in the middle rounds of this draft. And I trust Douglas trading with our rivals more than Ray Shero, who it seemed wanted to do it just for the sake of doing it since a lot of Devils fans actually hated Lou's policy of never dealing with the Rangers and Flyers.
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