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  1. Huge, huge win The Diaz Cyclone meme really does fit cause his highs are so damn exhilarating (the two K's and flyout to get out of trouble in the 10th) and the lows are so damn horror show scary.
  2. I admit I didn't think Diaz was getting out of that inning after the first guy got on.
  3. Welp at least Dom came through where Baez and McCann couldn't
  4. If Baez can actually do something here that'll be a bigger entrance than Ces had with a big HR in his opening series with the Nationals. Welp guess this game was vintage Baez, a HR, flashy defense and a big K
  5. Not exactly a Wilmer Flores post-deadline walkoff of good feelings tonight. You wonder which of the Mets players goes all Taylor Hall and pops off about the fans booing - probably Conforto now that he's at .199 and getting the brunt of the Lindor boos having one foot out the door.
  6. I did hear his interview pre-deadline with Carton and Roberts (pretty much the only time I'll listen to them is during an opening segment depending on the topic, or an interview with Rojas/one of the other Met guys), and he came off organized and as forthcoming as you could expect from any GM without a Brian Burke or Mike Milbury type loose lips. Them referring to him as the acting GM is the first time in a while I thought about the fact he actually 'hasn't' gotten the job full-time yet.
  7. At this point I'm more annoyed they HAVEN'T been able to figure out what the hell is going on, than I am at him actually being on the shelf. It feels like this could have been avoided if they didn't power through some of his earlier injuries, and even now they still don't know what exactly is wrong. It just comes off as same old Mets medical staff nonsense a la Cespedes, Jed Lowrie, Ryan Church, etc.
  8. OH BOY Oh and the Kumar Rocker signing is still delayed due to concerns over...health issues. Pitchers.
  9. And the Braves finish the deadline with a flourish, adding reliever Richard Rodriguez, fvcking great. A team that lost Acuna, Ozuna and Soroka is still acting like win now while we're acting like it's okay guys, get 'em next year when Jake is 34!
  10. I wonder if someone will ask Sandy if his phone died (someone actually 'did' ask this to Jerry DiPoto )?
  11. LOL Baez, Williams and Hill were REALLY the absolute bare minimum they could have done. Not even a bullpen arm? I guess they figure a couple of these starting pitchers go to the bullpen eventually but still.
  12. Yeah until further notice Zach Scott to Sandy is basically a similar relationship to 90% of managers in baseball these days just being a GM puppet. Does seem like they're still trying to get more pitching (they've been rumored in on guys like Maeda) which would be good at least. Phillies just got Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy for their pitching staff.
  13. And speaking of Zach Scott how long before he gets the 'acting GM' title taken off, he's gone through a whole damn season now at this point. Or are we just waiting to see if we can get some other big name guy in the offseason?
  14. BTW what is with local talk radio? I'm shocked Carton and Roberts took deadline Friday off, especially after they were on the radio the other day interviewing 'acting GM' Zach Scott. And the Kay show is leading off the 3 PM hour with...a frigging Knicks draft pick interview! I get you guys are probably contractually obligated to do Knicks stuff but could it like wait till after 5 PM on deadline day?
  15. He wasn't just predictable because he's a Sandyball player but also because he and Lindor are buddies, to the point where he preemptively said he'd be happy playing 2B only if Lindor was the SS. Apparently Pete-Crow Armstrong was the one and only prospect going back in the trade, a recent first-round pick who was gonna be our CF of the future but he is missing the rest of the season due to injury. Can't say I'm surprised we had to cough up a top prospect at this point, it's a pure seller's market. I heard a little of the MLBN show on the radio and Peter Gammons made the point that with the labor situation what it is, teams are probably a little more willing to blow up the future to smithereens to make win-now moves.
  16. Welp hopefully we at least got the predictable move for a non premium price but this deadline has been a definite sellers market
  17. The Braves bring in Eddie Rosario and bring back Adam Duvall. The Phillies are feverishly trying to get Kyle Gibson. Us? Naw we’re good.
  18. LOL the more things change… Berrios to the Twins, part of that package was Simeon-Woods Richardson, one of the top prospects we dealt for Stroman.
  19. And of course the fvcking Dodgers look like they're about to land both Scherzer AND Trea Turner, good grief. Somehow sticks us in the ass too
  20. This sounds like either Sandy being Sandy or other GM’s actually thinking they can hold up the Mets cause Cohen will get antsy
  21. LOL fvck the Nationals...blowing a 7-0 lead in a seven-inning game was another nice fvck you along with Scherzer and Mike Rizzo both nixing any possible Mets trade out of hand.
  22. And yeah this division is a double edged sword, they missed a chance to bury the Braves before the deadline but they still have the Braves and Phillies arm’s length away. Guess we’ll see what Sandyball and Cohen get done by tomorrow.
  23. That and the Nats may trade their whole bullpen by the time this game is over, thank goodness it’s a dopey seven inning game since 7-0 is now 7-4.
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