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  1. The age is the least of my worries, he's 34 on a two-year deal...clearly he and Allen are meant to be placeholders for the kids.
  2. That's pretty much where I am, with the caveat I probably would have been scared to death of going behind any other door with the cost it would have taken. I mean if it took this much just to get an inconsistent Markstrom, what would Saros, Askarov or even a younger Ullmark have taken? And it's not like THOSE guys are really sure sure things either. More than anything I'm just glad this bullsh!t is over after a year of debating a possible Markstrom trade now we can move onto actually improving the rest of the roster.
  3. He did ostensibly try to acquire Markstrom and Allen a lot earlier than he actually got them, it's just that the Flames reportedly nixed a Markstrom trade at the deadline while Allen didn't want to waive his NTC until closer to the deadline, not trusting he'd get enough playing time here until Vitek went on the shelf.
  4. Well Marty definitely got his man (he'd rated Markstrom as a top five goalie in the league at one point last year)...if this doesn't work out just lock him upstairs and don't involve him in hockey operations again.
  5. Yeah I'm not entirely sold on Markstrom either but I'd rather him for this price than the absolute fvcking mint we would have had to offer for a slightly surer thing who we might have to lock ourselves into for big money (Saros, Ullmark, etc). The 'short term plan' in goal buys them time for Daws, Schmid and Poulter.
  6. At least with that return Fitz isn't allowed to punt next season
  7. We might also be underselling how important Alvarez is to this team considering the Mets are now 18-1 in the last 19 games he's played.
  8. Yeah he’s probably not wrong but I do somehow doubt he’s getting the mega deal Bora$ thinks he will.
  9. A healthy and producing JD Martinez seems to make a lot of difference up and down the lineup (not to mention Alvarez being back too). Or maybe it's Grimace lol
  10. Somehow still feels like Texas will be a test series to how real this surge is even though they’ve been wretched and Bochy is somehow working on his fourth subpar year after a title. Really you could say that for the rest of the month too, we’re playing a bunch of disappointing (other than the Yankees) teams that probably expected more from this season than we did.
  11. Who knew all the Mets needed was Grimace to turn the season around? Or more likely the dreaded players meeting that actually works?
  12. Hopefully Diaz is back at least, that’d be a start
  13. LOL you’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt on a travel hangover but they’ve been doing this kind of stuff all season
  14. LOL plus even if he was out for two weeks so what...and they're about to get Cole back on top of it. The only question for the Yankees is will they win the division or be a wild card? Which isn't exactly as important as it should be given how the top seeds have responded to the bye week for the most part.
  15. And now comes the London circus lol, bad enough we get this with the NFL. At least it’s almost a no lose situation for us barring some international incident or LOLMETS moment off the field.
  16. Or that’s the only good thing they’ll manage to do during another sh!t show
  17. I was somewhat tempted to go to the Strawberry number retirement when I saw ticket prices dipped into the $20-30 range and the weather was going to be nice but ultimately passed, not cause of Straw but because I didn't want to spend my day watching this team, albeit at least they put up a couple of wins since the dreaded team meeting. Have to admit it was a nice touch being able to replace the home run apple with a big strawberry for a day, the Mets being the Mets they probably won't raise it though lol
  18. The fact the Devils and Jets have both arguably had their most disappointing season in franchise history and both STILL look in much better shape than the Mets…is something
  19. Is there some edict from baseball to crack down on fielder interference this year? That isn't even nearly as bad as the Orioles-White Sox one from about a week ago, as the contact was incidental, didn't prevent the fielder from catching the ball in that instance and took place way before the ball came down.
  20. This team is one embarrassment after another
  21. Diaz also placed on the IL, hope Stearns doesn’t get ratted on for IL manipulation lol
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