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  1. Well yeah I agree on this much...unless they're sanitizing doors and toilet handles after every person uses it the cash thing as a safety precaution is just total eyewash. It'd be one thing if you were just in a Dunkin Donuts for thirty seconds but it's another when you're in an arena for three hours, touching stuff touched by other people is unavoidable and not really the biggest avenue of spreading anyway. Supermarkets and big chain stores aren't going cashless, they offer cashless options.
  2. It would be nice to have the option, why would you want to restrict the number of ways fans can pay for something?
  3. Tbh on second glance this is just more of a security nuisance than anything else. It’s not a ‘requirement’ unless it also includes proof of a negative test if you don’t have the card. They won’t really be able to enforce the mask rule.
  4. There’s a huge difference between that, and hitting a checklist of groups to use the worst offensive tropes possible, including the anti-gay comments - which were gonna be a no go coming back from with Carl Nassib on his team. Plus he had enough of a filter where we didn’t get a whiff of this crap publicly until now and he was in the public eye for nearly 25 years. I don’t know if it gets Davis off the hook, financially. At least not entirely, there’s no way Gruden walks away from $70 million or whatever is left on his deal out of a sense of shame. The NFL is certainly doing it’s damndest to take Washington (the supposed target of this investigation) off the hook aren’t they? Not even trying to hide the cronyism there.
  5. This Gruden sh!t is wild, just goes to show you don't really know people in the public eye.
  6. There's a big difference between hope and actuality. A small board like this is really the only chance to potentially have a civil discussion (it sure as sh!t ain't happening on HF or the comments section of Twitter/Facebook) in theory, but...it just ain't happening dude, especially with this hitting home so to speak with Blackwood putting himself and this team in the epicenter of it here. Especially considering this causes arguments over things that really shouldn't have any nuance to them.
  7. Woof, the worst ten point game you could imagine. They were housed for like 3.5 quarters, somehow got back in the game then of course the D couldn't make a stop when they needed one against a team missing its top two WR's when you knew they would be forcefeeding Pitts this week.
  8. This isn't news...of course there are going to be players who disagree with Blackwood's decision, anyone that doesn't think that was going to be the case is nieve. And likewise anyone who thinks it's going to be 100% anti-Blackwood in the room is also being nieve. The divisiveness this is causing is just another reason I have no use for Blackwood and his foot-dragging right now. Especially when we're less than 24 hours away from him potentially having the virus AGAIN
  9. I always assumed Marty was his source for breaking news here. Yeah Amanda definitely is a bit thin skinned and somewhat of an attention seeker on top of it. She actively seeks out trolls to try to troll shame them which isn’t something a person with open anxiety issues should be doing. At least with Twitter you can just scroll past the nonsense, I do it with her OT posts a lot better than she does with her haters.
  10. *cue the BUT regulations and rules are immoral because the virus really isn't that bad crowd, and Blackwood has natural immunity because he already had the virus truthers. I largely agree with your point it isn't just about politics but that doesn't mean there aren't other third rail issues involved. I've seen it on other boards - whether it's Blackwood, Kane, Josh Archibald, etc it devolves every thread it touches into a debate over the merit of vaccines, natural immunity, fringe studies, what actual misinformation is and inevitably devolves into name-calling and insults from there. And it never changes anyone's mind because everyone's so set in what they believe. You and I can think certain people are totally nuts, gullible, whatever and they in turn think we're the sheep buying what's being peddled to us.
  11. Honestly I can’t blame DM or anyone for trying to keep politics or general COVID talk out of the Blackwood discussion. It’s just all too fvcking divisive, never mind it involving the supposed franchise goalie of the team. But I don’t envy him, since it’s also near damn impossible to divorce talking about Blackwood from talking about pro-vax/anti-vax stuff and the level of risk involved with the variant for a previously infected person to boot. It’s become too intertwined at this point for reasons that are better off discussed in the political forum.
  12. Oh it’s definitely a distraction. The rest of the team is vaccinated, Blackwood is not. I doubt if you gave them all truth serum that they’d be okay with that. Especially when we might be two months early arriving at the ‘Blackwood missing games’ concern. And god forbid this clown has it he might not even be able to get the vaccine for a few months after. Not to mention COVID 1.0 had such an effect on him, so now he’s playing Russian Roulette with COVID 2.0
  13. Might as well trade for Evander Kane too and go full heel facepalm
  14. Only Bill can turn the postgame handshake into must-see TV lol, first the Mangini nonsense (speaking of which, kind of a nasty story where they almost came to blows at a winter meeting over Bill being short with Mangini's wife) now last night. I joked he was warmer with Peyton's last rodeo postgame embrace after the 2015 AFCG than with Brady on the field but apparently they did talk extensively in the locker room after the game. Game turned out to be pretty much as expected, the Pats beat expectations but not the Bucs. At least I feel better about using the Pats as my knockout pick next week lol
  15. Expected...good man, bad manager that wasn't ready for the big show. Happy trails, Luis.
  16. 77-85 and over in early September, way to go boys. Time for heads to start rolling. What sucks is this was our best chance the next few years to get the Braves, with Acuna on the shelf for half the season and Soroka longer than that. Once again they're a winning organization that wipes the floor with us when it matters.
  17. Yeah I can’t say I was impressed by the D down the stretch but they did just enough to hold them to long FG range and they may have actually found something with Quinnen’s younger brother at LB, that can be our Hughes like connection lol At least finally there’s a little hope with this offense. The most meaningful Jet win since Darnold’s debut.
  18. 3rd and 21 really? I know we have junk corners and no safeties but they also are missing their top two WR’s and aren’t exactly the Air Chiefs here.
  19. Nice to have some offensive life at least, now the D gets its second shot to win it
  20. We would have been if not for that useless 2019 second half junktime surge lol
  21. One of my biggest pet peeves - if not the biggest - with this whole so-called debate is the whole vaccine being a personal choice meme. Because it doesn't just affect you personally when you're dealing with a contagious virus, it affects all the people you come into contact with. And that's not even getting into how Blackwood's 'personal choice' affects the team on the ice and in off-ice interactions given NHL protocols.
  22. Yeah the general football threads have been quiet the last couple of years but that’s the sports forum in general. This week may be the only time in two decades I don’t envy Pat fans with the circus coming to town and staring at 1-3 with the king of the mountain making his return.
  23. Nice of Lindor to give us one game of Cleveland Lindor while his buddy Stanton is showing how to handle NY and be consistently big time.
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