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  1. And Raley now out for the season, the hits just keep on coming
  2. Losing two in a row to the even more hapless Marlins might actually be the low point, unless they do get swept tomorrow
  3. Yeah to be fair with Lindor or Pete, so many of these guys are underperforming to such a dramatic level you wonder if it's a systematic failure from the coaching staff or a philosophy that doesn't fit these hitters.
  4. Since his ejection lol…some of our guys better start losing their sh!t too
  5. Seems like Cohen is low key sick of it too judging by his (now deleted) Tweet toward someone of we gotta wait till the deadline insinuating there’d be more selling off before he had to walk it back publicly
  6. Yikes, the Lindor collapse is starting to look like his buddy Baez in Detroit
  7. Jets at Niners for yet another MNF open to the season, guess ESPN wants a reboot after getting jipped of the Rodgers first start as a Jet last year, don’t we all
  8. Diaz this year reminds me a little of Vinny in 2000 after his Achilles injury, in the sense Vinny was a borderline MVP in ‘98, gets hurt in ‘99 then comes back and is pretty underwhelming in 2000 with 25 picks, and he only really functioned in the hurry up offense. Diaz isn’t quite 3-4 years ago bad yet, but he certainly hasn’t come back to being the same guy at this point. Maybe he never will and his 2022 will go along Doc’s 1985 as a meteor through the sky, never to be repeated.
  9. And elsewhere after a pretty solid first season as a starter, Seth Lugo is cranking it up a notch in KC. Not great K numbers but who cares with 6-1, a 1.96 ERA and .66 WHIP? How we had this guy for years and never even gave him more than half a chance is beyond me.
  10. Shockingly avoid the sweep...barely. Thanks Nimmo lol
  11. LOL so much for winning two in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, that got taken off the board in a hurry
  12. Good speech but they did lose the game and the series though…
  13. Yeah Pete can ill afford another .210 year, even in a MLB world where batting average barely gets attention and Luis Arraez gets traded every year despite winning batting titles. You still can’t literally become a two true outcome player (HR-K) and expect a $250 million long term deal, especially with an OBP skirting under .300
  14. NJDevs4978

    Alexander Holtz

    That's the thing though, it isn't just Lindy...it's Green, it's Fitz, and now it's Team Sweden. There's more than enough evidence to suggest something is lacking with this kid and even Fitz eviscerating him publicly doesn't seem to have flipped a switch. Maybe that only happens after he gets traded/cut.
  15. Speaking of leftovers the Braves are trying to get something out of LOL
  16. At least Cohen isn’t going full invisible man like Fitz lol, if you call a Tweet being ‘out’ there. I’m sure the Benigno types will be trolled by him talking about the future and prospects but you gotta start somewhere, we’ve more than proved you can’t buy a winner.
  17. Woof, we've fallen and can't get up
  18. Of course our punchless offense can't do the job, again. Funny we figured the pitching would be the issue between the mediocre non-Senga starters and the mediocre non-Diaz relievers but the pitching's actually been more consistent (sans Houser) than the bats this year.
  19. Nice debut for Scott, hopefully he sticks for a while
  20. The catcher was probably illegally blocking the plate by the rules, but Alonso's hand also came up on the slide and the fact he got thrown out with a relay to begin with just screams too fvcking slow, just seems like only the kind of bizarre endings that happen to us.
  21. That and Stanton made it too easy, he was only gonna waive his no trade for like four teams and the others didn’t bite so the Yankees could pretty much name their price.
  22. I saw a stat recently where Stanton had the most career HR’s by a Marlin since 2017 with 59…and that was his only season there since 2017 lol He has fallen off dramatically the last 2+ years though, OBP’s way under .300 and his career OBP is just under .350
  23. Welp definitely not our night now lol
  24. Mets aren’t really gonna lose a game after a seven inning no hitter are they? 🫣
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