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  1. I won't say what I'm thinking...it's too easy.
  2. Guolla AND Berglund are upping the heat on Danton...Guolla actually looked like a live body last night. And Bergy's been tearing it up in Albany. Danton'd better play well AND be on his best behavior.
  3. How amusing. Now even Brooks admits it was CLEARLY about the money. And now we're hearing about an injury excuse from Holik for his invisible start? How convenient.
  4. Tri: No disrespect meant, but you're dreaming if you think that would ever happen Like SBT would say: The only way Schwab would EVER start two games in a row is due to an injury to Marty: BOOK IT.
  5. Sue: You know I used to buy this Messier is a great leader thing...and it was true once. But it seems as if since '94 his ego has gotten way too big for his britches.
  6. I did see this as borderline complaining but since Elias also took some of the blame I can't come down on him that much.
  7. I don't think goalies should play 3 in 4 nights in October, even Marty. Especially given that Schwab IS a pretty good backup. I guess we'll have an idea whether Burns is content to play Marty 65 games (preferred) or 70 games this year by his decision tonight.
  8. NJDevs4978

    $9 Million

    On the one hand I do agree that having two Ranger fans fight on a Devils board is silly and unneccesary. If I want to see Doogs and Kovy fight I'll go over to the Cafe, they fight plenty there. On the other hand I agree that it's kind of funny too. But I get enough jollies from the way the Rangers are playing and from A$$Holik's silent performance and mouth anyway (not to mention our own team sticking it up the critics' butts)
  9. I wouldn't call it a bad thought...if Richer's healthy I'd rather have him play 15 games a year than Guolla. But if Guolla (or Richer) have to play more than that then I'd rather have Bergy up here. Then again Bergy might be up here anyway if he keeps playing the way he's playing and Danton doesn't step up or has another meltdown.
  10. NJDevs4978

    Game Thread

    Well YET ANOTHER one-goal win. And a good one at that. Buffalo isn't a great team but they're better than most that we've played and they're always a pain in the neck for us so this was a good road win. I told someone Dano, White and Stevens would be doing well to get five goals between them this season...well so far they have two Since we're 5-1 it doesn't really matter that they're outscoring our Big Three by two goals, but I would like to see TiVo get on the board. I think he'd press more the longer he goes without a score than Nieds or Raf because he's the new guy. Danton looked like he was still getting out some of his anger tonight Friesen's coming on. Even made a nice defensive play to save the day in the second. DANO!!! Congrats on your final career goal Brylin looks loaded for bear after getting fully healthy for the first time in years. Looked like more of the same old same old from the NHL officials. Stevens was clearly held in the first period (just before Danton got his first penalty of the night), Madden was clearly tripped in the third, no penalties. Guess not all officials are calling every little thing. We'd better not have a rash of forward injuries or another Danton meltdown. Guolla looks like this year's Salomonsson. That said if Danton was permanently banished or a forward was out for a long period of time, Bergy'd probably be the one playing. I'm tired of dissecting this PP...just get some goals. Heck, get some CHANCES!
  11. NJDevs4978

    Buffalo Beats Philly

    Dew, I haven't really bothered with him much to be honest. And I think I'll bother with him far less now.
  12. NJDevs4978

    Buffalo Beats Philly

    That's a REAL well-thought out reply BTW, the chicken crap has 5 wins in 6 games now Including 2-0 in this stretch you said we'd go 0-3 in.
  13. NJDevs4978

    Buffalo Beats Philly

    Come on GR...the problem with you is that you think everyone that's not all negative all the time is a homer. You confuse being negative with being realistic. And that's just nonsense. Fact is most of us are realists who LOOK at the optomistic side (or even realists who lean toward the pessimistic side) but are realists at the same time. After all if we were all pessimistic all the time, there'd be no reason to watch or even to care enough about the team to post on the board. Can't you ever acknowledge that there's A CHANCE that ANY LIMITED optomism is justified? I mean EVER? I don't even know why you watch or post if you're so perennially down on the team. You take pessimism to the nth degree. That's not an insult that's just the way it is. The glass is not only half-empty with you it's totally empty with a hole in it all the time. I defy you to find me ONE completely positive post you've made about the team in general over the last year or so. JUST ONE. And while you're at it I defy you to find one post from MaddDog or most of us other "homers" that said we were gonna steamroll to a Cup win this year. Again, JUST ONE. I mean if she's such a homer or anyone else here is such a homer, we'd assume the team would win every game and never be challenged and that every move the team made was just wonderful. Fact is you won't find that from her or from any of the other posters here, really.
  14. M: He's on triple super-duper probation...they're not gonna test him now. You'd figure EVEN HE would be on his best behavior for, oh about a week or so right after being placed on triple super-duper probation. Besides, we're trying NOT to play Albelin as opposed to playing him MORE.
  15. MODERATE? LOL...gotta love (N)Đ„verson understating the issue for his own purposes...of course he's fully capable of overstating it too.
  16. Zam: Heck I loved the REAL #22. I don't love when people make him the ONLY reason we ever won, but I was a big fan of #22, even after the contract fiasco in '96. I was a big fan of #89 too ironically enough but same deal...I don't like when people make him the only reason we ever scored BTW, this thread's definitely cute. The Larry quote's my favorite since it was so atypical and since his meltdown turned around that series. Some of the Claude ones are classic One that hasn't been mentioned yet, the Holik quote last year where he said the replay officials "must have been eating snacks" when they dissalowed a goal he should have scored, something like that.
  17. NJDevs4978

    Cafe Topic

    Well really most of the posters in that thread have not given up on Holik...but they do seem like they're giving up on Trots already
  18. Diablo: Yep...and that's pretty much what Chico said in the pregame last night. It's ironic that DantonJefferson whined about Lou's Kool-Aid, but the Kool-Aid he really needs to worry about is that from his agent.
  19. I wouldn't think there's anything fishy if Lou okayed it...so long as Zyuzin's got permission to leave that's fine with me. msweet, they recalled Albelin because Zyuzin will presumably miss the weekend and Dano will not play three games in four nights. So yes, we will probably see Tommy Albelin play at least one game with the Devils this year
  20. Carl and Bonnie would actually be an improvement over Frost
  21. NJDevs4978

    Ranger Mess

    insanity: Sure but some people were declaring the Rangers' utter supremacy before the season started We can have a little fun if we want...though I'm trying not to have too much fun (publicly) since I don't want to jinx it. It'd be even more delicious if they missed the playoffs this year than any of their other five years, though.
  22. NJDevs4978

    Game Thread

    If you want you could go either way with the team...the glass is half empty route of "we're not scoring against bad teams and barely winning, how will we do against good teams"...or you could go the half full route of "our defense is playing well, we have a lot of new players that have yet to mesh especially with the spaced out schedule and we're winning games we've lost in prior years (against bad teams)". I choose to look at it half full especially since it's only five games into the season I was a little peeved that we lost yet another shutout with time running out...but not like that's anything new. Poor Marty...well at least he's playing well But I was also glad that Gomer and Friesen got on the board. Maybe they can get through a couple of days without being part of trade rumors
  23. What's worse is Albelin is guaranteed to play a game this weekend since Zyuzin has to leave the team for an indefininte period and Dano's not gonna play 3 in 4 nights.
  24. Joe: I can see that logic BUT we couldn't play Guolla at wing for a game? I mean we were considering switching the position of our best forward permanently for crying out loud And I'm not an expert but it seems to me as if it would be harder to go from wing to center than center to wing, correct me if I'm wrong anyone?
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