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    Metro Channel Tonight?

    Come on M, you should know how it works by now They screw the fans by putting the road games on Metro and put the home games on FSNY. For every home game on Metro, there's at least ten road games on if not more.
  2. Damn, that looks like a custom-made lineup picture
  3. GA I'd be honored I've got mine so go right ahead
  4. If everyone magically got healthy tomorrow I suppose my best guess as to the lines would be, or at least what I would want the lines to be: Elias-Gomer-Bicek Friesen-Niewy-Langer Pando-Madden-Brylin Bergy-Rupp-Turner Mac over Bergy when there's a heavy goon presence, Gionta as the odd man out/first guy off the bench when someone gets dinged up. Bicek shouldn't go anywhere, he's played as well as the other rookies and he's helping Elias get in a groove. That counts for a lot for me, as good as our D/Goalie combination is, and as good as the checkers have been, we need Elias and Niewy to get going if we're gonna make a deep run in the playoffs. Plus, as I said he's played as well as the other players. Despite the impact he's had on Elias, I wouldn't want him around if he was clearly inferior to the other rookies but he's not. Bergy's been coming on lately and probably would fit better on the fourth line than the other younger players. Especially if it's a masher type line as I posted above. Rupp stays both because he's big and because he fills the fourth line center void we've had since Punkass showed his true colors. There's a reason Gomer and Niewy have been fourth line centers on this team, and not demotions. This team has had no fourth-line center. If Rupp has a pulse he'll stay IMO. Pando's not going anywhere, get real people. Langer's already been taken off the checking line, if we took Pando off too then we'd have no stopper line. There is a reason four different Devils coaches have played him every game he's been available for. Gionta, unfortunately is not big enough, not talented enough defensively and hasn't scored enough to justify putting him back in the lineup over the aformentioned as much as I like him IMO. However, Gionta is out for two to three weeks, who knows what'll happen between now and then, trade, further injuries, or one of the above becoming ineffective. In any case, it's a good problem to have, if you even consider it a problem
  5. unibrow: The only way you'll ever get a totally fair strength of schedule system is to have each team play every other team twice a year and shorten the season to 60 games. Since that won't be done, I'm in favor of more division games, especially since they're more fun and they sell more tickets. Yeah some teams will get more of an advantage from playing other teams, but in a few years things will change and other teams will get more of an advantage. It balances out eventually.
  6. While we're making radical suggestions, here's mine: Three for a regulation win, two for an OT win, one for an OT loss. That way you give teams a little more incentive to go for a win in regulation AND keep the firewagon OT play the NHL wants, while not giving teams as much credit for going to OT and getting the win in the 4-on-4 lottery as they would getting a regulation 60-minute win. Actually I wouldn't mind the way it was though with the points system. I do think points for OT losses is silly, no other sport rewards losses. But I can understand the NHL wants to make the ends of its games more exciting.
  7. Claude even in 2000 wasn't anywhere near '95 form though he did help; three years later I doubt he'll be the Claude of old though he hasn't forgotten how to agitate I'm sure. Dallas could afford to take a $4 million gamble on a third-line player though we couldn't, end of story.
  8. I was hoping Stevens and Nieder would make it but I can't really argue with the picks. Maybe Nieder still gets there if Leetch doesn't play. At least Stevens and Brodeur went; it wouldn't have been right if those two didn't go off of the best defensive team in the league.
  9. NJDevs4978

    Carolina Curse

    I'll say a split, Devils take the first game if only because they're that hot right now and then the Canes steal the second game to take the season series and not totally kill off the jinx.
  10. I dunno Tri, if you seat 80,000 in a football stadium and 16,000 for a hockey arena you'd get similar attendance if you do the math. Maybe most football stadiums are a tad smaller and some hockey rinks are a little bigger, but football stadiums are filled to capacity in most cities while hockey rinks are not.
  11. Tri: Well I don't really want this saga to play out any more than it has to...but OTOH I wouldn't mind if Lou made Danton sit for as long as he pleases or until he can get a deal for him out West. Danton and his scum agent spit in the face of Lou and the team not once but twice.
  12. Sue: I'd put the over under on about two months. Especially since Boston didn't hesitate to let more accomplished coaches go recently Unfortunately for Robbie, fired three times each inside of two years would almost certainly spell the end of his NHL head coaching career.
  13. Another great win for the Devs. Another great game for the scorers, the usual great game for the D and Marty and all against a team that usually gives us fits and has been playing well lately (the Philly loss notwithstanding). Life is good right now. Any more trade talk or missing the playoffs talk for the next few days and I'll go certifiably crazy
  14. Heh...I'd be less concerned about the Cane curse if it wasn't for this long-a$$ losing streak they're currently on. They're not as great as they were last year but they're not THIS bad; they're due to break out at some point. It's almost as if this is a setup for them to use us as a springboard Then again as well as we've played lately it might not matter. Maybe this Devil team will break the Cane curse
  15. GR: Well GEE what were we supposed to think when you posted this after all the negative crap you've posted this year as recently as what, a day ago? After 1000 negative posts and a few token non-negative posts, are we supposed to automatically assume a realistic connotation from one of your posts? Especially after you couldn't resist a dig at Lou in the same post. I wonder what you think now after yet another impressive win? I wonder how long before you and 7 and Pa admit that your pessimism was NOT realism.
  16. NJDevs4978

    Ideas Needed

    What was that dating service that Danton was on? Singles.com or something? Maybe Mr. Singles or Mr. Whatever it was.
  17. Interesting...it's a perfect example of why guys like Lemaire and Burns (as much as they are outstanding coaches, two of the best in the league) still need guys like Robinson to sort of be a counterpoint to their tight coolness. Of course it works better with the hard-ass in charge and the good cop on the side; last year I think Larry did try to have the reverse with Jay Leach being the bad cop and that didn't exactly work out.
  18. Our longest LOSING streak is 2. Our longest streak of not getting a point in a game is ONE. I'll take that anyday
  19. Rock: Same here, though I'll add I think Lou felt since Clemmensen has actually been playing more games for Albany than Ahonen, he'd rather have him down there playing for the Rats while Ahonen gets his feet wet and warms the bench for a few nights. Clemmy's been here only for that much himself. Plus I can't imagine anyone REALLY making a trade for him based off of one measly start anyway. In addition, if Lou's sole intent was to showcase him, he'd be playing more than Clemmy down in Albany in the first place.
  20. Well I'm not terribly shocked since Ottawa just wasted Tampa a week or so ago. BTW SBT, NJay, neither one of your goalies can trump Belfruit. Frankly I'm shocked he's having this good a year myself. But it seems as if he's found the fountain of youth in Toronto. If my D can ever get healthy watch out, since I'm already in the Top 5
  21. ig: Let's remember one thing: Bergy scored in his first game earlier this year then cooled off (though it wasn't his first NHL game). Bicek scored in his first NHL game against the Laffs two years ago I think. Heck, even Dage I think scored in his NHL debut. Now none of them scored two and obviously Rupp impressed with more than his goalscoring, but let's give him a few games before we get too excited
  22. IG: Reminds me of a couple of games ago when Turner was put on Madden's line, Matt asked Madden about it and Madden deadpanned, "You've got to keep your head up out there", and Matt said incredulously, "Even as a teammate?" and Madden's like (paraphrasing; I don't remember the exact quote) "Yeah, sure...when he gets wired up he goes all over the place"
  23. Funny thing is someone said a similar thing in chat last night and I was thinking "Yeah sure"...but since Marty actually said it I have to give it some credence
  24. Well NJay I didn't fear the big, bad Panthers as much as everyone else here. I said we had our own motivation after the last game and thought it would be a tight, close game. It's about time the Devs lit up a real goalie though; the only other outburst against a real goalie was Turco earlier in the year. I guess the fight DID change the momentum after all Good for Friesen, two goals, and I had to feel for him passing to Niewy to try to get him #500 even though he had the better opportunity. I suppose the rest of the game will be a search to get Niewy #500 now. At least Friesen, Elias and Gomer are picking it up in recent games, which is an excellent sign for the second half
  25. And it is FIVE-1!!! Boy, maybe we'll get our own butt whipping of the Panthers after all So much for the big, bad Panthers coming in angry.
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