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  1. I've never been a big fan of teams creating new jerseys as well as going back to old ones just for the money...but what they hey, they need to make 10 million instead of 5, whatever. At least for the Pens, the old ones are better, though IMO.
  2. They made the Elias A thing seem as if it was permanent; I thought they were gonna do it on a rotating basis? It came off as if he was getting knighted. I wouldn't mind if he did get the A permanently, just wanted a little clairfication
  3. NJDevs4978

    Bobby Holik

    I'd love it if the Golden A$$ had a 10-goal season...but realistically he'll never be worth $9 million based on his regular season production even if he got 25-30. The only way he'll be worth $9 million is if the Ranger$ go consistently deep in the playoffs and the Golden A$$ consistently performs at a Smythe-type level.
  4. SBT: Hee...I have to admit, I would have a lot of confidence if that matchup occured because of the recent history between the two teams...but a word of caution...if I believed the Flyers couldn't possibly beat us I'd also have to believe we couldn't possibly beat the Rangers if we played in April
  5. Agreed with the SBT...and welcome back
  6. NJDevs4978

    Si Predictions

    East (playoff teams bolded): Atlantic - Flyers (Overall ranking: 4), Devils (7), Rangers (14), Islanders (17), Pens (22) Northeast - Senators (8), Leafs (15), Canadiens (20), Bruins (21), Sabres (28) Southeast - Caps (10), Canes (11), Panthers (26), Thrashers (29), Lightning (30) West Central - Wings (3), Blues (12), Blackhawks (18), Predators (25), Blue Jackets (27) Northwest - Avs (1), Canucks (9), Oilers (16), Wild (23), Flames (24) Pacific - Sharks (2), Stars (5), Kings (6), Coyotes (13), Ducks (19) ECF - Philly over NJ WCF - Colorado over SJ Cup Finals - Colorado over Philly Didn't really look at this too closely as I was typing, but I'm surprised they have the Caps so high up in the East and the Habs missing the playoffs. I'm also surprised the Stars are that high up in the West.
  7. NJDevs4978

    Espn Predicts

    redruM: Red, look at it this way...is Philly better than Carolina, who got to the Finals last year Checkmanek has had two fine regular seasons in a row, though...he should be fine at least until the playoffs (and he did play well there too last year). Plus, Hitch should make a difference there. I do agree with Jerry that there are a few teams you could pick in the East and not be an idiot (I think ten's a little much, though). Philly, NJ, Ottawa, Carolina, Toronto (if you believe Eddie will bounce back, and I don't) could probably win the East. Maybe even Montreal if Theo isn't a fluke and Koivu stays healthy. Heck, Montreal could have won it LAST year if they don't meltdown in Game 4.
  8. Well I guess someone heard wrong then since all but one of the reports say he was sent down and NOT cut. Hey, I don't mind him in Albany...unless he's so bad he shouldn't start there.
  9. Tri: I don't know where you ascertained that from my post. Anyway, the original plan was to have Albelin around as a #6/7 defenseman until Commodore got his feet wet and then keep him around as a #7 defenseman just in case. The Sykora deal changed that, though (and even the great Lou could not have foreseen making THAT kind of a deal). With the addition of TiVo and basically replacing Commo with Zyuzin, Albelin had not only become a spare tire, he'd become the backup to the spare tire. And don't forget Albelin just flat out did not play well last year. I'm sure Lou thought Albelin had more left in his tank than he did. I know I didn't think he was this bad. Lou made a mistake as it turned out and owned up to it.
  10. unibrow: I was surprised to read that he could have been sent down. I guess Lou just flat out had more respect for Albelin than that, though, than to put him on the farm team at his advanced age.
  11. Tri: What was Albelin gonna do for us anyway? It's not as if he was gonna play (and if he did, it's not as if he's any good anymore regardless). Worse comes to worst, we can use Sutton as our #8 defenseman. I actually applaud Lou/Burns for having the guts to make a move not dictated by someone's contract. Plus, it does get another forward onto the roster and I'm sure that was a consideration (they didn't want to expose Guolla and Salmo to waivers).
  12. Jerrydevil: Just clarification: A$$Holik smothering Lemieux happened in 2001, during the Conn Smythe-type year. He didn't play Super Mario in 2000
  13. ND: A$$Holik did not perform in the playoffs when he was a FIRST line center, but he was more than fine when his role was reduced, i.e. third line center.
  14. Well almost time for the games to start. After all the yapping the NHL's done this offseason in particular about all the changes, they'd better make good on their word.
  15. Red: Yeah...I was never a big fan of the deal myself. I thought Thomas was a okay player but I was like, Steve Thomas? For the Conn Smythe winner? I understood why Claude was dealt, but I didn't like the deal itself. He tried hard, but he was the little engine that couldn't unfortunately.
  16. JimmyLeeds: Damn, that's more honest than I'd expect Lou or any other GM to be. The Mogilny part doesn't really suprise me, though since Mogilny made it perfectly clear he wanted to stay here even at his first press conference in Toronto. Unfortunately it probably came down to the no-trade that he got from Toronto which Lou never gives in writing. The Sykora/Holik collaboration does surprise me, especially after what Sykora did and Matt's on-air statement that Sykora lost the respect of his teammates.
  17. I don't see why everyone is so worried about the last PRESEASON game for god's sakes. If they lose 6-1 on Opening Day (the way they did last year) then you can start to worry a little, because if you're not ready for the first game of the year that is a legit bad sign. But I think this team should be more professional than that this year. And I'm not convinced about the Isles yet either. I have to see them win some games that count without Peca first. They do always play us well anyway even in the years they stunk.
  18. NJDevs4978


    If Niewy's not a first-line center than I guess Arnott shouldn't have been one either. Their stats are closer than you would think.
  19. Well at least Melrose doesn't hate EVERY Devil. I agree with the top three but I'd make Lacroix tops now and Lou second, with Lombardi fourth. Of course if KD was making the list he'd probably put Taylor #1 and Lou at #31...it'd be right in line with his Devils dissing, Kings kissing act.
  20. It's funny how this supposed Kings and Devils fan thumbs his nose at the team that's won two Cups and three conference titles in the last decade while he's kissing the a$$ of a team that hasn't so much as been to the Finals, or the Conference Finals one lousy time and that was five years after they bought Gretzky. I hate to bring the age thing up, but this poster really comes off as being immature to the nth degree.
  21. Sarge: Agreed and the fact that he can be sent down without clearing waivers makes it almost certain he'll be one of the two sent down, but maybe he isn't as good as we all thought he was either. That's now two coaches that don't seem to think he's NHL material, at least at this time.
  22. NJDevs4978

    Arnott Article

    devspage: We have a winner (Although in fairness I will say Sykora hasn't exactly come out and say I don't understand the way Arnott did, at least I don't think he has)
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