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  1. Trotz can fvck right off with that sh!t, dude wanted a fvcking mint for elite Saros, now he can cringe after he overplayed his hand and the price plummets. That was more like Game 2 in 2006 I suppose...should have tied the series then BANG. God we've had too many of those playoff meltdowns against one franchise. At least Lou's bad karma against Carolina seems to be carrying over.
  2. Well at least Vientos finally did something in the bigs
  3. fvck it, bring him up for Houser. Hell even Lucchesi wouldn't be worse at this point
  4. Jesus christ, off to a flying start in another homestand lol...this team's almost as bad as the Devils now with the home woes Mets are looking more like a .500 team by the day, at least they were more or less expected to be one unlike the Devils.
  5. The one big difference is for all of Rodgers’ off field ills he hasn’t yet quit on a team or missed games because of selfish, indulgent reasons the way Kyrie has, at multiple stops.
  6. At least the Jets made the responsible pick and not the luxury pick (Bowers) at a position that never works out for us early in the draft
  7. Manfred just tries to throw the players bones that don't cost them anything to keep up the pretense of getting along with the union. I think players' weekend is lame but so is a lot of the MLB 'promotions' and their own uniform changes.
  8. That’s why most pitchers who aren’t Gerrit Cole or ‘Ohtani’ have been taking a bath in FA lately, but Bora$ unrealistically demands everyone get paid top dollar and that often doesn’t work for the second tier guys - Conforto being another one who got hurt by the long waiting game Bora$ likes to play as if every contract is a CBA negotiation. Speaking of inadequate pitching geez Manaea, a 6-0 lead and you can’t even get through five with 100 pitches?!
  9. Blake Snell, who I was convinced was gonna find his groove against us got shut down and put on IL after an 0-3 and 11+ ERA start. Dude really should have just taken whatever it was the Yankees offered him this offseason rather than waiting for less, and then compromising his season.
  10. Yeah the offense really needs to get going...losing Alvarez hurts, so it'd be nice to see JD this weekend - maybe lol. With our luck he'll need three more weeks to actually start hitting ML pitching.
  11. The Isles might actually be harder for them than Carolina, Carolina just seems to be missing that 'it' factor in the playoffs, except of course when they come up against us.
  12. Hopefully Andersen stays healthy long enough to find out...they aren't beating them with their other jabroni goalies.
  13. He should have gone into politics with that kind of fuzzy math rationalization. He thought it came from the bench (which it didn't) so Boone is responsible for that? He's not a fvcking chaperone of kids on a camping trip.
  14. Because Lindy is legit the best coach they’ve had since the guy before him (Ted Nolan) lol
  15. Jesus that’s as blatant a targeting as I can ever remember. That’s like Billy Crystal in the movie Forget Paris the scene he snaps lol If this guy doesn’t get punished than the umpires union is clearly more powerful than the police union.
  16. Yeah good lineup that was due to hit + pitcher that's basically been bad so far = not a good day at the office
  17. Hah could have sworn I saw this was a two-game series. Anyway you ask... Geez I get MLB wants to make it easier to run but that's still pretty bad.
  18. Welp Alvarez out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his thumb. When they have to go out of their way to say they’re confident he’ll be back ‘this season’ in late April, that’s not good
  19. Stunning sweep, two games or not. The Mets are on this roll without Senga or guys like Lindor playing up to their norms…a good sign.
  20. Good news they’re smacking around Yamamoto…bad news, Alvarez left with a thumb injury. Sigh
  21. When Kelenic was raking early part of me was bemused that we somehow did better in our Kelenic trade than Seattle did in theirs. I still wouldn’t put unlocking something in him past the Braves though.
  22. Yeah nice of them to beat up on the mediocrity before the Dodger showdown this weekend, and a good sign they’re doing this without the big guns lighting it up
  23. YEP we’re not getting the satisfactory Tony, Paulie and Sil plugging Green with bullets and tossing him over the Stugots type end. Fitz won’t embarrass his buddy like that. He gave Nas an ‘interview’ too rather than just canning him
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