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  1. LOL so I guess the fifty people that Jeff has to talk to hasn't come to a consensus yet Distraction or no I actually would hate to see Beltran get fired over this (unless he specifically lied to management about it during his interviews), since it feels like a bit of a hit job by Manfred only putting his name among the players in the report. There wasn't any reason to specifically name him since he couldn't punish Beltran regardless, otherwise you might as well name all the other 23 players too. The only reason for going out of your way to put his name in the report is to try to shame the Mets into punishing him where baseball can't. I don't think the fans want Beltran out as much as the media's going to cry and whine for it and the Mets'll probably capitulate like they usually do, especially now with Cora out of there the spotlight's solely on them.
  2. Friedman's 31 thoughts with some interesting behind-the-office doors gossip https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-fallout-bombshell-devils-knights-firings/ Second-guessing Shero on the goalie thing is fair though there weren't really a lot of options that wouldn't block Blackwood beyond this year this side of Lehner. Were they really supposed to give big money and term to Varlamov or Bobrovsky and just make Blackwood a 1B for the indefinite future? And as for the (ahem) collabrative stuff, guess it was only a matter of time.
  3. Well one bit of good news, Josh Donaldson finally signs with the Twins and is out of the NL East.
  4. Well that and the fact they fired him an hour and a half before a home game and not only after giving him a long extension but after letting him fire a coach and trade Hall, just like Hynes got fired a couple hours before a home game, and Hall was scratched and in limbo for like four days before they traded him. Everything about the way things have been handled this season is third-class.
  5. Vatanen has also said Shero didn't make him an offer either. If you want the guy back you at least 'attempt' to negotiate with him.
  6. Appease Hall for what though...the evidence has come out that Ray never even made Hall an offer. It seems obvious Ray only wanted Hall back at like a five-year deal which wasn't going to get it done anyway.
  7. The Rangers aren't 'succeeding', they're wasting Panarin's best season on a 7th place team.
  8. NJDevs4978

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Shero’s strength is literally trading. You off him before the deadline with three years left on his contract either because you don’t think it’s fair to have him make moves for the next GM (since according to I think Friedman the decision was already made to can him by year’s end a while ago) or there’s a philosophical divide and perhaps Shero would go rogue a la Hextall last year. There’s no other reason that makes sense.
  9. BTW Palm is out through the All-Star Game and Nico is taking his place there. So Politi already looks like a jackass
  10. Say what you want about the owners but they are eating about three years on a Shero deal and two years on a Hynes extension (unless that’s moot with him going to Nashville).
  11. Well they were run by one guy with an iron fist for three decades so no there wasn't this amount of disfunction. Lou being fired for Shero was a smoother transition than these dual coach/GM firings six weeks apart lol
  12. NJDevs4978

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Yeah there's no reason for them to lie about it other than buying time. People will know soon enough if the owners are full of sh!t about claiming they want to win and then having another three tank seasons.
  13. And to top that off Crane outright FIRED both Luhnow and Hinch. It seems a little harsh for Luhnow since he's not in the clubhouse day to day but I guess ultimately the head baseball guy has gotta walk the plank too. Glad Beltran hadn't retired at that time lol, since they didn't punish the players for obvious reasons. Cora could well get a year plus suspension and lose his job too cause he's a part of two of these.
  14. How can you claim Marty wasn’t ‘shocked’, by facial expressions? Did he even speak at the presser? Fitz was Shero’s lieutenant, of course he’s going to be taken aback at getting a job this way just like Nas was.
  15. Shero is also lucky he got fired now and not after burning Rome completely to the ground and turning heel on the fan base. I absolutely believe Shero got himself stuck in a rebuild 2.0 (the fact he pushed back against that verbiage unprompted in the Hall trade presser suggests in hindsight ownership was giving him heat about that), and it wasn’t acceptable to the owners to have the same GM do two rebuilds.
  16. Well Coleman did become a regular under Shero and got a multi-year deal from him so there probably is personal loyalty there but Coleman’s opinion in this case means nothing more than any fan since he doesn’t work with Shero on a daily basis or is privy to his dealings with ownership
  17. I wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten in early December that Hynes would be employed by mid-January and Shero wouldn't. I'm sure William Hill would know.
  18. Politi's the only mainstream guy I've seen give the more radical rumor (trading Palm) any credence afaik.
  19. They didn't think the season would be over by Halloween and they'd have to give away tickets by Thanksgiving. I mean frigging everything looks bad at this point. It looks bad he extends Hynes after one losing season then has to fire him less than a year later then he gets picked up quickly by a quality organization, it looks bad he cashes out on the season and trades Hall in December then they go on a run with a new staff, it looks bad Lou's got the Isles as a contender two years running after losing their best player while Shero's puttering around with the process, it looks bad most of our non-lotto ball prospects have plateaued, it looks bad the team's still on pace for one of their worst-ever seasons after trying to be more relevant and it smells when rumors of trading your All-Star and a popular Jersey kid start popping up with Politi insinuating Shero was sniffing around the trade market.
  20. Yep and it was getting to the point where all the things Shero 'did' (Hall, Vat, Palm) were going to be dealt off for more futures.
  21. That's the thing, ownership wasn't expecting to rebuild THIS year. You don't take on $27 million with Subban and increase payroll near the cap for kicks. Having a worse record than Lou's last year absolutely speaks badly of Shero.
  22. It could be an indictment both on waiting to fire Hynes and on rushing to cash out Hall in December. People can look at it as we (specifically Nico) have improved without the distraction but the owners could look at that and say if we still had him maybe we'd have the firepower to make a more sustained run. Not saying that's correct but owners don't usually buy the whole trade your best player and improve 'because of it' meme.
  23. If he is we'll know which side Shero was on and which side the owners were on.
  24. Who knows, but I don't think it was any one specific thing (unless the Palmieri rumors had merit, that could be a push the nuclear button type situtation) - more like a lot of things that added up.
  25. Only after the league stepped in and forced them to stop tanking. Perhaps they learned something from that and the Sixers becoming a lot more valuable as a relevant franchise.
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