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  1. YEP we’re not getting the satisfactory Tony, Paulie and Sil plugging Green with bullets and tossing him over the Stugots type end. Fitz won’t embarrass his buddy like that. He gave Nas an ‘interview’ too rather than just canning him
  2. And guess who we play to begin next season…
  3. Maybe that was an unspoken reason why they refused to ever get him the day off Nemec eventually got when Luke was on fumes for months.
  4. I’m surprised there were even twenty Devils fans left in the building TO give away jerseys too
  5. I got a bad feeling about the Devils really early on with the way they struggled and weren’t even impressive in wins. So far the Mets have been the opposite since the opening week, finding ways to win and even fighting in the losses
  6. I was worried when I heard this was immediate, figured it had to be health related but if it was he certainly acted like it wasn’t on Tiki and Evan, seems he was legit just tired of the grind and wanted to enjoy life.
  7. At least Jose Butto was able to pitch like Doc for a day...geez. Almost seems like typical Mets luck that a unexpected rain storm dumped on the retirement ceremony. For the misgivings I have on retiring both Doc and Darryl (and part of the reason I didn't spend my whole day going for about $30 total), the fact Darryl was able to make it there so soon after his heart attack was a real nice moment.
  8. When they ultimately lose jobs and have to deal with robo-umps they can blame their buddy
  9. It got back to lovey dovey in a hurry, eh? Especially with Cohen imploring the crowd to cheer Lindor a la Phillies fans with Trea Turner and…they listened lol To his credit, I don’t think Lindor gets enough of it for his work with Baty and Vientos this off-season, it’d be easy for a guy like that to count his money and not give a fig about anyone else but he does that and for his streakiness on the field, he posts pretty much every game.
  10. That’s sort of the point…if you were gonna let Jack play hurt then why take crap picks to cash out at the deadline? Either go all in on waving the white flag or go all in on your ‘playoff hunt’…doing it this half assed way smacks of letting Jack play to sell tickets.
  11. Seriously...but even the Devils can't get away with total radio silence when it comes to their star attraction. Shoulda just shelved him at the deadline after you cashed out by trading Toffoli and Miller.
  12. It was inevitable once they finally admitted the obvious and shut him down. I'm only surprised they didn't do it after tonight when they get officially eliminated.
  13. Has Trotz made moving upstairs a hipster thing to do? GM's do tend to have more job security than coaches though.
  14. Well they actually DID give us an update on Jack now lol, shut down for the season - shoulder surgery, supposedly he'll be ready for camp.
  15. Unless Fitz is a true heel, no way he'll go near this guy ESPECIALLY after the McLeod/Foote mess gave him egg on his face, whether it was his fault or not. Not to mention how long before the Babcock 'redemption tour' did it take for him to step in it again lol, a$$holes generally can't help but remain a$$holes
  16. Why would Berube take a front office job unless he gets no coaching offers at all? Or at least none where he'd have autonomy (I doubt ours would be one where he would). It's not like we'll be the only job that - should - be opening up this offseason either. Ottawa should be open. The Isles might be open depending on Lou's whims if they miss the playoffs. The Kings still have an interim, who knows there.
  17. LOL I hope this guy isn't on the Ben Simmons ramp-up plan
  18. You're assuming they deign to give us an update lol
  19. Well at least they didn't mess around with Tehran lol, one and done and he was on a prorated deal so meh
  20. Feels like our first win there in like five years lol, at least we played spoiler on the 50th anniversary of 715
  21. Holy fvck they actually held on, barely
  22. LOL no Diaz, is there any doubt how this will end?
  23. You me and everyone else other than NHL pooh-bahs who love the 'parity' this frankenstein system fosters.
  24. Yeah they're gonna have to do a bit more to get me back in the mix...0-5 kinda takes you out of it early, especially following another poor year although ironically the last time the Mets started 0-5 it actually turned out to be a reasonably good season (2005).
  25. Parise and Gionta were also very good at it too lol...amazing how they've more often than not been totally clueless since then
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