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  1. LOL this guy makes TO look sane and measured
  2. It's actually a shame that this horrible management and bullpen undermines what's otherwise been a resilient, fun team.
  3. Honestly his biggest mistake of all in that inning...where was Justin Wilson? So not only do you take your best reliever out, but you don’t even pitch your second best reliever on top of it.
  4. The long national nightmare known as the Zeke training camp vacation is finally over.
  5. Apparently it's too small to put Diaz in too And all these clowns in baseball who think managers don't matter...I almost wish that were true given our hopeless manager. Clearly it still matters in our case. My god can you have two worse losses in a season than tonight and the Philly fiasco earlier this year (where again it was Diaz giving up five in the ninth and getting walked off)?!
  6. Sadly I saw the score at what, 10-4 after the Mets had apparently pulled away in the eighth and even given it was the Mets didn't give it a second thought that this one was in the bag. Reading this thread is how I found out the near impossible happened Wish Francesa was on during this game the way he was during the Philly implosion
  7. So how exactly did Cano come back this quickly from a 'torn' hamstring? Was this an actual misdiagnosis the positive way for a change? Or is the juice kicking in
  8. I actually got the app today when I heard it was going to be free the last month lol, there’s not really that much on it you don’t already get on his shows or the audio clips anyway, just nostalgia stuff, five minute hits, video of his show clips if the audio wasn’t enough for you...$9 was way overpriced for that, no wonder it got laughed at and sold at pennies on the dollar.
  9. I was actually more surprised at all the C's lol...I wasn't really paying much attention to anyone else's draft except Manta going off the reservation per usual. Me and Zamboni are projected at 12-2, I don't remember too many seasons being a Yahoo preseason darling.
  10. I almost hope they do the stupid grade reports on the drafts, can't wait for my F cause I drafted ALL the holdouts and malcontents lol...if Zeke comes back soon I'll take my chances against anyone. Gordon I look at as a nice bonus if he gets traded, I doubt he's playing with the Chargers unless it's a Week 11 deal.
  11. Sounds like the Mets got an extra home game out of today lol
  12. There was more of a chance of that before last Saturday. If Watson does get hurt again that changes the equation but they have a pretty solid team with only Jacksonville and their own issues to compete with them.
  13. Somewhat surprisingly McCoy winds up with the Chiefs, though guess the Andy Reid connection helped.
  14. LOL I was just gonna say if we're not making the playoffs at least they're hopefully taking the Phillies out with us...we owe them a couple.
  15. Seems a bit better if it's two firsts and a two plus, but the Texans are counting on them being low firsts obviously
  16. LOLWUT...didn't expect to see this after Clowney got traded. Wonder just how huge this package is. If it's only one low first-round pick and a bunch of depth picks after that I'm not impressed.
  17. If he really rejected Miami that probably drove down the price for the Seahawks.
  18. And they score all these runs tonight after Noah puts them out of the game, and tomorrow will be another same **** different deGrom start 2-1, 3-2 loss.
  19. Yeah thankfully football and hockey don't look like total losses - yet, although I'm not quite as bullish on the Jets as some they should at least be competitive this time. Same with the Devils for that matter.
  20. And of course Jason Vargas has basically pitched Stroman to a draw at least since the trade. His ERA has been marginally better in fact. I realize they had a legitimate reason for trading Vargas (the reporter altercation) but this is just another example of something blowing up on Brodie, and even Anthony Kay who was struggling in AAA for us has been lights out for the Toronto AAA team.
  21. Went to Flushing earlier...for the US Open. Evidently I made the right choice lol. If this season really spirals out of control we’re gonna look at mid-July to mid-August as the fluke and not the rest of the season.
  22. It’s slightly different retiring to smoke pot or run to your home country to cash rubles and coast in a second rate league than what Luck did. Hell nobody even really knew for sure why Luck retired at that point, for all anyone knew he could have had a debilitating illness.
  23. Gottlieb was too easy to Twitter dunk for that. Torrey Smith made light of the credit card thing in a simple, biting way
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