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  1. Boy did Porcello’s stock fall fast if he only got a one year deal
  2. Because Ray foolishly still believes in the Hynes ‘system’. And Boughner was as much a Pete assistant as Fitz was a Hynes assistant. He only joined the staff this year presumably now as the fallback if a change was made.
  3. The good news is the Mets dodged a serious bullet by for once doing the right thing to extend Jake early. Could you imagine if he was a FA to be next offseason? He might have been getting a 6-210 type deal at the rate things are going. At the very least an extension this offseason would have been a lot harder and more costly.
  4. NJDevs4978

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    There's a big difference from 11 to 1, nobody's saying they had to get the worst pick in the league (which wasn't even a guarantee with that lottery), but everyone was bitching at the time there was a clear top ten and they finished just outside of it....they could have gotten Sergachev 2 or 3 spots sooner, Keller or Thachuk a few spots sooner. Any one of those guys would be helping more than McLeod.
  5. Welp the Yankees get Cole for insane money. In other news, water is wet and the Devils lost again.
  6. CORRECTION: Next heritage game isn't till the Islanders next month. I saw the TV promo for the Caps game have a throwback jersey and thought that was a heritage game. So at least you don't get the double whammy of the Devils and the heritage curse.
  7. Hahaha I think my casual fan hockey friend feels the same way about me when she goes to games.
  8. It's a heritage game too...run, run now.
  9. Should have installed Horacheck or Noel when we had the chance to at least see this team under something DIFFERENT. Now the rest of this season's gonna be a waste and we'll just be praying Shero somehow gets the next coach decision right when he's already 0-2 here.
  10. It's not even so much they'd refuse to spend out of spite, it'd just be one last milking of the cash cow by reducing debt before they cash out a la VBK his last year or two with the Devils finally reducing payroll. Reading that blurb about how they're already maxed out on debt and are losing millions every year though, if that's true I'd think this would get done sooner rather than later contrary to the Wilpons' wishes of an extended grace period for Fred. It'd just be more financially feasible to do it rather than suck down $50-60 million a year, it'd only take away from their profit in the end.
  11. Maybe 7 wasn't too far off when he opined MLB had something to do with pushing the Wilpons out, at least in a sense. This Times article details even more details of what we already know about clueless meddling Fred and Jeff. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/06/sports/mets-wilpons-sale-cohen.html#click=https://t.co/Ks5KZcf0LQ
  12. 10-4 and 2nd overall, not bad considering my #1 WR decided to have another handful of nervous breakdowns, and my #1 QB got hurt with my #2 QB sucking. At least my RB gambles are rounding into form. Maybe this year Tannehill will be my Roethlisberger and ride to the rescue. Certainly it'll be an uphill battle against the other three playoff teams given my point total compared to theirs.
  13. LOL that inside of two minute review really bailed us out. And the DB whoever it was overrunning a sure pick-six earlier in the drive. And Ficken bailed out Gase by actually hitting a 45-yard FG. I would have tried to get another first down rather than settling for a 45-yarder with a still-shaky kicker. Funny thing is I actually went to the game so sadly it was the most fun I had at a game since the Devils playoff run two years ago (hadn't been to a Jets game since Geno was the QB), meaningless or not. Thursday's gonna be an utter sh!tshow though, especially now likely with Griffin out. No secondary, the front seven letting Fitz look like Lamar Jackson running the ball this week...it's gonna be like Rutgers going to Ohio State.
  14. NJDevs4978


    It's hard for me to take the 'who started it' angle seriously when you've had like thirty posts in this thread on it. You've become little better than a troll at this point, lying in wait for a post to respond with your talking points on.
  15. Gettleman worked with Rivera for years and never fired him so I could definitely see that hire.
  16. Bud definitely gave Fred a bunch of breaks...Manfred probably has no such attachment to Jeff. Not that I really believe this was baseball coming down on him to sell though.
  17. Part of me thinks the five year window is to try to get Fred a title before he croaks and so he runs the team for most of the rest of his life.
  18. An actual baseball move though of the meh variety, Marisnick is basically what Lagares used to be pre contract with a little more power.
  19. NJDevs4978


    Geez Daniel don’t you have enough threads to complain about Shero and Hynes? There’s (unfortunately) a legit discussion to be had over whether Subban is affected by the system, hurt, over the hill or turning into a fat cat but this thread is just the same discussion any number of other threads already are.
  20. As I was reminded yesterday on NYFS, we went through this with Einhorn a while back and the Wilpons pulled out so I want to curb my anticipation a bit. But I do hope like Benigno said this morning the Wilpons are looking at this universal reaction and fully realize how much they’re hated, maybe that convinces them to cash in and get out of the way once and for all.
  21. Yeah the White Sox have been second fiddle a lot lately on the big FA's, other than Grandal they can't give away their money.
  22. LOL I don't see why Shero would care at all about 'if I gotta fire Hynes I'm damn well putting his mini-me on the bench', I don't think he's that pathological. And I'm not going to assume Nas is automatically going to BE a mini-me just because of personal loyalty although I'm on record not wanting him promoted, I'd rather just have gone with Noel or Horachek as the interim (maybe Fitz but he doesn't have much coaching experience either) but it is the easiest thing to do if you're making an in-season change and not to a preferred long-term candidate. Lou installed himself, and a bunch of assistants when he made in-season coaching changes other than the Constantine thing which was meh.
  23. With the caveat the new guy can always somehow be worse...on paper a billionaire owning the team is an automatic upgrade over the Coupons so SELL SELL SELL
  24. Yeah that's pretty vague...some people are taking it to mean Jeff and Fred are greasing the skids to get out after five years (the fact there's a time limit on the amount of time they'll remain in control is I suppose what is setting off this speculation) but I'll believe that when they make the announcement.
  25. OTOH there is some good news (maybe)
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