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  1. LOL no Diaz, is there any doubt how this will end?
  2. You me and everyone else other than NHL pooh-bahs who love the 'parity' this frankenstein system fosters.
  3. Yeah they're gonna have to do a bit more to get me back in the mix...0-5 kinda takes you out of it early, especially following another poor year although ironically the last time the Mets started 0-5 it actually turned out to be a reasonably good season (2005).
  4. Parise and Gionta were also very good at it too lol...amazing how they've more often than not been totally clueless since then
  5. I did look up the TNT schedule, they had a Rangers home game a few days ago and a Flyers one tomorrow so he's in the area at least. I don't know where the TNT studio is though, probably also in NY?
  6. You might hear #1...but there's no fvcking way on #2. If Fitz thought Lindy was going to get it from the crowd before mercy-killing him just wait to what we have in store for Fitz if he keeps THIS fvcking guy? We'll just be moaning that Bylsma or whoever else Fitz brings in is yet another good ol' boy hire. Isn't he working for the national broadcast now? TNT had/has Rangers and Flyers home games this week so he's in the area regardless.
  7. Oh and the Braves look like they've rehabilitated Jared Kelenic, dude's like 10-15 for them already. Well at least we got SOMEthing for him, the Mariners just took back a bunch of bums. Even Strider being out probably won't derail them, they'll just fleece someone else of their ace by June.
  8. LOL when I saw someone say Anthony Rendon was hitting better than Lindor I was like that can't be right, dude started the season like 0-20 And Ramirez needs to be DFA'ed...he made a meal of the whole Hoskins 'retaliation' now today's meltdown
  9. Well under Lindy they started games like dogcrap and under Green they've ended games like dogcrap. Maybe it's not just the coaches when these players can't find it in themselves to play sixty damn minutes
  10. Pete not exactly pulling an Aaron Judge contract year surge so far
  11. Well at least Tonkin only allowed three runs in the extra inning this time smh And fvck off Baty, if you're not gonna hit at least learn how to get a bunt down
  12. Eh that was a bit...convenient. Lou was never going to overtly fire him publicly just like he didn't in 1998 (and that one I think was more of a legit mutual parting than the 2010 one was). But you don't say you love coaching, expect to come back and are looking forward to next year, then less than two weeks later 'retire' - even Brett Favre doesn't flip flop that fast.
  13. Well at least they got the shenanigans part of the game right...predictably the game itself was the usual sh!tshow
  14. BTW if this sh!t keeps up I could see the comparisons between the 2010-11 Devils lol -Get rid of an experienced manager after a down finish to the previous season, hire rookie manager, have the rookie manager be unconscionably bad enough to consider a change with the experienced manager sitting out there... The obvious difference (and why it won't happen) being that Stearns and Buck aren't exactly 'buddies' the way Lou and Lemaire were, not to mention baseball's general marginalizing of managers to begin with
  15. They would have been better off with Lou's coaching triad at the end of his reign here. Too bad Fitz's version of the triad would be Fitz, Green and Marty (or Brylin) with Green running the show anyway a la Lou, Oates and Stevens when Oates was basically running stuff.
  16. Honestly it was sort of the perfect storm of things for this to happen...early April home weeknight game against a random AL team after you embarrassed yourselves in the opening series of the season. Kind of surprising it hasn't happened before with this franchise, but then again most of the time we don't have early April home games against the Tigers lol. In that vein, the prices for Doc's number retirement night are insanely low considering it's a weekend day game, but again still early April and the Royals coming to town. Or at least they were as of a couple days ago - around a $25 get in price including fees on StubHub...but the weather and the team that day both weren't even selling points enough to get me to get a yearbook much less another ticket
  17. I keep thinking two coaches AND the GM who drafted him can’t all be wrong about Holtz, can they? Then I remember Brendan Smith is still a thing with all these guys.
  18. What’s everyone else’s excuse for not hitting lol To a degree people are probably looking for an excuse to kill Pete cause with Boras you always have one eye out the door in a walk year (not to mention the team being rancid) but the Mets have bigger issues than Pete going to a concert.
  19. The viral Carlos Rodon uniform sweat pictures were bad enough as it was re: the uniforms lol
  20. LOLMets, again Praying for rain so they don’t embarrass themselves again tomorrow
  21. Dude is already a hero for the Yankees after a week, it’d either take an insane overpayment or the discovery of a Met pajama picture to give me any hope he leaves there for us lol
  22. Damn I know this was a recalibrating year but this series basically felt like the Family Guy meme
  23. Keeping us on life support just long enough to get finished off by the Rangers when they embarass us again
  24. Way to make Rhys Hoskins into the next Chase Utley you fvckfaces
  25. Severino and the Mets well on their way to ensuring a worse Game 2 lol
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