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  1. Yeah I thought the dumb early deadline would kill off most deals from the borderline teams, there were still big deals made and teams you'd figure would be sellers became buyers so maybe it actually added unpredictability at least. If they're going to have no waiver deadline at all then the actual trade deadline should be at least mid-August with all the wild card craziness. Not only did neither team sell but neither fired their inexperienced manager when they looked all but dead men walking. Although I'm still very wary of Callaway (and make no mistake, this run would buy him into next year if the Mets maintain this) it's good in a sense that firing the manager isn't always the needed spark.
  2. Especially when the Nats themselves were twelve games under after like fifty games lol, let alone us being eleven under later in the season.
  3. Yeah the closest we would get to a Lightning situation is if the Dodgers won 110 games and somehow got wiped off the mat in three straight by one of the nine thousand teams slouging toward an 85-win wild card. It might even BE the Mets at this rate lolz. Even if the Yankees or Astros somehow got swept in the first round it'd likely be by a 95-win Indians/Twins/A's/Rays team, plus they'll be jockeying for best record throughout while the Dodgers have home field in the NL pretty much in the bank already.
  4. Guess Wheeler wanted to stay at least, fifteen straight scoreless innings since not being traded at the deadline. Hope he's this happy to be here come contract time in the offseason lolz
  5. Considering CRASHER hasn't logged onto the board since October of last year it's unlikely you'll get a response, or that he's going to renew the league to begin with. Looks like last season really was the last season for the league, can't say I'm surprised given how drama-filled the draft was and how empty the in-season discussion was.
  6. I don't want to make light of a guy's injury but it wouldn't shock me if Cano becomes our Stanton (only worse obviously), the 'who needs him anyway?!' guy now that he's out for the forseeable future with a torn hamy.
  7. Back to .500...hooray. Shades of '73 right now in that .500 is close to enough
  8. Oh good grief, the only reason this isn't bases loaded with one out is Nido's framing. Now he's gotta burn Lugo in a save situation (lol) in game #1 of a doubleheader. Or not...only Mickey would get his best reliever up twice and not use him.
  9. That was definitely a bit odd, sounded almost like a warped fan more worried about the Yankees than the Mets, though it’s not like there’s really one team you can scoreboard watch at this point, maybe just the division teams in general for now.
  10. The irony is Matz may well be the best #5 starter in baseball as it stands but it still always feels disappointing he never became anything more than a #4 at best.
  11. That's actually a really good comp tbh, the Panthers were like twelve points out and at least several games under .500 at their nadir...I was thinking more 2011 Devils or 2001 Mets but this year's Mets weren't even AS far out of it as the MacLean Devils got and the 2001 Mets were out of it going into September and got on a late surge in a very mediocre division (think the Braves only won with 87 games that year), could have actually stolen it if not for the great Benitez blowing it back-to-back weekends against Atlanta.
  12. lol I'm not sure at what point I'm gonna stop being skeptical but I know this much...win no worse five of the next seven or GTFO. Maybe by the time I get back from my vacation on Monday they'll either be out of it for good or actually can entertain being in it
  13. I think that one (the Yankee thing) is above BVW's paygrade tbh. Jeffy wouldn't even let Sandy deal rentals like Jay Bruce and Addison Reed to the Yankees.
  14. Heck even dumpster diving for Fernando Rodney types would at least be TRYING, not very much but still trying. This idea that well we're going for it but not using any assets to do so, well you are using assets, the ones you don't get back in trades for your rental players. Not that I have any faith in Brodie to have actually gotten something for a Wheeler or Frazier but it would have been nice not to delude ourselves. They better hope Wheeler actually doesn't take the QO this offseason and they get their lousy 80th overall comp pick or his $18 million next year is going to preclude any other actual spending.
  15. Can't say I blame you tbh...I said this on another board, I like Cashman as an outsider (not to mention him being an actual Devils fan) but if I were a Yankee fan I'd be LIVID today after seeing the Astros get Greinke, Sanchez and Biangini while they only get some faceless minor leaguer. In a lot of ways Cashman is a slave to never going a cent above market value for a trade.
  16. So apparently this deadline's gonna be one big eyeroll...put Thor and Diaz on the block for nothing, have the price at Wheeler be so high nobody else is even bothering, don't even put Frazier on the block. Typical Mets, stand pat and play for win-now five games out of the second WC without actually TRYING to win-now by adding another pen piece.
  17. Well it would be goofy even by Met standards to pitch Thor last night if a deal was actually close although like someone pointed out on NYFS, maybe Brodie just wanted to pitch him to tempt deadline offers even more which would actually make sense in Brodie's stupid contrarian world. I'm caught in between wanting to trade Diaz and preparing to roll my eyes when we take 50 cents on the dollar just months after dealing two of our best prospects for him. It does seem like he can't pitch in NY but it's not like the stuff isn't there, he still has 63 K's in 41 IP.
  18. This makes the Mets-Stroman deal look normal by comparison. I legit don't know what two of the teams (SD and Cinci) in the deal are doing. The Indians shockingly came out looking great when they would have been criticized dealing Bauer under normal circumstances. Cinci dealing their top prospect and Puig for an extra year of Bauer is puzzling, not like Bauer helps them contend THIS year. SD dealing a starting outfielder on a 35-HR pace and a prospect for another prospect is also head-scratching. And to add even more farce there was a benches-clearing brawl in Cinci where Puig went nuts...could you imagine if he somehow got hurt in that fight? It would have been even worse than leaving Wilmer in to cry after he got traded.
  19. LOL...putting the guy in trade rumors every day since winter caused tension? Shocking, I know
  20. And of course this guy was a teammate of Jeffy's son in college.
  21. LOL I'd actually be fine with Diaz going, but if the Mets get much less than what they gave up in that silly trade prospect-wise Brodie's going to look like an even bigger fool
  22. LOL well at least this ends the illusion of 'win-now' if you're dealing Vargas off to a division team in front of you And for an organizational return AA catcher...yep a why bother return. Might as well have traded Wheeler for an actual something. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=664866#/career/R/hitting/2019/ALL
  23. So apparently Vargas about to be traded. Meh whatever...they had to clear out one of the pitchers one way or another. But dealing off Vargas for presumably nothing might be a tell they aren't actually trading Thor or Wheeler.
  24. It really is next to impossible. They’re not just 5.5 back but behind a million other teams. They’ve gone 10-5 since the break and made up one lousy game. We saw this phenomenon toward the end of the Devils illusory 2011 surge when they could never get closer than six points despite still winning in early March. If they are going to insist on throwing out the illusion of contending at least get something with a pulse to help the garbage pen, because they actually would be in a contender role if the entire pen wasn’t a dumpster fire of biblical proportions.
  25. lol...that's probably major-league posturing though, especially since there's a whole year difference in team control between Thor and Stroman. As far as the latter, I'm not expecting Thor to be here past Thursday. If he is then Brodie really is being pie in the sky about wanting a 'major league-ready contributor' for him (Frazier, Kyle Tucker, etc) plus other stuff. Or maybe this is just some bizarro attempt at motivating him, all these trade rumors. In a world where we do have both Thor and Stroman next week yeah it's absolutely an option the Mets go into next season with deGrom-Stroman-Thor-Matz and Vargas as their five (Vargas has a option they might actually pick up for $6 million at this point).
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