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  1. It might not be true for the simple fact the Devils ARE a crap team too
  2. He obviously couldn't have fixed the goalie issue in-season since no other goalies got moved and Allen didn't waive his NTC earlier on, but the coaching thing was definitely fixable. He didn't even do much now, he went from the second-worst option to the worst option though maybe the new coach bump is belatedly kicking in now.
  3. Nice of the real Jack Hughes to finally return after being in witness protection since December, complete with curt on-ice interview lol
  4. Mets actually sign JD Martinez on a one year deal, at least the DH should be a massive upgrade over last year
  5. Apparently he’s had a good spring but hopefully the leash is very short
  6. Mike Williams also on a one-year deal. This is more the kind of stuff we should have been doing last offseason, but better late than never? At least if (when?) this season blows up they won't be committing much damage to the future cap, for the next GM.
  7. I actually understand that rationale from Allen but by the same token any one of us who watched and read the Devils news could have told him Allen would have been the immediate #2 here since they haven't wanted to play Schmid and Daws this year, and would have been #1 in short-order with a head coach looking to win games and save his job. He couldn't have known all that from the outside, but it's frustrating that maybe the season could have been saved just with that one move a couple months ago and it was more doable than we initially believed (at least I did think the Habs were holding out for too much).
  8. I wonder what the Yankee fan thinks seeing Snell sign a 2-62 deal with the Giants when he turned down quite a bit more from the Yankees a couple months ago, because Bora$ assumed he could get a 200+ million deal.
  9. I don’t remember it either, I barely remembered he was even on the Pens though lol
  10. When you don't punish or discipline him at all, nothing. Part of learning is holding guys accountable. Other than Holtz and Timo for one game, this staff (and really the whole organization) has only held one fvcking fourth liner who is going to be traded this offseason accountable. Real gutless.
  11. fvck them too, they've had a big hand in creating this mess themselves. Let them fix it - players, Fitz...all of them.
  12. They’re not in a worse position but they have too many a$$holes who aren’t self starters and constantly need a kick in the ass. At least Fitz either needs to fumigate the locker room or get a coach in here who’ll demand accountability - ideally some combination of both though
  13. It’d be a pretty damn long list, longer than the Manga Carta, and why we won’t be going either.
  14. Well this last stand went about as well as Custer’s did
  15. Jets get Tyron Smith on a one year deal after trading for Morgan Moses so on paper the line should be better, but of course these guys are old so that seldom seems to work out for us
  16. The fact they’re somehow STILL only four points out just makes me more annoyed at these fvckfaces for their lack of urgency all around - Fitz, the staff and the players
  17. As stupid as Rodgers is, I don’t think he’s THAT stupid when it comes to football at least. Missing a season and likely ending his career for a spoiler campaign for president would be comparable to what Mark Gastineau pulled.
  18. Why would it when you can’t even score on five minute majors?
  19. I mean I might take him over Jose Iglesias who seems to be slotted for the utility bench role but Stearns is prioritizing defense so I doubt he’d be a consideration
  20. Lemaire would say it but he’s got credibility and wasn’t part of the problem on the bench the way Green has been
  21. Good enough for the Eagles but not good enough for us to pay him or even play him full time smh
  22. I haven't been into spring training (I never usually am) but for some reason every time I look at a score it seems to be 1-0, 2-1, 3-1...I know teams want to get preseason games over with asap but geez those are examples of two-hour games that really don't have much action in them. At least it looks like we'll get the long-awaited return of Edwin Diaz. Can't say I'm too excited about anything else at this point, but all of us have been through the ringer as fans between last season's Mets, the current Devils and last NFL season.
  23. Cuts and free agency starting up soon...predictably they haven't signed or tagged Bryce Huff, typical. They haven't developed a pass rusher since John Abraham (who they also binned off), finally do and they draft Will McDonald to replace him because he's too expensive now. After all the money they threw around last offseason on Aaron Rodgers and junk, not to mention other expensive deals like John-Franklin Myers for mid-guys.
  24. I almost don't even care if Miller and Smith are here past the deadline, a likely 4th-5th round pick doesn't move the needle much and they kind of have to keep/bring in SOMEone to take minutes, they aren't literally going to play the Utica defensive core the last twenty games. Maybe trade one and keep the other, or trade them both and take someone's cap dump to fill the void till the end of the season.
  25. Wingers (who aren't physical) generally get a 2 and a 3 tops...my problem is taking the 2 in 2025. I mean really, you couldn't get a 2nd rounder this year? I don't buy the Fitz playing 4D chess angle (taking the 2025 pick because it's supposedly going to be a better draft), taking a likely low 2025 2nd rounder is underwhelming by any metric. If anything I'm worried he'll say something like we respect Tyler and worked with him to send him somewhere he wanted to go, he's already shown he let feelings get in the way at times.
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