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  1. Where the hell are those rumors coming from? I understand not wanting to trade with the Rangers or Flyers I suppose, I actually was in the minority that I liked that Lou 'rule' but who gives a flying fig about trading with Toronto or even Carolina in a season when you're cashing out on a playoff run? It's not like he hasn't given up rentals to conference teams before - sending Greene, Palmieri and Zajac to the Island for example.
  2. Yep there's literally nothing redeeming about this trade besides 'well he got something!' (and four whole hours before the deadline no less)...yeah a 2025 2nd, not even 2024. And the 50% retained really didn't seem to add jack squat to the value. Wouldn't shock me if Fitz says something to the effect of we wanted to send Tyler a place he wanted to go.
  3. So did I but considering the post didn't mention Lindy at all, maybe not
  4. So all Timo needed was to go back to his natural position and play on PP1? Who knew...
  5. The fact that Winnipeg doubled down on their core suggests Helle was never truly available. I'm not sure Saros is either judging by Trotz's reported ridiculous ask.
  6. The point at this point would be not to completely blow up the kids' confidence. Let Vitek and some retread eat the last twenty games of the season, they've already blown up Daws for a while.
  7. Yeah dude'll be 32 heading into FA, he's definitely wishcasting for a retirement deal.
  8. And Jack got trolled on social media by the Kings’ dopey mascot and their Twitter after they whipped us twice. A lot of crap out of context gets memed, if that was a one off it’d be one thing to give him a pass for a slightly out of context quote but he’s been ‘moody’ in general since mid-December and the first Ducks game where he was in whiner mode then, following that up with a couple of crucial giveaways against the Flyers two nights later. Now more people are seeing it because with the team doing worse people look for it, plus it’s naturally going to be worse at this point but his maturity (and the lack of accountability for it) has been an underlying issue for a while.
  9. Maybe they need a Sutter-like prick but I don't think coming in and stripping Elias 2.0 of the C will solve anything, I still don't think it really helped doing it to Elias. Put it this way, if Nico isn't the C on this team who exactly would you trust with it? MAYBE Bratt? At least that dude is actually playing up to signing his big deal but he's like Nico's little bro anyway.
  10. I just hope we're not gonna get to the point soon where we start thinking playing with each other is bad for them both...cause it seems like they (and being able to rule the roost) are bringing out the worst in each other
  11. I assume he plays more in the middle in open play, he just doesn't take faceoffs ever and he's not going to the rest of the season, this is obviously a health concession now that we've seen it under two coaches so people just have to accept Jack being on the wing is going to be the deal until our season's over and he gets shut down.
  12. It may be the first time he’s played an NHL schedule but he played like 65 games in the AHL last year, not like he crash dummied into a rookie wall like someone who played 30 or so games in college last year
  13. I've said this for a while going back to Fitz's offseason comments on Holtz last year...they obviously think he's a slacker and needs a boot up his ass constantly. Maybe they're right about that part of it, but it seems like such a rash miscarriage of justice that ONLY HE gets ragged for bullsh!t everyone else does a lot more often, including other younger players. Nemec getting benched while Luke plays on is just the latest example of selective enforcement. Like I get you want to come down harder on the people who aren't self-starters but you can't let everyone else off the damn hook entirely here. Especially when two of the biggest offenders of sloppiness and pouting will never be called out because of their last name.
  14. If the presser (and today’s lineup) proved anything today it’s that the Holtz treatment wasn’t solely Lindy
  15. Unless you’re Rob and Ryan rescuing a fifth tier club from insolvency all Yank owners get frowned on overseas lol
  16. That plus I don't assume his next hire will be his last one given his extension and the lassez-faire atitude of ownership toward the product on the ice. Sure they spend but do they really care about winning, or just about being relevant enough to sell tickets? Their track record with multiple teams suggest it's the latter.
  17. One I wish would be asked is why did you feel a guy who'd done such a poor job with the power play this year deserve a promotion?
  18. Until they banish him to Calgary in 48 hours anyway
  19. Lindy and his job security is holding us hostage, he doesn’t care about running Nico into the ground…gotta play the guy with the best chance to win today
  20. Eh I'd just rather my GM not be a total coward after hamming it up on every single podcast last year when things were going well disappearing this year in addition to all the other issues we have anyway. It's indicative of a top-down attitude of being afraid of accountability and answering tough questions.
  21. People can harp on our goalies till the cows come home but they’re not the reason we frequently make other crap goalies look great. Or the reason our coaching sucks. Or the reason we continue to play down to awful teams.
  22. Or if Blackwood didn’t do what Blackwood does and come up with yet another injury when he was probably going to stick it to us
  23. Finesse wings don't usually get a first. Grabner's the flash point for what Toffoli might get...we thought a 2 and Rykov was an overpay then lol (and to be fair ANYthing would have been an overpay with how Grabner did here).
  24. The tough thing with calling it personal is writers get to have opinions too, Chere once printed it’s time to show Lou the door, TG called us Mickey Mouse over the way we handled the blackout game. It’s easy to say ‘Novo made it personal’ but if Politi writes that are we saying it? Btw Novo also said in the article Lindy was respected in hockey and didn’t deserve to have fans calling for his job on a nightly basis so it wasn’t as personal as being made out. Where I’m surprised Novo went that far was referring to Fitz being in hiding. While I completely agree with that point, it does sound more fan blogosphere than news writer.
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