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  1. any chance you can tell which course it was? or north/south/or central jersey?
  2. Hi! I am 35, female and married, no kids. Live in Essex County. I love to cook & eat! work out, play tennis & swim, hiking & fishing, watch days of our lives. I have loved hockey since I was a kid. NJ Devils are my favorite team...and I absolutely LOVE Marty...Just one night !!! A girl can dream!!! I love the NY Giants, happy to have Manning & esctatic to have collins leave!! I dislike whiney weak women, left lane dicks. pretentious people and cigar smoke..I know I have seen Marty puffing on a stogie.
  3. Burnt Popcorn: Hate it, only like chocolate covered popcorn. Long Movie Trailers: Hate them. Chinese Food: I like..prefer to make my own Reality Shows: Like Overcooked Broccoli: Yes...with cheese 90 degrees: Love, no humidity & the beach 30 degrees: Love, with snow Chico: never saw the dvd Ketchup/Fries: Love Ketchup/Eggs: Love
  4. marty"n"me

    Is Calgary a fluke?

    It really doesn't matter if they are or not...At this point I really don't care who wins the cup JUST NOT PHILLY!!! Go Tampa..Bring them down !!
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