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  1. buddy i am loyal........this team just sucks so bad compared to what i grew up with. we would just dominate teams.... now we have to scrap and claw with the fvcking columbus blue jackets. stevens and niedermayer........forget about it. games were OVER after the first period.
  2. this season is a waste of my time. this is a horribly mediocre team. does lou lamoriello honestly believe that this team can win a stanley cup? look at this sh!t team.....its a joke. it seems lou is content in having one of those middling teams that makes the playoffs some years and promptly get bounced out, or scrapes and claws its way through the end of the year only to get eliminated from playoff contention after losing a deciding regular season game to the fvcking carolina hurricanes in some stupid anti-climatic playoff "push", after marty goddamn brodeur lets in a goal with 3.8 seconds left in the motherfvcking game. why we are keeping this piece of trash team afloat with guys like fvcking jaromir jagr or michael ryder? are you kidding me with this lou? jagr is a guy that the boston bruins acquire on their way to a stanley cup run. he should not be a team's leading motherfvcking scorer! and the worst part is it's not going to get any better! what do i have to look forward to next year? a solid young defense and a good goaltender, ok, yes.....where are the goals gonna come from lou?! this forward unit is pathetic group. there's no way that they can be counted on to score for sh!t. my question to lou is this: when did it become acceptable for you to ice mediocre teams that have NO chance in winning a stanley cup?
  3. DEVILS SIGN KRYS BARCH 2 year deal
  4. that's a great idea Patrik. how about this: sign Kovalchuk Elias for Kaberle thanks for your input.
  5. triumph's posts are one of the few reasons i still come to this board. don't hate on the greatness.
  6. i get why lou hopped on the nostalgia train and i believe that he has the right idea. if you're a young player on the team, you need to know that the guys you're playing with have gone through the playoff grind, have experienced the ups and downs, and have come out as champions. THAT's why its important to have vets. if all your vets have known is failure, than guess what? they're veteran failures. they're good at failing. what good is that type of vet experience? how do you think a young colin white felt knowing he had THE scott stevens on the ice backing him up? you know that you have a fvcking warrior on your team that would nail the sh!t out of shane willis with 40 seconds left in a decided game because you PLAY THE GAME TO THE LAST MINUTE. theres a crew of veterans on this team that has gotten used to failure. madden, pandolfo, even brodeur and elias to a certain extent. i still have faith in langenbrunner as a captain, and i know that parise is a hustler and he will be a great player for this team. but there's a culture of losing thats starting to creep into the team.
  7. the regular season is childs play for guys like niedermayer........i dont really give a sh!t if he plays to half of what he's capable of during the regular season, half a niedermayer is still better than the best of oduya.....and oduya is a great player. if you put niedermayer on this team next season, the devils are going to the conference finals, AT LEAST.
  8. if you have watched any of the ducks games this playoffs, you would know that niedermayer is still a spectacular player and well worth overpaying for. but it would take a miracle for him to sign in NJ.
  9. colin white and mike mottau were DIRECTLY responsible for two of the losses in this series.
  10. brylin18


    i hope he resigns, but he's just as likely to sign with the rangers.
  11. brylin18

    Contract Status

    i hope they don't resign madden. he's had his chance to take this team somewhere. there were years where he would be getting 20 minutes a night........thankfully those years are long gone. let zubrus slide down to the 3rd line.
  12. brylin18

    Game 4 thoughts

    goal or no goal, marty played like sh!t all game long. the guy couldn't handle a rebound to save his life. every shot had a big fat rebound just laying there. i don't get it. he used to be the BEST at rebound control, tonight he was terrible.
  13. brylin18

    piece of sh!t team

    of course it's difficult to judge this team now with all of the injuries, especially after things looked very promising at the beginning of the year with a full roster. but the vets on this team are playing like ass. madden and pandolfo seemed to have lost a step and its showed up as a terrible PK %. langenbrunner is just embarassing himself and sutter seems intent on letting him do so as much as possible. WHY is langenbrunner on the PK? WHY is langenbrunner still playing the point on the pp where he insists on only shooting when there is a player in front of him? even elias, while he's definitely been an offensive presence, seems to INSIST on trying to pass through opposing players. the team, as a whole, has probably the most blocked shots of all teams and, even though there isnt a stat for it, probably has the most blocked passes. this team generates turnovers but is probably the worst team in the league at actually converting on them or even getting a shot on net. i like the look of the team when it's healthy, but even then, this is not a stanley cup team. basically, if they don't at least make the finals this year, i'd say let madden walk. he's had his chance to get NJ another cup. he's been given ridiculous amounts of ice time and his line has been the face of the team for several years now.
  14. gionta is down low wherever he is.... YOINK!
  15. devils should target mara now.
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