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  1. Id like to see a black with fluorescent red logo and stripes like the stars with the green
  2. Hes a farooqin jagoff, wont miss the jagoff getups either.
  3. Doug Flutie put a shirt on please for the love of god
  4. Mine was Jarrod Skalde at #26 1989 And ill go with Konstantinov at #221 that year
  5. Amazing the Blues were dead last in the league this year.
  6. It is crazy how they seem to be finding ways to lose.
  7. They rave about Wood in the out of town broadcasts all the time.
  8. Would ve been nice to see zacha rewarded with some pp time.
  9. ringtwins

    Fire Hynes

    Well he certainly didnt make the team pathetically throw the puck around on that 5 on 3 like a bunch of prepubescent squires
  10. Looked a little like our tampa series last year at times, outmuscled. They have a good mixture of size and speed in CO.
  11. OMG i am crying at that jagr hair hahahahaahahaha
  12. Did i say "wilson"? I meant punch that knuckle dragger in the face.
  13. Someone on the Devils needs to "Wilson" that POS Kucherov next time they meet. That hit in the playoffs to Sami was unconscionable.
  14. That is so cool, why cant the Devils do something like this. Picking a local fan to be the mascot for the night. Well to be fair, philly IS grittier.
  15. Dirtiest ever , ha! D1ckhead Domi ring a bell? We once had a guy named Claude, sounds like the beginning of a limerick, he wasnt very nice to the opposing players.
  16. Scott Stevens coaching the rangirls, when hell freezes over! I dont think he would do that.
  17. Was hoping they could get out of the first only down one goal, with tampa at home and it being the first playoff game. The lightning were going to come out pushing. Two and then obviously the quick third were too much to overcome. Allllllmost had enough, lets get em saturday boys!
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