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  1. What a joke , we get these jerkoffs who want to suck a Lightning c0ck, and meanwhile Doc is calling the Bruin game.
  2. Been around alooooong time but just a pony poopy lurker here. But this forum and those posting here have been an incredible resource , with the knowledge that some here have, and a constant source of entertainment with the knowledge that some here lack. Bravo boys bravo. Oh and Lets Go Devils!
  3. Him and amonte in nhl 94 game on Playstation 1were unstoppable
  4. Thornton looks like a wizard, well, the kind with bird crap in his hair. Wow
  5. ringtwins

    Devils Wings

    We had them all the way
  6. Anything to see more toot toot goat with guns pictures
  7. Moses , jesus h christ! Get out much? Wtf
  8. Any thought on what Fehr would be looking for ?
  9. What does Eric Fehr look for in this years deal? 29 yr old 142 shots. Due a raise i suppose.
  10. why is kessel so fat? I mean ,my god man! in that tsn interview about phanuef ,he looks like one pot of honey short of winnie the pooh
  11. how such a professional organization, top to bottom, such as the devils, could have such a mediocre broadcast team, again top to bottom
  12. can someone score a farooquin goal please, blaming the goalie seems a little harsh.
  13. finally, I really tried to like the guy but some of his roster choices were just abysmal. not to mention his total lack of in-game changes. meh...
  14. patty in beast mode, kk stealing one, great night
  15. lets see what the kids got, maybe he can steal one tonight. cheers, keith!
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