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    Game Thread

    Two questions: Why does this team give up the blue line suddenly? Why doesn't Elias(or anyone on this team, besides Brylin)follow their shots in towards the net? <_<
  2. Well I guess the coaches might as well let 'er rip now, and get their five thousand worth.
  3. Colin White's development, in my mind, is in full bloom. He has looked great on both sides of the puck, and when he has the chance to punish a forward or two... Last night was no exception, I watched him closely and every move every decision was spot on. He has arrived. :wave:
  4. I like Gomez and Freisen with Newy because I think they have to "answer" to the veteran. I like the Elias line because he has to do more and he will, the Gionta goal bears that out. There was only one thing I did not like last night, Stevens being beaten like a rented mule on the Kiovu goal, other than that solid effort produces a solid win.
  5. The stats I've noticed are Newy, Brylin, and Gionta all minus players, but with the $hitty schedule my belief is that the Devils roster can't be compared with others just yet. Gomez, to me anyway(and I've watched every game), has looked fine. Maybe he needs to shoot more, perhaps?
  6. I know there are those out there who don't like or want him, but I'll take a 6'3" 212 lb. center right now, and he and Elias played great together. Dopita was put on waivers by the Oilers yesterday, we could pick him up for free. Thoughts?
  7. I'm sorry 22 goals last year, 30 before, 35 before that.
  8. He's been scratched and not happy about it. I'd take him. Not to say I'm unhappy with the Devils, but he scored thirty goals last year and he is a righty shot I believe.
  9. I am just noticing that with Guolla scoring a goal, he and Danton are in a tight race now.Before last night I would have given the nod to Danton over Guolla, however, Danton's penalties last night were stupid and the Lightning pretty much ignored him all night, what's that buzzing in my ear? I think Guolla has only had one penalty to go with that goal, so that race just got got a little tighter. Advantage Guolla.
  10. ringtwins

    Game On Center Ice

    I have Center Ice thru Comcast at my place in south Jersey, and have seen every game this year so far. Last year only a couple were not shown, but I complained and received my full refund of one dollar, that's all one game is worth they say, even though one of the games was at the end of the year against the Maple Laughs, A$$holick scored the game winner. I was reduced to listening to NHL Radio for that game. Anywho, this is all down at the shore not north Jersey.I will agree with the sentiment "Any Devil's game feed is better than none at all!"Amen Brother!
  11. Although Danton should know better than to talk to the media like this, ala Elias last year, Guolla, while not being terrible or anything, didn't show much last night. <_
  12. Well, they have played, it seems again this year, most likely the fewest games in the league so far. Look at the previously winless Crapalanche, does anyone think that team is going to be at the bottom of the Conference come playoff time?
  13. I'm sorry, when was the last time the Ranjerks did that?
  14. I brought him up because if the Devils trade it will most likely be from their position of depth, at the moment the defense. Thus if you deal one of the d-men, most likely one of the top d-men, I would like to see some type of defenseman in return. Niinimaa just being one of them. I personally would love to see Dopita here, paired with Elias, but this is all talk of course
  15. No-one saw Dopita play with Elias in the olympics? He's pretty big
  16. I loved his line last year, but so far Elias, Newy and Langer have shown not much,well, not enough anyway
  17. ringtwins

    Just A Thought

    What would it take to get Dopita and say, Niinnima(sp). Thoughts...?
  18. Well, since this is all pure conjecture Devils 87 Ottawa 0 <_
  19. Children, children am I gonna have to put you in time out?
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