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  1. no one is going to claim Larson? a little risky
  2. hell also grab some penaltys no doubt, so...
  3. apparently clowes dads table might have a few
  4. yes, but hes right we really are not expecting this nightly
  5. gomez signing? ha ha, this blows
  6. whoopsie winnipeg watch out out now!
  7. cmon boys! we are one shot away from getting in this!
  8. ringtwins

    Wild @ Devils

    ... AND Kinkaid shuts the door!
  9. He was on the puck, didnt really look for his linemates it seemed, par for the course for him
  10. Stale team is stale these lines suck and that fourth line is absolutely crap
  11. anyone know a way to stream tonight's game in hd?
  12. he seemed to get that team ready to play us, always a tough out.
  13. two games dont have me deciding one way or the other. to me, simply put, he has pushed alot of the wrong buttons this year, putting us into this predicament.
  14. bad team is bad finding ways to lose blech
  15. Well 11 in 21 out less goals
  16. I love the horn during penalty kill
  17. Varsity against the jv squad
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