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  1. 9 14 17 is not a good line combination
  2. I dont know which way to go in south jersey, crapcast center ice here is all standard def.(ugh) but i just dont know about the nhl streaming ,ie whether itll be blacked out alot, whether the streams are going to be jittery . Its a bit of cash either way so...hmmm...
  3. I like that he said "expected to score every game"
  4. He seems to enjoy posting like a jagoff
  5. That last part i imagined in bugs bunnys voice,lol
  6. ringtwins

    In defense of Lou

    I think, with Lou , we win or lose with solid, upstanding men. First, above all else.
  7. Id like to see carter up centering kovy myself someone to go get the the damn puck
  8. The mobile version for android lost the page choice after the thread title. Hard to scroll 81 next buttons to get to the last page.
  9. Man, whats to become of the kovy penalty?
  10. ringtwins

    CBA Talks

    When the paying customers find the labor practices of a particular entity to be abhorrent?
  11. How were his numbers against us this year in the playoffs ? Perhaps the coaching staff saw... something? I hope?maybe ?
  12. Is clarksons value as high as its ever going to be?
  13. Id settle for some more d to d passes in their own end , trying to always forward the puck results in some dicey turnovers
  14. O man that king in the interview basically"we knew they were ridiculously going to overpass to an otherwise useless number seventeen, so once we did that they were done. " that's so farooqin true
  15. I am guilty of thinking they would learn how to score on a good , read.flopping down onto the ice , down low goalie having beaten ny but...heres hoping they find it again
  16. Riding number seventeen so hard during the regular season has certainly not panned out
  17. How about Lou fvcking rockin it when all the doubters were calling for his head on a plate, we are not worthy Lou!
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