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  1. That's all true, oh and giroux looks like freggly all growed up, whistling
  2. ringtwins

    Bench Kovalchuk

    If he's injured , free zharkov
  3. Everyone seems to forget they made a rule up just to hinder his ability , the fvcken haters...don't get it.
  4. You guess? Hell yeah its been cream puff war out there , cmon boys get a little nastier. Please?
  5. Keep taking it to the paint and we will win this no problem
  6. When he played for us pretty much his moniker , at least for me was Scott,give up three goals a game ,clemmenson
  7. I'm stoked , but a little concerned about being able to watch the first round. :-(
  8. He apparently doesn't like being with elias and sykora , I don't like him there either.
  9. Wait till the end of the game? Generous, sheesh the guys won cups for us, remember?
  10. We cannot win when it counts with this abysmal powerplay
  11. If nash goes...does nash go? Does he go?wink wink nudge nudge say no more
  12. Damn he didn't just kinda hit it, almost center of the hood.
  13. Two comments , very patient game by the boys tonight, also , harrold looked solid, albeit small sample size.
  14. I wanted bryz as a backup when he was on waivers, now,not so much
  15. I just read the forum using mobile setting, no sigs.
  16. Someone's going to win the cup, or could, with a play like that? Garbage. It's easy , puck touches a skate, no goal.
  17. Jesus just roll regular lines on the powerplay, they're terrible
  18. Zharkov is certainly better than #22 or #25, and I would rather he be up here than those two " stuck in my own end" farooqin pylons
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