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  1. You mean as in "schenn got Kovy-ied"? Jk
  2. ringtwins

    Dainius Zubrus

    He's the only guy to show the f up in some of those playoff games
  3. Why can't we use regular line combinations on the pp like pat burns did , it can't be worse
  4. Can we just do what coach burns used to, and roll regular lines during the pp, can't be worse
  5. It's also funny that they're fags
  6. That is a farooqin bad call on urbom, he and downie were battling
  7. A little off topic, whatever happened to the luongo contract "investigation"?
  8. I don't know, I think they could come back against the senators Re. Greene, Tao anyone?
  9. A B C D , ugh how inventive
  10. Amen, he needs to be on the sideboards, that shot from the circle is lethal
  11. Um, your ass looks mighty fine in them jeans boy?
  12. If they don't want the puck they can give it away
  13. PATRIK NOOOOOOOOOOO Whew, he's back
  14. I'm sitting here saying " don't let the pass across, don't let the pass across " and Andy lets the pass across, facepalm Isn't that some kind of basic hockey knowledge? On the two on one goalie takes the shooter, d DOESNT let the pass across?
  15. Is that how they practice the pp, sheesh its bad, far to static, again
  16. Is there a list somewhere that shows where we stand on powerplays over a season, let's say over the last five years? We are dead last so far this season...
  17. How COULD have briere been "more" stopped exactly? He stopped.
  18. Why can noone ever stop the lead attacking forward in the nuetral zone, ever?
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