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  1. Hmmm, sounds just like Pittsburgh before Malkin/Crosby...
  2. Anywhere in Texas is good for BBQ. Lockhart is the best
  3. Schadenfreude... Be careful...just sayin'
  4. The 18 wheeler flat bed truck is VERY important...
  5. Correct sir. *careful-you'll still burn your fingers ;-) You switch because they know you had the wrong choice in the first place.(your first choice was wrong). Riddle #3 A building in the desert. 300 miles from anywhere (in all directions) This building is 50 feet high, 50 feet deep and 50 feet wide. Inside the building is a metal beam 45 feet off the ground spanning wall to wall horizontally. ( five feet off the ceiling) Hanging from the beam is a six feet piece of rope attached to it is a 36"x36"x36" box (inside is gold) The box stands 36' off the ground. There is only one door that is a standard 78"x30" to get inside the building (there are no windows) The roof is as flat as the walls forming a prefect 50'x50' cube. Outside is a flatbed 18 wheeler truck~there is nothing on the bed of the truck. There are no ladders~only one man put the box where it is. All that remains below the box on the ground is a pool of water about 2 inches deep. How did one man get that box 36' above his head and tie it to the beam with no ladders and no help... Reason for edit~~~bad math.
  6. Correct sir. PS. I have nothing against Parise. I've been a Devils fan for a long time, and I'm sick and tired of our franchise losing top class players for nothing (through UFA). It's a long time since that we got some good assets in return instead of losing them for nothing. Riddle # 2 There are three light switches in a three storey house marked A-B-C, two are up, one is down. On the top floor there are three light bulbs in rooms 1-2-3. Two are on, one is off. You can only go upstairs once, to see what bulbs are on. You have only one attempt at one switch (up or down) to figure out what switches control which light bulb(s). Once you've switched a switch, you go back upstairs to figure out which switch controls which light bulb...
  7. A man turns left three times to get home, When he gets home there are two men waiting for him, Both of the men wear masks........... Who are the men?
  8. Oh, so that means he's innocent. Oh, so that means he's guilty. No questions huh... If you are not too young, OJ Simpson was found "not guilty" of murdering two people, yet in a civil case got crushed. Wake up man... For your own sake...
  9. You should be...........for following a NY team...............
  10. Gretzky, nah too much of a Mickey Mouse player when defense was deemed illegal by the NHL. Howe? nah, cheap shot artist who hated being hit. Orr. good choice, didn't last long enough. David Hale ftw
  11. Sammy K will help you there, along with Rowdy. Well deserved and far more deserving than the others elected in. "By a country mile".
  12. Well, when somebody says I friggin hate the Mexicans... Now if he'd have said, I hate the Mexican national team.... Clarification would have been wiser. But I'm not fooled
  13. I don't think he "lost" the gig per se. I think he stepped down. Eaglejelly will know more. Nice move from US soccer. Now they have a man in charge who knows football (soccer) unlike the last coach.
  14. For sure Colin. I think the only stats they look for in jail are poke checks and butt endings...
  15. http://www.cnn.com/2011/SHOWBIZ/celebrity.news.gossip/07/23/amy.winehouse.dies/index.html?hpt=hp_c1 What a shame. Regardless of her demons she had a terrific voice. RIP Amy :-(
  16. Yes. Did they steal half "your" country? Did they not allow you to go to college because of the color of your skin? Did they feel intimidated by the language you speak because they didn't understand it? Did they arrest you and harass you because you were "different" from them? Did they despise you because they thought you were "inferior" to them? We cannot judge an entire race/population of a country/region because of the actions of a few. Do you know what manifest destiny means? This belongs in the political thread.
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