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  1. This fish stinks from the head down. Time to go Hynes.
  2. Matt seems like a genuinely good hearted guy and a he's real ambassador for the Devils....But his voice and mannerisms absolutely make me cringe as well. I was totally fine with the radio gig but since he's started to M.C. these events I've really felt he's what's making some of these things feel somewhat second tier. Also when Marty was mentioning that we're coming out of the "lean" years and Matt interjected with something like, "Well it was no coincidence that's when you retired" was kind of uncomfortable. I'm sure his next interview with Cory will be pleasant.
  3. This is fairly accurate. 3AM special Also.....English Muffins should not be part of this conversation. Bagel (preferably everything)or Roll. Wrapped for at least 3-4 mins in foil/paper.
  4. Team Taylor ham. People who call it pork roll on the regular are probably fans of Case's. I'm not passing judgement...but they're wrong.
  5. Sooooo....Michael Froliks wikipedia page has him as a Devil.
  6. Yea I think I'm in that camp as well. I'm surprised I haven't seen his name floating around more as a desirable option.
  7. What do you guys think the interest will be for Zuccarello? Any fit for the Devils?
  8. Was it between keeping him or Peter Harold?
  9. Speaking of this...Any chance the Wild are stupid enough to send out Paris Er..the the former #9 wearer to do the ceremonial face off?
  10. If you look at any kind of social media for some of our newest players, they're always in NYC and are definitely soaking in the "New York Experience". It does kind of irk me a little but hey that's part of the draw and so be it. I seem to remember back in the day you used to hear about Lou pitching the players on the great suburbs and schools in NJ and how it was a great place to play and start a family. Seemingly later on the Devils embraced Jersey City and Hoboken as the pitch for the guys coming to the area and that playing for NJ would give you the NY experience lite.
  11. Mmmm scotchy scotch scotch. I'm with you on your Macallan selection. Especially that sweet sweet 18. I also enjoy The Balvenie 15 quite a bit. I'll never turn down a good scotch. Seems like your like me and stick to JW for the blended. Rocks or neat with a splash LGD.... Time for a drink
  12. https://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie/status/907232936675684357 6 years...
  13. This seems to be a huge reason they drafted this kid. Besides his physical hockey abilities and acumen, the staff has gone out of their way to praise his personality and potential leadership abilities on and off the ice. I remember seeing a video the Devils posted before the draft which highlighted the personality tests that they put these kids through. They went on at length about how the tests would give a great indication as to how the player would fit in to the organization and how they would handle themselves as a pro. I will admit I was originally a Patrick guy but I have been increasingly ecstatic about having Nico now instead because of these reasons. It may very well be me looking at it through Devils red glasses, but I have felt that Patrick seemingly comes across as indifferent and kind of cold. Not to say he won't be a fantastic player, but the Devils needed more than that. They needed a top player who would give this team like-ability and personality. So far they seem to have found that in Nico and some of the other young kids and I'm excited about their potential.
  14. I was in Prague on a little Euro tour. Extremely heartbreaking. We didn't have much internet access, so we hadn't seen the news but that night we came across a big memorial in Old Town Square and stayed with everyone there for a couple hours.
  15. Hey man! I live in Union City! Definitely better off heading to downtown Jersey City or Hoboken to watch the games as there aren't a lot of sports bars in Union City itself. It's a very short Uber ride to most places in either town especially if you're south of the Lincoln tunnel. If you do go to Hoboken, Texas Arizona is a pretty good spot for Devils games. At least from what I've heard the owner is a Devils supporter and I think he had some connection with Brodeur. Also, Hoboken might be a bit easier to do some bar hopping if that's your interest. Cheers!
  16. I read this and immediately thought back to Daneyko's article on Lou. In there he said something about how he knew from early on when Lou got there that if you played his way and played your roll to his standards, you would be taken care of. And I think that extended beyond the contracts. Lou constantly brought in family members of players on the big club that seemingly weren't there to be real depth or developing players for Albany etc. There's something about that mentality that I will miss, but I understand why it can't be that way anymore. Re: Sal This article, for me, shad shed light on why he was chosen for the Captaincy. As a player I can't say i was ever all that supportive of him, but he's obviously a very quality person and that IS easy to get behind. He will be an excellent ambassador for the Devils and hockey in NJ and I"m very happy his priority is to stay with the organization and in the area.
  17. It was the right move at the right time. If the Devils were staring down the barrel of a Marty swan song and there were no viable goalie in the system to replace him, that would be a very scary thought. I think Lou knows this team is bad and that's why he's behind the bench. I think PDB knew this team was bad. I think that the Devils players know they're a bad team. Now call me an idiot for speculating, but I just don't see how all of this is Lou and PDB's fault. I really believe that the previous ownership situation seriously handcuffed this franchise and we're still feeling the effects. This team lost a massive amount of productivity when Zach, Clarky, and Kovy left. I sincerely think that Vanderbeek's deteriorating financial situation and his persistence on re-signing Kovy are huge reasons Lou didn't extend his top FA's. He made knee jerk reaction signings as he has in the past and they simply failed. But I simply do not believe Lou didn't kick tires or make offers on better free agents than the likes of Michael Ryder, Olez, Brunner, etc. I think the pool was dry and we're just simply not an attractive team to FA's. Hopefully we're sellers at the deadline and we can stock up on picks for a re-build. It's already happening I think. Lou is building from goal out. Next step, useful forwards.
  18. My two favorite things that KK brings and that Cory does not seem to be comfortable with are an active glove that seems to allow him to control the tempo of the game a bit, and a (comparatively) decent ability to play the puck. I know Cory's numbers are good and his results are more a product of no goal support, but I think KK's style is more complimentary to this Devils team. They are old, they are slow, and they don't clean up well around the net. By the eye test, I think Kinkaids glove has really helped the team in the games he's started. Also, and again I'm just speculating, he seems to have great rebound control and does a great job cradling pucks when they're shot at the body. I'm no Cory hater by any means; I really think he's a terrific puck stopper, but I really hope KK can keep this up and demand more starts.
  19. This makes me happy. I like SNA, but that "Let's Go Devils" chant, I think, sounds so cheap and terrible, especially on TV. Even when I'm fortunate enough to get to games, I hate the way the chant sounds inside the arena as well. And I know this is random, and maybe it's just me, but does anyone notice that the cadance for the "Mar-ty" or "Co-ry" chants that they play seems slower this year? I feel like it makes the chants sound laborious.
  20. I think Marty will get the start. Granted, I haven't watched much of the B's this year, but they always were a gritty, heavy forecheck team. I would think that with Marty they have a better option to move the puck out of the zone quickly on dump ins.
  21. I'm not sure how to say this in a more technical way, but to me it seems as if this system will ALWAYS yield high puck possession numbers. However most of the Devils time of possession and offensive zone time will come from cycling low along the boards and waiting for something to open up towards the middle, or moving the puck back up top for a point shot. Granted, those shots will get through sometimes, but without a defenceman with a big shot from the point it will never have to be respected by the opposition. And the way this team cycles hasn't (I include last season) produced a ton of QUALITY chances for these guys. Also, when you don't have a pest like Voldermort hanging out and able to cause havoc in front of the net, it becomes tough to get screens in front. All that being said, I think there are two or three chances for the Devils in this one that , if they had capitalized, could have turned the game around (I'm already tired of thinking this). So, I'll chalk up Zid's and Henrique's inability to lift the puck to first game jitters/not playing for a few days. If they go out and score a bit tonight, this is all forgotten and hopefully I can un-jumble all the thoughts in my head.
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