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  1. Cammy Zajac Jagr Zubrus Elias Havlat Clowe Henrique Ryder Brunner JJ Ruutu Merrill Greene Larsson Gelinas Zidlicky Salvador
  2. Another video from the fight last night in philly
  3. Hey guys just a quick update. Guys over at Reddit made a VLC script to have all the stream. HD quality and no blackouts! http://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/1nivfl/rhockey_vlc_hockey_streams_setup_tutorial/
  4. I am not an expert with hosting, but I do know enough to get a forum online, but why do you need a VPS? what is the reason you can't get a webhosting lets say from godaddy. I am not trying to an as, but more of me trying to learn how.
  5. Where do you host this site? you should be making a profit not in the red. I suspect you're paying too much for a not a great server. You shouldn't have to limit features under heavy load if its a good sever. I try and use the amazon link as much can
  6. Room to sign zid? Wish we could of got like a draft pick in the deal. Tali is a good D, good deal for the sabers. Devils just unloading money
  7. I can't find career stats for the new three in shootouts. If devils had maybe a few go the other way last year it could of ment playoffs. That was one part of the game we need to improve on. Overall I like all the deals and I kinda hope we see clowe and zubs on the same line. Would be a big line for teams to match up too.
  8. would love to see the rangers get screwed with an 2 big offer sheets to McDonagh and Stephn. Ahh that would be awesome
  9. This is my thought. Hes got a tight wrist shot and likes to let it rip Hes been a pretty good offensive player over his career. Look up his stats, hes done pretty good and he could come cheap.
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