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  1. I like how the Rangers tried to build themselves another all-star team to win a Cup, whereas the Devils have actually been putting the components together for an all-around solid team. That's one concept the Rangers never seem to be able to grasp for some reason. You can't throw the best players and the biggest egos together and throw it against the wall and expect it to stick. Asham, along with our other signings and our new coach, show that the Devils continue to stay devoted to remaining a solid team throughout. That's what won them 3 Cups. And it's why come Sept., everyone will be talking about how much the Devils are going to suck, and it's why come April, they'll still be in the running for the Atlantic Division.
  2. I really liked McGillis, though. I thought he was one of the Devils' better signings in... well, I'd say easily in the last 5 years or so!
  3. Where was Moran last year? His stats say he played one game.... was he injured?
  4. Really.... I can't believe I didn't notice that... Sorry for the extra post, then!
  5. I was looking on Yahoo! Sports this morning (not the most reliable source for NHL info), and noticed this: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/1290 Well, actually, I noticed in the Transaction section that the Devils signed Ian Moran. Did this happen a long time ago and I just didn't notice? Or is this recent? Or is Yahoo! wrong? I keep up with the Devils' signings, and would like to think that I didn't miss something as notable as our acquiring a new defenseman.
  6. Totally.... When are the marketing geniuses going to realize that the cartoon look is just plain awful. They should be thinking more along the lines of the traditional Original Six designs, or they should go for more simplistic designs, because they end up looking far nicer. The Devils, for example. Nothing flashy, pretty straightforward. I don't want the cartoon devil on the jersey. You don't need it.
  7. I always thought a cool third jersey would be a black one, with the same logo/highlights as their other jerseys.
  8. Uniform uniforms. Uniform websites. Gary Bettman isn't one for individuality, now is he?
  9. Are they for-sure top-5 picks, though? If that's not guaranteed, then you have to ask if the risk is worth the reward. It's nice to think you might get Tavares, but it's another thing to take the chance and not get him.
  10. After seeing the nonsense with EDM and Vanek this past week, don't you think Lou would want to wrap up Parise A.S.A.P., rather than have to match what will most likely be a ridiculous offer sheet from Lowe?
  11. I'd rather have Souray than Rachunek. However, it's all a matter of money. If they are going to overpay Souray to the point where they will end up losing Parise, or be unable to sign their young talent down the road, then it is not worth it. I'm sure that is part of why Lou hasn't signed him by now.
  12. Lowe's douche move yesterday didn't help the Souray deal. Now, all Lou has to do is sign Souray and EDM will probably lob a sky-high offer sheet at Parise. Which, while understanding EDM is desperate, is a really sh!tty thing to do. Yeah, it's within the rules, but it would show a great lack of class and respect on Lowe's part. Maybe sean has it right... Maybe the Souray deal is done/almost done, and Lou is waiting to announce a couple of signings at once, so as to make sure EDM does not try to steal Parise from us.
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