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  1. hehe, planned to participate in the draft but for some reason didnt make it. I had a list of 3 players that i wanted to keep an eye on in ekman larsson, paajarvi svensson and hall. the plan was to have one of them as a wild card but when i wasnt there i ended up with all 3 of them, probably a great deal earlier than i would have needed to pick one of them should be an interesting year, as i seem to be ok at center and in goal
  2. thanks, too bad dont think im willing to stay up and listen to the radio for a 2am start preseason game though
  3. easy, better job and a language that actually can be understood + i wasnt too sure i could survive another long cold winter. wanted to try central europe for awhile, and got a good offer from a fast growing company. dudesons are great though and their command of english is pretty much how most people speak it there
  4. so shortterm good, but can prove to be a problem in a month or 2.
  5. wait, so we are playing with half the team, its preseason and people are worrying about the pp already? with any luck we wont need a clicking pp until april. plenty of time for oates to work his magic
  6. no problem. pk, i just moved from finland to the netherlands and it seems i indeed will have time to post more from now on
  7. so thats probably 5am... or 4am for me how long does a draft take normally?
  8. that's actually to shoot, to shoot... instead its skjuuuut, skjuuuut with a prononciation of something like shhhhhut (as if you would shysh someone)
  9. all these rumors coming through twitter and the all is killing me, there is just too much information and pointless opinions to wade through the noice. Anyone knows if NHL usually "approves" contracts or just registers them?
  10. Thanks for the invite even though i dont post here that much anymore No autodraft for me this time, really made last season difficult.
  11. Dont know what's worst devils getting completely dominated listening to the flyers feed (what are these guys on anyway?!?) having to get to work in 3 hours... i sure hope this is a win.
  12. those philly announcers are horrible.
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