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  1. My Girlfriends Vlogs

    my girlfriend has a little successful YouTube vlog series going, and i thought id show you guys the vlog about an old couple that yelled at us because i talked a little during a movie (White House Down. GREAT MOVIE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpBzpZVGgl0
  2. this could be what Kinkaid needs to come up as Cory's backup. If Marty goes, Kinkaid comes up to NJ, Wedgewood becomes Albany starter, and Maxime Clermont can get called up to back Wedgewood up. As much as i'd hate to see Marty go, its time to move on.
  3. Patrik Elias

    In my personal opinion, Patrik Elias is the greatest Devil in the history of the franchise. putting up nearly 1,000 points all for a defense first team? if he had played for say Pittsburgh or Detroit he'd have passed Wayne Gretzky by now. i look up to Elias, and i call him Saint Patrik. i will say that in Denver, i will say it in Montreal, they will say "Roy?" i will say "NO! Elias!". some say "nah marty is the best". well i stand by Patrik and i hope he gets into the HHOF. PS miss me? lol i haven't posted on here in a while
  4. Patrik Elias

    Patrik Elias IS the new Mr. Devil. no question
  5. Want to see my reaction to KovalSUCK leaving?!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehxTdWXj2pI and hes playing for SKA St Petersburg and making 20. MILLION. A. GOD DAMN SEASON. thats more than we paid him!!! drink the pain away. *ill do it with soda*
  6. Want to see my reaction to KovalSUCK leaving?!

    glad you guys enjoyed my rant. ill be doing hockey and sports rants and vlogs every week. every other week it will be a dedicated New Jersey Devils vlog so subscribe! more to come.
  7. Hello Devils Army!

    i only recently discovered this forum, and im happy i did. I love the chance to mingle with fellow fans! anyway, introduce yourself: ahem, Ive been a Devils fan since i was born in 95, and ive always supported us through bad and good. I put up Devils fatheads everywhere in my house, and I have been to 10 Devils games (most recently 2006 playoffs), and they never lose when i attend a game. I haven't attended a game in so long because i moved to Southern New York in 2006, so i really havent been able to make the trek to Newark. Thank GOD for MSG+. I have received a letter personally signed by GM Lou Lamierello congratulating me on my Eagle Scout rank, and i've gotten quite a few autographs over the years, but the personal signature of Martin Brodeur and Patrik Elias still elude me. my favorite Devil: tie between Marty and Elias. favorite cup year: 2000 favorite Stevens hit: LINDROS who i think should be captain: Elias no question. what i wish the Devils would do: retire the 30 and 26 as soon as they retire from the game. i can tell im gonna have fun on this forum!
  8. My Girlfriends Vlogs

    i would be whispering during the movie, because since it was a political movie i would occasionally spout a few facts. its how i am. and you think i've been a good addition to the boards?
  9. My Girlfriends Vlogs

  10. Anthony Brodeur drafted by NJ

    passing of the torch?
  11. Brodeur on the cover of NHL14 !!!

    looks like my incalculable amount of voting paid off
  12. Calgary Underwater

    the house by the river was in Athens. the put it on stilts so that they could make dirt berms to raise the floodbank.
  13. Calgary Underwater

    i live on a border town in NY right by the Susquehanna river and have been through the floods of '06 and 2011. i got family that lives in a house that is literally right on the river bank.
  14. Anthony Brodeur signs with Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL)

    and then hell pull a Bobrovsky. suck for the Flyers, get traded somewhere else (to the Devils) where he has a Vezina season to start!
  15. Anthony Brodeur signs with Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL)

    hes one of the top 5 goalies in the high school national rankings. but then again thats not including the canadian leagues which would definitely put him down to about 40
  16. Who is your significant other?

    this is a thread where you can show your better half and maybe talk about them a bit. this is my girlfriend Sabrina.
  17. Anthony Brodeur signs with Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL)

    i wouldve pictured him going to Sault St Marie. best of luck to him! im friends with him on Facebook.
  18. Vanderbeek misses interest payment per Kosman

    im just scared that the Devils will have to move because of all this financial sh!t.
  19. new conference names?

    i still think that they should name at least a division after Marty. New Jersey Devils 2014-2015 Brodeur Division Champions. i like that.
  20. Father's Day!!

    happy fathers day to all the fathers here on the forums! and if you're not yet a father, like me, wish your dads a happy fathers day! take them fishing, hunting, to a hockey game, whatever! put up pictures with you and your dad/your kids!
  21. new conference names?

    Eastern Conference should be the Brodeur Conference. Western should be the Howe Conference
  22. The Three Stooges

    i mean the CLASSIC Stooges. i loved the 2012 movie, but you cant top the originals: MOE, LARRY, and CURLY!!! are you a Stooge? post here to discuss and share laughs on your favorite Stooges moments! and remember, we've been using these tools for the last ten years! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
  23. The Three Stooges

    gentlemen! Who came in?
  24. Brodeur on the cover of NHL14 !!!

    i want. so very much want
  25. ive dived off bridges about that high, then again it was short cord bungee.