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  1. Do they have the sound on? Thats key.
  2. Do you remember the name of that Canadian bar near Bryant Park? I'm trying to look it up but can't find it.
  3. You think there will be a lot of Ranger fans there? Obviously there will be some but I am looking for a place that would give me as close to a neutral/pro-Devil crowd as possible in NYC.
  4. Any suggestions for a NYC location to watch Game 3? I know it will be a lot tougher to find a place with a least a couple Devils fans considering its the weekend but let me know if any of you are planning on watching somewhere in the city. I might just make the trek to Hoboken...
  5. Sounds like the best bet. They will have a table for a group of 6 to sit at right? I haven't been there and I was trying to look on their website but it wasn't that clear.
  6. Anyone heading to Hoboken on Saturday for the game? If so, whats the best bar with the least Rag fans?
  7. Did anyone end up watching the game in NYC last night? If so, where?
  8. I am looking for a bar in Hoboken to watch Game 3 on Saturday where I can sit down at a table with about 6 friends and enjoy the game, hopefully with other Devil fans. Any suggestions? I know Texas Arizona has been the official/unofficial viewing party location in Hoboken. I've only walked by there at night so I'm not really sure if they have tables, etc. Has anyone been to Hoboken Bar and Grill? I've heard ownership there has some type of relationship with the Devils but I haven't talked to anyone who has watched a game there. I'm looking for a good/pro-Devils atmosphere if possible. Any other places that might be better or is that my best bet?
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