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  1. I'll be in attendance. Let's Go Devils! C'Mon Moose!
  2. My roommate works in events for the TD Garden. The Devils will be in Boston on 1/29 and again sometime in April. (He couldn't remember the exact date). I'll definitely be in attendance to root the boys on!
  3. All of that's right, but the difficult part of the decision is WHERE he's going to have all of those things you listed, not whether or not he gets to have them. Regardless of all the perks, you're still going to be living somewhere and, all else being equal, you may as well like that place and all the things it has to offer. Nobody's saying he's chosing between a rock and a hard place. He's an extremely fortunate man regardless of whatever he chooses, but choosing between a few really great things doesn't make it an easy decision and it's one that will have a large impact on the rest of his li
  4. Or, after looking at all these other places, maybe he decides that he prefers what NJ has to offer, but he's being thorough in the biggest decision of his life regardless... (not saying he stays, but I don't think the amount of time is any indication for or against whatsoever).
  5. I'm not sure why people are acting like this has dragged on a long time. Free agency began on Sunday. It's still only Tuesday.
  6. @dshoalts: Zach Parise: I'm getting closer but haven't made a decision. I haven't set and deadlines.
  7. That was "partying it up"? Looked like a bunch of unhappy people in suits. Apparently going outdoors is frowned upon when you lose.
  8. Can't focus at all at work today. Game time can't get hear soon enough. Let's go Devils! Two goals from Parise, tonight. Bring it back to the Rock!
  9. I think Josefson finally finds the back of the net, tonight. Let's go Devils!
  10. As a Northeastern alum, I was hoping Thiessen would eventually get a shot.
  11. Moose has played 2 periods in the last 2 months and none in the last 46 days. Why would you put him in there in a must-win game when Marty has been very good?
  12. They just changed the goal to Volchy. Way to go A-Train!
  13. It felt like that shot by Zubrus where Quick made the glove save energized this team. They've looked completely different since that point.
  14. Can't allow goals like that when you're going up against Quick. No way Marty should have let that one in.
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