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  1. If you have a parise jersey you can romove the patches/name plate in about a hour.I just did mine only one small hole from rushing.Put the jersey inside out and remove the small sowing strings by using tweezers.p.s just be careful when pulling and snapping the threads not to have the jersey.
  2. If she still has a job i would be shocked!!
  3. It feels like months ago the game 6 win over the Rangers....
  4. the Devils look more like the Albany devils AHL like
  5. It's now or never tonight...lgd!!!
  6. Apparently beating the rangers was the cup,please nj make me eat this statement!
  7. The devils lost this game,la did not win it...what a waste!!
  8. La has never won the cup^??^^.....let's keep it this way!
  9. #9Delieve


    Gamae 4 vs the panthers I received a red alert towel(4 nothing win).so i carry the towel around in big spots suck as game 6 ot,game 7 out,a few flyers games and game 6 vs the rags.to make things short the towel is undefeated!! Stupid smart phone auto correct^^^^.....go devils
  10. This game makes up for game3 when we dominated and lost!
  11. It is a elimination game.a.not winning 3 in a row against lunksh!t b.not winning 2 in ny and c.ny has never lost a game 7 at home
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