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  1. The 1994 sh!t is old already. . . pretty soon it will rank up there with "I used to walk to school in the snow for miles" bit. *Yawn* Rags fans are just petty sore bitches and Torts is an asswipe.
  2. Thanks thelastonealive for posting this, that damn HF thread was the funniest sh!t I've seen in ages--several nights I went to bed with my gut hurting because I was laughing my ass off. Gotta say the Sad Stu and Drew Doughty/"Doty" posts were the funniest. Some major talent there!
  3. Samm-eeee! Whassup?

  4. For you or Scotty? I'll have to read through this, I see there are some hunting stories. . .
  5. Zamode

    Ex Flyers

    Try not to drop it. . .
  6. This has Photoshop written all over it!
  7. Funky ending but a great run and lots of coulda-shoulda-woulda. . . shortchanging the Philth and Rags are happy accomplishments in themselves. Refs suck profusely but it's also a team effort. Disappointing ending but plenty to be proud of still. Poser fans out in LA don't even know to boo Bettman. Get Parise signed and wait for October.
  8. Hey lady Will PM you back when things are up and running. . . or email. Yep, last Cup run was a memory I will always treasure. The WeeOne is trying to scarf my gold logo charm, ain't happenin'! Will be in touch. . . Maybe the refs' orange bands could go around their necks with a string attached. . .questionable call, they get a yank. It'd be like ball dunking at local carnivals! (<--I have missed this dude as well)
  9. Linesmen that get the hell out of the way would be good, too. . . .
  10. Dear Lord, nothing has changed!
  11. Zamode

    2010-2011 Schedule

    Why are most of the matinee games Philth games? I can't take my kid to her first game around those scumbags? Flyers or Isles. . . sheesh.
  12. I'm a-lurkin' sister! Arnott has to put out up some numbers, the game always is first! Decent numbers from last year so we'll see what happens but I'm not expecting miracles. I agree, he will be warmly welcomed unless he doesn't do anything in which case the fans will be willing to help him pack. <---- For what it's worth, ugly Claude will always be my #1 Devil. Proceed. . . .
  13. I thought it was a very good series and sure as hell am happy for Chicago and Hossa and icing on the cake on Philthy ice, sweet. The game winning call, pllbbttt. . .too bad. Roenick in tears, an added bonus.
  14. My sentiments as well! http://www.yesbutnobutyes.com/archives/2010/05/about_that_lost.html I have some thoughts, too when I have some time but I liked it. It wasn't what I expected, left alot out and I think in some ways it was a bit of s scam by the writers but overall, it was a character study and that's how it ended but according to Jack, it was his story.
  15. That's it Vincent! You know I sat here thinking, what was the dog's name. . .where in the hell did I get Quincy?? Yeah, fatty yellow Vincent.
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