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  1. I don't have to like him and I don't. All I care about is that he does well and yes he's been okay so far. If it is my opinion to think that way and that is the way it's going to stay. Derek I don't need to take it up with the organization--I never said he wasn't "worthy" or anything like that to wear #22. You didn't like Graves number being given away if I am correct. Claude was/is my favorite Devil and all I am saying is that all they have in common is a number and the fact they get under guys' skins. I hope the punk does very well, just as well as Calude if not better. I'll be glad for any contributions to the team but I still don't have to like him.
  2. Unfocused, PK....? Hhmmm... you know he does that squinty blinking eye thing, maybe he was out of sorts with the lenses..... (let's hope)
  3. Zamode

    Sad But True

    It may be unrelated as Sue originally posted but any team needs time to readjust especially if there are new coaches/lines/players, etc. Primarily, you should know better because none of us give a rat's ass about those overblown moneybags across the river; we hope with Bure and Jellybrains that they still suck as badly. (hey, now what did you expect?)
  4. Thanks for sharing them--first fight pic was the best!
  5. Puck that may be kind of true but Claude never caused dissention with the team/organization. He may have been a pain on the ice but something about PunkAssJeffersonDanton is not sitting well with me, as it isn't with M. If he thinks he can put on #22 and chase after whomever he wants to try to make himself look like a tough guy without completely concentrating on the puck, as opposed to who he thinks he can try to mow dow, then he is mistaken. Time will tell.
  6. I know what you meant, DM JD needs to grow on me, though, I am wary of the little scheister....Claude still is my favorite Devil, though. Where is MaddDog to put her fond sentiments of #22 here?
  7. Technically....and he has the same number but you cannot compare PunkJeffersonDanton to Claude
  8. I would have liked Claude to retire here but that's it for him, I doubt we'll see him here before then.
  9. Zamode

    Lindros Suspended

    Lindros should know better, as SBT said. The dumb son of a bitch needs to get cracked again and put out of the game for good.
  10. Can you post the +/- for this wonderful debacle?
  11. Passing was crappy, though, they need to work on that. Where was Langy again? He's MIA...I think he should come off 1st and put Gionta there. Expect alot from Elias this year. Punk ass gets his first goal! Keep your mind on the biscuit and not kicking somebody's ass and you might stay here. Brylin was good as he almost always is, an underrated player. No Baumann was golden.
  12. Zamode


    Freakin' A people, it's only been one lousy ass game! New coach, new guys, new lines, ain't skated in a game in 6 months. Give it time! I think the Devils can do well this year but there were hardly any changes and I hate to sound negative but I don't see Oleg or Friesen carrying the team to new heights (meaning past Round One). Give time to gel.
  13. DM I assume the rankings are the same, not that it matters?
  14. Is the Puking Pumpkin available for me when things get "rough" (=when the team is stinkin')?
  15. Amen, Has! When I first looked at this thread title, I thought it said "Board Fags" and not "Board Faqs". In that case, we don't belong here and many others do!
  16. Yeah, well Kovy GrapeOneDerek, I am prejudging the same SOB's who annoyed me on the other board and slapping their asses right on my list! I would like to take a poll and see how many registered users ignore Kydix as soon as the mutterfooker logs in!
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