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  1. And we JUST had Brunette in the organization too
  2. No statute of limitations for sexual assault in Canada This has nothing to do with the NJ Devils
  3. He was great on the kill. I admit that I thought he had topped out. I am happy for him
  4. I think Toffoli caught wind that we're all pissed Yegor is filling the net and had something to say about that
  5. Saw this game late at night after getting home from cornhole. What a friggin' FUN game haha Fun that the Devs got the 2 points, but very exciting anyway even with the expected avalanche of goals against. At one point they had five dudes out there who weren't on the opening day roster lol
  6. Glad to see Yegor doing well. I thought he'd be a middling player. I was wrong Good for him
  7. Like the US over Canada in '96
  8. Jimmy Leeds

    Goalie needed

    Yeah, I get it..............but still........
  9. Jimmy Leeds

    Goalie needed

    Hate to even say it, but Mercer for Askarov
  10. Because our boys let him. Par for the course
  11. Colton is dead to me Hope he nver puts a NJ sweater on
  12. Years ago when Jeremy Roenick was on Philly............they played a variation of the dreaded "trap:...............and he called it, "exciting defense"..........haha
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