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  1. 3 Cups playing against 5 other teams for decades Watch Studenic gets the GWG
  2. I'm totally in agreement......... but I would 100% definitely entertain dropping 1 or 2 max and seeing how it shakes out
  3. What's the return on going from #2 to #3? All you suggest.....? I dunno
  4. lol, I didn't even notice Worth a shot at this point. You literally cannot give up
  5. Have you delved into this? Not sure how common a name his is, but it's a business about "Recreation"........... and there's a business address https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.hannu_kamppuri.673dda117ec22cb5111dca28cd743982.html Then saw this....someone else was searching for him (maybe you) and someone posted this, but it's a decade ago Hannu Kamppuri Vaarnatie 2 H 37130 NOKIA Finland
  6. Recidivist Trust me, I know these offenders. Seems he skated in 2012. Not this time
  7. It should be Czar Igor. The dude is good. I don't like it
  8. With all the amazing, tense, disappointing, catastrophic, and exhilarating games I attended since the early '80's...............I just don't know how I wasn't in that building that night....... My boys (men now) were in middle school and when I went nuts they said they've never seen me like that before, lol. I'm like, "I've waited 18 god*amn years to beat those pricks", haha
  9. This!! Plus I was at both home SC wins. So that's nice
  10. Just like Clement did to Thorne! Thorne: " NO.......NO.............THE LIGHT DIDN'T GO ON..............NO..........." Clement: "Yes" Irks me every time
  11. Steve reminded me of moron Gary Thorne in the '03 ECF G7 and his awful call that ruined a great Devs moment
  12. Luke should stew another year. As we know he's real young. It'll be fine
  13. Oh my.............I agree with everything here. Careful
  14. This was a good one. Unfortunately canceled after two seasons https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4643084/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  15. Unsolicited personal attacks against family members from fellow fans for no reason does tend for people to get pissed. I don't know, call me a radical
  16. Some people live for anonymous keyboard attacks
  17. Rock, I've built over 30 of these the past year or so. They do have a Star Wars collection. Not as expensive as Lego's I'm sure. The only SW's one I've done is R2Ds https://www.metalearth.com/
  18. Well, CF, it's tough when I make a simple post and he goes after me. I get it. He and the other have really dragged this site down to a bad place. So many good people won't even come here anymore.
  19. He should have given us those 2 to 3 levels he's been holding on to. Like I said before, the poor kid is trying to make it but he can't grasp he has no business in the NHL. I don't think I have ever seen a worse goalie than him ever don a Devs sweate
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