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  1. Thanks. What did it run and how many Devs games are on it?
  2. Any idea if ESPN+ is a "basic" Hulu Channel? I can't find it on mine, lol
  3. And about Hulu..................is there something else you need to watch or just Hulu itself? Thanks
  4. U4?!?! Coaching three year olds? Is that right?
  5. And ZERO accountability. Not woke enough I guess
  6. Jimmy Leeds

    MSG commercials

    lol, I was furious when Lou traded Ysebaert, haha I too thought he'd kill it. Another reason I'll never GM a team
  7. Jimmy Leeds

    MSG commercials

    https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/199012150BOS.html This was my only apperarance at a Devs/Boston game in Boston At the old Gahdin........... Lee Norwood (remember him?) with the Devs goal
  8. Ugh.........so sad. Addiction is so horrific As is the free flow of fentanyl into America. It's just walking right into America killing untold thousands and we as a country do NOTHING about it Infuriating
  9. Without scrolling through any responses..........................hell NO Being on the team as a passenger does not get your number retired. This is the silliest of all Dev debates Get a ring of honor or something Retire Sarge..............so silly
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you
  11. Awesome thank you. Something to listen to as I build my models Why? It's exactly what I do? lol I love Dano on the broadcast
  12. Is that the NHL Network on Sirius?
  13. Like I said a few pages back..............Fitz should 100% be offer sheeting Brady Tkachuk for $8.2 and give up the Lawrence Welk picks For you young'uns, that's a 1 and a 2 and a 3
  14. He's obviously a "Racist".............!! What a tool
  15. Imagine being so in tune with the world that ANY criticism of a minority player is instant racism. It was a circus when he came..........anyone remember the dumb presser? Unbelievable
  16. Offer sheet Brady Tkachuk just under $8.2M and pay the Lawrence Welk price and get him in here 100% should do it
  17. As usual. I've seen too many
  18. Simply heartbreaking for this young man and his loved ones. Any word on what the hell happened?
  19. Landeskog resigns with Ava
  20. All day on NHL Radio they were killing him. Enough to convince me not to want him
  21. Did you actually call that before the pick?
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