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  1. 1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

    My one concern with that is skating seems to be a skill that players either have or don't have.  I can't think of any player off the top of my head who went from a terrible skater to even a decent one over the course of their career.

    Bobby Nystrom

  2. 39 minutes ago, NJD16W said:

    Even with that advantage as an original 6 team. They only have 1 stanley cup more than the established in 1982 New Jersey Devils. When factoring in season's played with championships won, the Rangers are statistically the least successful franchise in the NHL. My older brother is a Rangers fan. He sends me a text every single year on the anniversary of the Matteau goal. Every year I reply with the same, I got over this 3 stanley cups ago message. They cling so hard to 1994 because it is the only time in 8 decades that they won. Despite having the advantage of every free agent wanting to sign there.

    3 Cups playing against 5 other teams for decades

    Watch Studenic gets the GWG


  3. 1 minute ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    If Arizona is that bullish on Cooley and/or the Devils would rather draft by positional need, I’m just trying to get something extra out of the Yotes.  I’m guessing Fitz will probably just keep the pick.  

    I'm totally in agreement......... but I would 100% definitely entertain dropping 1 or 2 max and seeing how it shakes out

  4. 16 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    This is a tough one.  The guy almost guaranteed to be the BPA at #2 (Cooley) isn't really what the Devils need.  

    Already said it elsewhere, but I try to trade down with Arizona with the hope that I can get one of their other 2022 firsts (those were originally Carolina's and Colorado's, so they're near the bottom of the first), or two of their 2022 seconds (I'd try to get at least Arizona's or Philly's 2nd as one of those).  If that can't happen, then I guess I take Cooley and try to figure it out later.  Not sure I love trying to force a guy to play out of position, but if he's really considered to be THAT much better than Slafkovsky...     

    What's the return on going from #2 to #3?    All you suggest.....?   I dunno

  5. 2 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

    In retrospect, the puck and case is about $15, $2 for a sharpie...I got back $17 today. Lessens the hit, I think the postage on that one was like $22 on top of that. 

    Would have been cooler if it was my signed puck coming back, obviously. 

    Have you delved into this?   Not sure how common a name his is, but it's a business about "Recreation"...........  and there's a business address



    Then saw this....someone else was searching for him (maybe you) and someone posted this, but it's a decade ago

    Hannu Kamppuri
    Vaarnatie 2 H
    37130 NOKIA

  6. 27 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

    Before I clicked it, I was thinking it must be that old assault from like 2012 but nope. It’s a new one. Just an absolute piece of trash, this guy


    Trust me, I know these offenders. Seems he skated in 2012. Not this time

  7. 3 hours ago, bobilly45 said:

    Rangers didn't lose that game bc of goaltending.  I'm sure they'll dub him the next "king" or some sh!t at the toilet bowl in nyc..


    It should be Czar Igor.  The dude is good. I don't like it

  8. 13 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    Other than the Cup clincher in 2003, that was the most incredible game I’ve ever been to. Absolutely insane. The Rag fans that were there scattered like rats. I recall this one guy- in between the 3rd period and OT, dude was talking mad sh!t on the bathroom line about get ready for game 7, repeat of ‘94, blah blah blah. After the Henrique goal, I saw this fvcker book down the steps past me like he was being chased with a gun; I yelled at him as he ran past me GET THE fvck OUT OF MY BUILDING 🤣

    With all the amazing, tense, disappointing, catastrophic, and exhilarating games I attended since the early '80's...............I just don't know how I wasn't in that building that night.......

    My boys (men now) were in middle school and when I went nuts they said they've never seen me like that before, lol.

    I'm like, "I've waited 18 god*amn years to beat those pricks", haha

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  9. 3 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    I openly mock all the other teams, because I’ve STILL seen my team win more than most people will ever see their teams win in their lives. If I die today, I’ve seen three Cups, and I saw them win the 2003 Cup in person. So yeah, I’ll continue to mock the losers in Buffalo, as well as the other 31 teams that can also kiss my ass. 


    Plus I was at both home SC wins. So that's nice

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  10. 1 hour ago, mfitz804 said:

    This is a lot to respond to, I'll just throw out some highlights. 

    I would expect Wood to get a 1 year deal somewhere just below $4m. If I am not mistaken, though, he then becomes a UFA. If they want to give him a longer deal at that price, I am ok with 2-3 years on him.

    Zacha can go play in the KHL, or whatever is left of it. 

    Boqvist I don't care about. He has 1-2 good games in a  row and people get all excited, and then he disappears again. He's not worthless, but I would rather upgrade that spot. 

    I don't see Vesey coming back. 

    PK and Gillies are gone. I think PK will get a 1 year deal for far less than what he's been getting paid, like maybe a $1-2m deal, from someone willing to take the chance that he has something left. I don't know who that team is, or what they're thinking, but I feel like its possible it may happen. Gillies will be in the AHL or more likely, ECHL. 

    If Severson would take $6m x 5, I'm in. Potential to be a steal of a deal if he produces like this year, and a very moveable contract if we decide he's no longer a part.

    Tatar and Johnsson both need to go. 

    I reserve all judgment about what happens in net until we know if Blackwood is healthy and if Bernier can return. I suspect we will get a healthy Blackwood, and we'll know what we have there rather quickly, I suspect we will not be seeing Bernier again, and if we do, we will wish we hadn't. I don't know if Daws makes the squad, obviously he needs more seasoning but if Bernier can't go, and if Blackwood doesn't come back this season, Daws will have a bunch of NHL games under his belt and maybe you do keep him at the NHL level going forward.

    Of note, of course, is the HUGE change we need to make that has nothing to do with cap, the coaching staff. To get the best out of the above players, I believe a clean sweep is needed. 

    Oh my.............I agree with everything here. Careful


  11. On 3/28/2022 at 11:02 AM, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Ever watch "Fringe"?  That was a big part of the show (two parallel universes where each "Earth" was very similar, but not identical).  

    There were dopplegangers in each world of course...in the case of one primary character "Walter", he was "Walter" in our world, with fans calling the other version of him "Walternate".  And the Olivia character in that other world was called "Faux-livia" by fans.

    It was actually a pretty cool show...the list of differences between the worlds was pretty in-depth, especially in the US (some states were different, the Statue of Liberty never turned green from patima, blimps are still a common form of travel, etc).

    This was a good one. Unfortunately canceled after two seasons



  12. 5 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    And others are very thin skinned about it.

    Unsolicited personal attacks against family members from fellow fans for no reason does tend for people to get pissed. I don't know, call me a radical 

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  13. On 3/9/2022 at 4:30 PM, Rock said:

    You are right I HATE the jersey BUT I do have the hat.😵  I started building Lego Star Wars models during the pandemic.  One of my future builds is the AT-AT.  My plan is to take a picture of me building the AT-AT wearing my HAT-HAT.😃

    Rock, I've built over 30 of these the past year or so. They do have a Star Wars collection.   Not as expensive as Lego's I'm sure. 

    The only SW's one I've done is R2Ds



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  14. 55 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

    In other similar scenario. I'm personally very frustrated with the coaching staff. I want them gone. Now, part of me think Fitz is just like Shero and just doesn't want to fire them now and its problematic. Not like Fitz has a history of that since its his first GM gig, BUT he worked closely with Shero so you know. But on the other hand, i don't know why he's not firing them. I can think of reasons why though... maybe they want Dineen but didn't want to destroy the great season they are having in the AHL. For DIneen and the kids, they are ALL better off having a good full season and playoffs, then coming to a mess like NJ for a few months. Fitz said the same thing about Holtz, he could be here, but he wants to keep the good things going down there. OR maybe they are eyeing another coach that is under contract until the summer or something. Well at the end of the day i DON'T want to be upset, so in the meantime, i'll just assume that the reasons what i want to happen doesnt happen has a good explaination. Maybe i'm wrong too, maybe Fitz just sucks and doesnt want to fire them at all. But until i know that for a fact, what's the point of being upset? It's 100% a decision. And we know damn well on this board who's doom and gloom and chooses to be negative all the time. 


    What's the point now?

  15. 5 minutes ago, CarpathianForest said:

    You both should shut the fvck up

    Well, CF, it's tough when I make a simple post and he goes after me. 

    I get it. He and the other have really dragged this site down to a bad place. So many good people won't even come here anymore. 

  16. 1 minute ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Apparently the idea of Gillies spending another minute in the Devils' net was just as terrifying to Fitz as it was to the fanbase...

    He should have given us those 2 to 3 levels he's been holding on to.

    Like I said before, the poor kid is trying to make it but he can't grasp he has no business in the NHL. I don't think I have ever seen a worse goalie than him ever don a Devs sweate

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