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  1. Well just responding to another unprovoked attack. What's with these kids nowadays? So tough in their anonymity
  2. lol 34 years old and 60 career games Yippee
  3. I felt bad for the guy because he thinks he found a home and told her that he knows he can "bring it up 2 or 3 notches........" Oh boy..........
  4. He has an incredible stick and is very smart. He may be the steal of that draft even though he was a first. Love watching that kid play
  5. Imagine saying what that guy just said? What a low life It's funny, his panties got tied in a knot because of a post i had responding to you about 1 over all picks. Somehow he was insulted because he can't read.
  6. Hey dummy.............what exactly to you is "starting an argument"? Not liking a post of yours? That's the barometer? You're a little twat that I never gave an inkling to think about, much less start a fight by responding to CR about 1OA's You truly are a fool. Tough guy as well. I doubt you'd be so tough in person though. I've dealt with your kind for many years........you're all the same
  7. Of course and I still have no clue why he attacked me. Can anyone figure it out except that he's a bit unhinged.
  8. That's great. Again I was clearly talking about McKinnon and 1OA's so take a little re-read and get back to me. That dude is an unhinged little dickhead and it's clearly that simple. He's gone after me before for no reason. I don't get the whole attacking other fans who are like minded. Shows what a low brow he is
  9. No dickhead................I made a point about 1OA/s and you got your sweaty panties in a bunch over what I "liked" Are you a 12 year old girl counting your "likes" on Social Media? I "picked a fight" Show me where Karen #whattadickhead
  10. Awww, you dainty flower. The ultimate horror............I liked a post and not yours. You came at me dickhead for no reason. No wonder everyone here goofs on you. #whattadick
  11. Ok dummy here goes I "liked" a couple of anti-Kappo posts I "laughed" at a couple of Rag draft party vids I responded to CR and talked about 1OA's as he had done. Here's a hint for you before you claim I wasn't responding to anyone................notice the Quoted area that was responded to. And gee, thanks for letting me know "it's okay" to who and what I "defend" Is this all you do is be combative to people you don't even know? How tiresome
  12. I replied to CR who had one sentence on Kakko and a whole write up on 1OA's. I then talked about 1OA's and never mentioned Kappo So take a look before you write
  13. I "don't get" what you're implying because not sure who I'm "defending"
  14. Well stated as usual CR Look at McKinnon.............a career point a game 1OA who struggled ( and I use "struggled" very loosely here) his first three years and hit the gas pedal like nobody's business
  15. I have Ranger fans asking me how is Hughes doing? lol So wrapped up in their world
  16. Why does this always say on Hulu and I can never find it on there
  17. And young guys pounding on the door. The future is bright, just need to get MB healthy and up to snuff again.
  18. Press conference? Who even covers the Devs to ask questions?
  19. Guy I worked with got a good cut on an arrest...........goes to get stitched up at the hospital and the nurse asks him if anyone's been treating his back...............he was like, "Huh?" Big and deep it was, never treated Dead not a year later from melanoma Always get body scans
  20. So great to hear about your friend. It's tough for some. We tried soon after we were married and were luckily two for two. I should have had more. Such blessings
  21. I couldn't imagine not having children, Dogs can't help you when you're older. College is affordable if done right. My boys had in state tuition for both USC Gamecocks and FSU. FSU costs me less than a couple grand a year in tuition Need test scores and grades
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