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  1. That's not how I interpreted Jack's comments. He seems to want Luke here
  2. I'm schooled again! lol Pretty much proves my point
  3. Yet you did multiple times. We all get it......you think Fitz made an incredible error by getting nothing for a guy who was playing his last dozen or so games here. YAWN Show me the last 7th rounder that ever did anything in the league
  4. I saw this. Saw Devs waive him, he goes through not claimed.............Devs play him last night................and he gets claimed today? We he "re-waived" again or is it a perpetual thing?
  5. DM.............ever think about a subpage for items some of us would want to sell or buy? Devils or hockey related of course
  6. Funny you say that.......... kids two months younger than my youngest..........oof
  7. As far as Bernier.........that King turned last second.........double minor max Gio scrunched seconds earlier........ no call. Game 3 when Marty had the puck covered for almost two seconds under his pad, should have been a whistle there........ none,dislodged, awarded. Hell, I'm still pissed about the refs waving off Boschmann's goal in'91
  8. My only point of "not even close" is when I went to watch the play this morning........on the first replay it was obvious It was onsides. It wouldn't have been close to a challenge, not even cloee
  9. Met the great Gordie as well as Mark. Look at my pic............Gordie was at my son's soccer game several years ago. Couldn't have been any nicer Onside and wasn't even close as i mentioned up above.
  10. He was onside I just went and re-watched Not even close actually
  11. Vancouver 1-3 Watch them completely sheisse the bed all year and get a top 5 pick!!
  12. Єklund (2.3% accurate) projected to go early? Like early, early, or is that not known yet?
  13. Well, PIttsburgh killed them in Game 6, but that was a pretty close series. That should have been the Devils in the Finals that year My memories are as a lad my father had partial Flyers season tix in the late 70's. Upper ring........if anyone remembers that upper ring! Saw a lot a lot of great Islander, Bruin, Canadiens, Ranger team against the Flyers. Miracle On Ice and especially the World Cup win in '96. I got engaged that very night.
  14. Haha, don't all vote at once............ In '16 we had dozens of responses. Oh well
  15. WITHOUT DEBATING the topic because seriously, not here, no one is changing any opinions. There's other places for that. And believe me I was the WORST years ago...........so anyway no debating just a vote if you want, no biggie. So if you're inclined, whether you can vote or not, vote who you support.
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