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  1. Let me clarify this a tad....... what Lou said was that if the LHRB had resigned, the Devs would not have been able to take on the extra $$ of the combined contracts of Friesen and Tvo. He stated that Anaheim was in financial straits, and they were looking to unload, ergo, that's where he jumped in with the trade. (It's what he said). It was a $ issue, not replacement of the LHRB. One other interesting thing that I would like someone to answer for me. Lou mentioned to me that when the LHRB was in arbitration, the numbers he asked for, (what was it $6 million/6 years, I believe?) was not doable at that point because the Devs had not resigned Marty or Stevens. Is that timing correct? (I thought they were signed at that point already....but I wasn't going to question him). I'm taking him at his word there. It sounds to me that if those two had been signed already, the LHRB would have gotten those numbers.
  2. All my years as a Devs fan......and I had Lou right there, and I forgot to ask him why #13 has never been issued. Pet Peeve, I want to really know. PS. He told me that HellonIce can stick with his Ranger$ since he bought a blueskirts LHRB sweater.
  3. red...refer to my last post....the Sykora deal would NOT have happened if your buddy has stayed. Lou was very believable.
  4. That's exactly what he said this morning. Forgot one other interesting thing. He said that the 'A' line, "read to many of their press clippings" and their success went to their head. I was surprised he said that.
  5. I asked him if he took LHRB's signing with the Rag$ personally....knowing of course what his answer would be....., he replied, "no, you can't take it personally". I asked if he wished he'd traded him for Marleau, and Lou said that was never a trade possibility, and that he needed LHRB to win last year. Claims LHRB is a "great" person. (Wonder what LHRB thinks of him). He also said that Sykora for Friesen/Tvo would NOT have happened if LHRB had signed. Also, he said Mogilny called him up begging for Lou to match Toronto's offer, and Lou told him to immediatley hang up and accept Toronto's $$.
  6. Lou said the trade that was a mistake eventually resulted in the player he shipped out signing a $6,000,000 contract (per year probably). I asked wat the trade was and he just laughed. I sat with him and he was very nice. When Game 6 v. the Rag$ in '94 was brought up, I mentioned Chorske hitting the post in the second as the major point of that game......Lou mentioned Guering turning the puck over at center ice directly resulting in of Cro-Magnum man's goals as the big point.
  7. It's tomorrow Oct 7. Myself and point and Section 232 are the only ones going from here. I'll post afterwards.
  8. 10-4 I was goofing on you 'cause of your past Ranger$ allegiance.....'someone' edited it. It wasn't mean.
  9. Rock, What did you do....edit my post......????? Ridiclolous
  10. I wish him the best. Greatest goal in Devs history.........'nuff said.
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