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  1. Totally agree. And Jack needs to mature
  2. Can't be cross checking with wood to the throat and/or face
  3. Neither one is a McDavid or a Matthews for that matter. Jack will be fine
  4. lol. I wonder if he's still staying with him? Read some quotes. Since he's been here he's a bore of an interview. All clichés..........but he did stick up for himself when one of the reporters said to him that he's been manhandled (or to that affect) this year and he disputed that...........
  5. This^^ Tampa's own pick also went in the trade for Barclay Goodrow. And yes.....we want Vancouver to make it in as basically the last seed and get knocked out first round.
  6. Hughes needs a talking to about his interviews. He is a terrible post game interview. Plus his quotes coming from that post game will not endear him around the league. Saying he got hit too much is one.......there were others.
  7. They've got like a million picks in the next couple of years. High ones
  8. Oh..........I literally just watched 48 Hrs the other night. Such a classic. And during it I see Kehoe during it and I started chuckling because how dumb that one was. To each their own
  9. I don't even know what that means
  10. FIrst of all, possibly Godfather II Anyway.............you're nuts if you think Another 48 Hours is better than than CLASSIC original The "Iceman", just stop. 48 Hrs is an all timer INSANITY
  11. He plays for Canada? He was born in Colorado
  12. Losing those two wouldn't exactly be a big move
  13. Fair enough. I wasn't diminishing his not yet made personnel decisions (though I can see how that reads) Merely being involved as a GM or Asst. GM in an organization you ruled as a player is fraught with disaster
  14. And can the next GM immediately extend Gusev. That dude will be outta here the second he can
  15. Really? Even seeing how awful he's been? AWFUL. How much longer would that albatross of a contract be going on for? Another 6 years or so?
  16. "We"? My Lord, I hated that and was ecstatic when he bailed. Ecstatic
  17. I haven't been on and cannot read this entire thread. But CR76 says it all right here ^^^^ Did we all hear Harris yesterday? This guy knows less about hockey than I do for God's sake. Who we gonna get now? The Oilers GM we got Hall from? And Marty making personnel decisions? lol, what a way to spoil your legacy. I trusted Shero. Mistakes happen. FA's do not want to come here. Retaining good players will be hard. Bad decision, IMO
  18. My God......literally every single time I see or hear this guy's name all I think about is Provorov That and how do we get this guy out of here
  19. I agree as I liked the white better than the red. But I usually always like teams whites better. Just need to go back full time IMO
  20. WAIT!! WHAT?!?! You HATE the old uni's!! Haha, we've battled over this for years It's like their finally home being back in the classic Green/Red. No better look
  21. Lol. Way before you. I graduated SSC in '88 Criminal Justice and I'm already retired from police work. Played soccer at Stockton as well You?
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