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  1. $70,000 for a pro? AHL or not.........get another job
  2. Haha.......I always hold a grudge on guys that spurned us or were miserable here, like Steve Thomas for one
  3. Blade Runner is an all timer. I’m actually shocked about all the Ghostbusters dedication. Looked like a kids flick Good looking dog, btw
  4. I’ll reply here. I saw the original Halloween in the theater. I have never been more frightened in my life, lol. Literally The Thing was good but nothing I thought was a classic, IMO And still have never seen GhostBusters.......or TopGun
  5. I've been that way my whole life. And I'm older I guess, lol Ain't stopping now Incredible
  6. With the impending Arizona pick about where we were hoping Vancouver would be...............I am torn between 3 this year or losing the Vancouver pick for the unprotected next year. With the Devs luck, Canucks win it all.........
  7. Gusev should be immediately re upped
  8. Patty is never getting in I remember Butch Goring saying once that if Patty got in, he should get in
  9. lol......I had a co-worker with a relative on the Capitals. I never would say which player, but because of that, I'd get a little bit of insights on an NHL player's thinking. Not much, but a decent amount. I was cryptic once saying basically that and a couple of regulars here ripped into me like nobody's business. Since almost all the names here blend together I forget who but it was, but I got accused of bragging, etc........ very well may have been mfitz then also
  10. But this is EXACTLY what people said (and Ranger fans still say) after the Devs Cup in '95 Was that illegitimate? I should have read ahead.......others brought this point up
  11. Very good points. I remember it well, the whole thing and even his first few.....and I mean few games, Stevens seemed really not into it. I'm probably off but that's how I seem to recall it
  12. Crowder was a beast. He beat the crap out of Probert once I recall........ I remember being at MSG for a game and Crowder beat up one of the Rags...... Best part of Troy was vanquished and the Devs got my all time fav, McKay Too busy to get to watch them now, but there are several Crowder v. Probert fights on YouTube. I wonder if my memory served me correctly.........
  13. Funny seeing Doc with Mike Eruzione doing a Devs game in the early 80's Doc had such a crappy early voice I don't know how he got to be the GOAT
  14. The Wire still reigns as the greatest show ever broadcast, IMO
  15. Found it........... Let's get him!
  16. That game was a NAIL BITER of all nail biters. I have that whole game on a DVD. Marty made one of his greatest saves ever that day
  17. Lol, I meant off a skate........big deflection if I recall correctly. Recorded it, going to finish now
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