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  1. With this 9 game situation everyone talks about............. Wouldn't another player need to be exposed to the waiver wire just to have that spot for Smith to do the 9 games? Seems silly to do that
  2. VZ, i appreciate the feedback..........they are pretty cool, I just have no way of shipping a poster like this, lol If I figure it out, I'll reach out
  3. It was Stevens and Brodeur. The NHLPA was pissed at the both of them. They said they wanted to win........... that they did.
  4. Need to fill those 2nd and 3rd Round coffers again
  5. Ray does look a little like James Caan
  6. What would he be after the two years?
  7. No wonder you didn't like any of my FB lax pics!! lol
  8. Ooh....a lacrosse rivalry? Which? Love Lax!!
  9. Does anyone have any interest in these posters? I've had them a while, just do not have anywhere to put them. Shipping might be an issue, but let me know. Gratis Edit: Right now this is the only one that uploaded
  10. 3'x5' Devs banners I've had. Perfect condition. Any idea on value?
  11. Maroon doing it right https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-blues-pat-maroon-visits-children-of-slain-police/article_f0600aae-eb99-54ee-9717-806426079b75.html
  12. Lol, I know the process...........but who is DF118 talking about offering?
  13. Slow go on there today............
  14. I would have liked Pepe's kid I think
  15. Always wanted this little prick on our team. 1 year let's him play hard for his next deal.
  16. 0% interest in even watching it. So you recommend it? ok
  17. Greatest thing about Jagr was when he was around 43-44 years old and still playing and he was being blackmailed because he was sleeping with some 18-19 year old girl. They threatened to release the pictures..............he told them go ahead, he was proud he got her in bed.......... Found it: https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/jaromir-jagr-blackmailed-with-scandalous-model-selfie--doesn-t-care--report-172338281.html
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