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  1. Boomer was bummed he wasn't on. He had a prior engagement for several months. He's not a hater.
  2. Haha.....I was wondering why there were so many replies on this guy.......
  3. Barely, lol. In a movie with a million lines I missed that one........Thanks!
  4. Where in the Life of Brian is there a line like this? I've seen it countless times and recently and I'm at a loss............
  5. Why do I have no clue what you're talking about?
  6. Really? I haven't seen anything on that. Wonder what kind of return their expecting/wanting........?
  7. Jimmy Leeds

    Draft day

    I'm convinced it's never been Kakko. Ray knew immediately. It could be an 18 year old Wayne Gretzky sitting there and Shero would be coy about it
  8. I say Hughes wears #10
  9. Jimmy Leeds


    Friggin' impressive! I was listening to it on radio with Mike Miller and watching on the TV
  10. Jimmy Leeds


    That's great memories with your Dad! So special. Thanks for sharing
  11. Reading through this is hilarious............ http://forum.canucks.com/topic/389692-jb-i’ll-make-the-phone-call-about-the-1st-overall-pick/
  12. Ugh, the Atlantic His father gives good advice. Good families usually make good kids. This kid is it
  13. Ledger talked about this today. Read it
  14. Anyone listening to the dumpster fire that is a Sean Avery on Boomer & Gio this morning? In all seriousness, he is much more bizarre than I even thought. I picked it up and not sure if they talked about Marty or not
  15. That is true, just pointing on volume of picks and lots of 1 and 2's And thanks, my college but way back when it was just a college. I also spelled Jimmie wrong, lol. Never got around to changing it. Go Ospreys
  16. That is great to hear. I meant amount and where. Lots of 1st's and 2nd's
  17. We are still so far away from the amount of, and quality of, picks Ottawa has in their cupboard
  18. All I could think about watching that goal waved off was Game 3 in LA in the 2012 SCF when Marty had the puck under his pad for a couple of seconds and the King pushed him in the net and they counted the goal.
  19. Did you see this article from February inside your post? Another good read https://www.eprinkside.com/2019/2/8/cohen-hughes-will-go-first-and-heres-why
  20. Ha, it literally drove me friggin' crazy.......lol
  21. I would most definitely listen. Can't hurt to listen
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