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  1. Idk how to post a picture on here from my phone, but if I could, I screen capped the price of tickets for tonight on stubhub. $13. This is why I continue to say season tickets are a complete ripoff for this team and the marketing department needs to reconsider the prices they charge for not only season tickets, but single game tickets. I will say though, I wanted to make a point and look up the next worse game of the night (isles/avs) and say that their game is at least decently priced. Nope. They actually make our prices look respectable. $8 to go to that game tonight. Touché avs fans, touché.
  2. Why have a special thread for this? You people talk about it on every thread anyway. We got 10 out of 18 points with the oldest team in the league. Jesus we lost 3 games in a row and you'd think we were the Carolina Hurricanes. This forum has just turned into gionta/deboer bickering. Thank you.
  3. Does anyone have a promo schedule for this year? I tried to find one online and I havent come across one.
  4. I guess the guy gave up and didn't have anything clever to put for the reuben sliders.And wow I just saw those prices, $16 for a cheeseburger? Does this Hobby's place have free weed and strippers at every table too?
  5. Yeah we're going through Vegas then Utah on route 70 to Denver, staying in Colorado a couple days, then going on 80 through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I know there's a bunch of good breweries in Colorado too. We plan on going to Ballast, and I looked on the map, Stone is just past Ballast on the way back to Camp Pendleton. So maybe we'll stop at both. Its unbelievable how many breweries there are in that county
  6. Maple Mistress is good, it's on the sweet side though so drinking all 4 beers can be a task. Still a good beer though. Its a unique taste that definitely is worth a try. I got a case in of Avery Pump(KY)n. I put it up for $13.99 (which at the time was the cheapest on beermenus.com, but some other stores have since seen that and put theirs for $12.99). We sold 11 bottles in 2 days, its unbelievable since this is the first batch that Avery has made. People go nuts for BBA beer. I had a bottle myself, its good, just a hint of pumpkin but mostly the usual oaky, charred, alcohol taste you associate with that style. As far as bourbon barrel aged beer goes Port Older Viscosity is much better. My new favorite pumpkin for the year though is Twisted Manzanita Witch's Hair. It's a really spicy pumpkin and not so much of the same old boring, sweet, lightly spiced pumpkins that a lot of breweries put out now. I'm going out to San Diego on Sunday and driving back across the country with my friend who is done with his 4 years in the marines. Does anyone have any suggestions of breweries to stop at or bottles to pick up along the way? I would really like to go to Ballast Point in SD. I'd like to go to Uinta also but Salt Lake City is a little too far out of the way.
  7. Every time Schneider leaves his crease to play the puck I want to throw my TV out the window
  8. We were talking about elysian, obviously you know what I meant. I had it last year, it was definitely good, nothing to put it a step above the rest though. I enjoyed dark o' the moon more honestly. I carried the Hansel & Gretel also, it was atrocious. I guess elysian knew that and replaced it this year with Punkaccino.
  9. It was released on Monday here in jersey, along with greater pumpkin and dark o moon. But the distributor only received 75 cases of each.
  10. So let me get this straight, we have a team that's bottom 5 in the league in scoring for 2 years. Your plan to fix that is to put josefson, who is unquestionably a bust, on a line with a streaky Brunner and an aging Ruutu. Well I'll give you the fact that Brunner started to play well, then got hurt. Ruutu can still be a factor. But for christs sake stop putting josefson in the lineup like he's this promising contributor. Jesus tits. 7 goals, 25 points in FOUR YEARS. Including 2 goals and 4 assists over the past 2 years in 50 games. TWO GOALS AND FOUR ASSISTS SINCE 2012. And don't tell me about how bad his linemates are. It doesn't matter who your linemates are, if you're a legit NHL scorer, even a 3rd line scorer, you can put up points with mediocre players around you. Not to mention the kid has got the stature of a 9th grader. Put josefson in the minors for half a season and if he can't show he's an NHL ready center by then, cut ties and move on to another project.
  11. Just quickly browsing through the current topic on this thread; the Stephen Gionta talk is what has everyone buzzing this training camp? If I may guide us in a different direction, Havlat looked like a real veteran. Making passes like a playmaker, skating well, if that early preseason game is any indication of what's to come, I'm excited to see him possibly put up 10-18 goals and 28-40 assists. But as everyone knows he has to stay healthy. But its fun to dream. Also Tootoo looks like he could be a relevant 4th line player unlike bernier. Hey I love Ryan Carter and I think Gionta is a decent 4th line player. But listen, 4th line players aren't hard to replace. Change isn't always a bad thing when it comes to a minimal position like that. Especially when the players aren't getting the job done at all. I.e. Bernier not scoring, hitting, forechecking, or bringing any energy. Put matteau on the 4th line before gionta, carter, JJ, or Bernier. Those players have all shown what they can do. Maybe JJ worked hard in the off season but I have to see it to believe it. Matteau isn't going to be more than a 3rd or 4th line grinder anyway, give the guy a shot early in the season. If Boucher plays all preseason like he did yesterday with ryder, there's no way you can keep him off the starting roster. Kelly looked abysmal yesterday as did komiserik(sp?). Kaberle looked his age in regards to his speed and offensive ability. I'm willing to give fedotenko all preseason to show what he has just because I personally believe he's still got something in the tank and he has good heart. Larsson continues to do what he does best and that's get the puck to the net which I love. And be calm and poised with the puck. No reason for that man to not be on the starting lineup. If he's not on the starting lineup guess what, our head scout should be fired because if you FUBAR a top 5 pick, that's reason for immediate termination.
  12. Has anyone had anything from Hoppin' Frog in Akron? I ordered a case of Frog's Hollow Double Pumpkin and I'm having a bottle now. One of the best pumpkins I've ever had. Idk what exactly double pumpkin means but it is very spicy and balances well with the hop and malts. I have the opportunity to order their D.O.R.I.S. the Destroyer and Boris the Crusher, but it's not really stout season yet and Idk if it's worth taking up the shelf space with it.
  13. Idk if I would put havlat in as a guaranteed spot. I could see him being scratched like Brunner was at times last year.
  14. In no way is the even close to the lineup. And where's zubrus? Did he quit? Is he sick? And why on gods green earth is Ryder scratched for josefson? I get it he had a bad year, but you don't give up on a player like that after 1 season. Josefson will be lucky to even be a scratch all year. Also if mike sislo is on the big club then it just shows we have zero depth and we're in for a very long season. I'll take fedotenko, tootoo, Gomez, on my team before a below average grinder like sislo any day.
  15. Here's a picture of all the fall selections I have gotten in so far
  16. You're right with the fact that the discussion can go nowhere from here. I could say the same thing with family guy after like season 5. Seasons 1-3 were the best, before they go cancelled. Now I don't even watch the show. South park is like the Simpsons in the fact that the first few seasons are terrible animation but its nostalgic. Now though its few and far between that I find an episode that I would watch again Not sure who "they" are, but I've never heard that before in my life
  17. Season 9 is great, the WTC episode may be the best episode of all time. The bus episode, the one with homer as the sanitation director, all good. The Simpsons went downhill when they changed the opening sequence. I can say I'm a dork and have every DVD box set they've released, there's no difference between season 8 and 9. Its all pretty much the same through like season 14 or 15. Seasons 1 through about 4 or 5 are kinda old bad drawings but they're still good. As far as political agendas jesus its a cartoon. I would hope no one has their views changed by Lisa Simpson or any cartoon characters. I THINK YOGI BEAR WAS A LIBERAL SOCIALIST WHO LIVED OFF THE SYSTEM.
  18. You bite your tongue! I will say that the seasons after like '07 or something have been terrible. Still almost 20 yrs of clever comedy is great. Its better than the unfunny garbage that's comes out now like big bang theory and how I met your mother.
  19. I wound up making buffalo tenderloins in Rogue Farms Chipotle Ale. They came out alright, nothing special.
  20. Hey has anyone tried their hand in marinating steaks in beer? I have a few vacuum packed venison tenderloins from last year and I just got a bottle of rogue farms chipotle ale. I was going to cut up some garlic and onions and let them marinate in it overnight.
  21. Yeah that's outrageous. Instead of getting a semi flexible plan for $1800, you can pick 13 games of your choice for half the price. The marketing for this team is clueless. Its a suckers deal to buy one of these plans. Unless you want the playoff priority I guess.
  22. Until they get a hold of themselves and realize that the secondary market is cheaper 90% of the time, I'll pass.
  23. Dietrics is the butcher right off the ktown exit. Saucony actually comes out with consistently good stuff. I had the lagerbier it wasn't my taste. It tastes a little too much like kielbasa to me haha. Their schnickelfritz, hop suplex, and maple mistress are all very good. I have the roxies banana and north ramp stout in the door, I've just yet to buy one. I didn't care for the saucony sessions though, a little too fruity for me. Since carton is just down the road from me I feel like everyone raves about it because its local. You're right the boat beer is middle of the pack, boring beer that's over priced if you ask me. I could name you a handful of better APAs than that.
  24. I live nowhere near there but i looked at the link, and since we're talking about fall beers, I see they have otter creek overgrown and long trail harvest. My old salesman for point pleasant distributors(which was sold) is now the sales rep for long trail/otter creek/wolavers/the shed. He gave me samples last week. Long trail changed all their packaging from the cartoon bears to woodsy artist stuff. They also changed their seasonals. Their spring was absolutely amazing. Ramble, it was made with lemongrass and peppercorns. Just a phenomenally refreshing beer. Their Mostly Cloudy was pretty nasty if you ask me but their Summer Ale was hoppy and refreshing. I love the direction Long Trail is headed in. Anyway the harvest he gave me was great. I tasted coffee flavors in there and I think it would be great on a cool, hoodie kind of night next to a fire. The new pumpkin was good too but it seems middle of the pack to me. That's not bad, but it doesn't separate itself from the others. DM84 I know you said you don't like imperials where they have strong pumpkin and spice flavors so you might actually like their pumpkin offering. Its not watered down but its not crazy spiced. I couldn't find anything wrong with the brew to be honest. Otter creek has been trying to change their image also but new packaging doesn't help their below average beer. I had the overgrown and I could not take more than 3 or 4 sips. I like hoppy beers but this was straight up awful. Imagine eating a grapefruit that's been sitting in Lairds all week. That's what Otter Creek Overgrown tastes like. Saucony Creek is a new brewery too. I'm a little slanted because I went to Kutztown University but they make some awesome beers for a new start up brewery. Although I hated their saucony sessions despite the fact I love sessions. Their fall beer, Maple Mistress is awesome. I mean you can't drink 4 in one sitting because you'll go onto diabetic shock, but its a unique flavor that you won't find in another beer. Its butternut squash, maple syrup, and rum spices. Imagine a pumpkin pie with maple syrup drizzled on top, washed down with beer. It sounds weird but I sincerely suggest that if you see it, you try it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  25. Yeah I've been bringing them in for a few weeks now. Weyerbacher was the first, it was actually brewed on June 6th too which is crazy early. I don't want to carry pumpkins and Oktoberfests in late July, but some of them are one shot deals with the distributors. So if you don't get them when they come out, you're beat. Plus add to the fact I don't want to order deals on summer beer and have it clog up the doors when its time to put the fall beers in. It's kind of a balancing act. I do have a good amount in already. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin, Fegley's Devious Pumpkin, Elysian Night Owl, Sam Octoberfest, Widmer Okto, Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, Spaten Oktoberfest, Red Hook Out of Your Gourd, Southampton Pumpkin, and I feel like I'm missing one more. Anyway I have a list of about 25-35 more I plan on bringing in. People love fall beers as do I. I actually think we sell just as much, if not more craft seasonals in the fall than in the summer, which is amazing when you consider we're on the shore 10 minutes from sandy hook. Terrapin is coming out with a pumpkin pie this year for the first time, its on the same product line as their cinnamon roll'd and white moo hoo. Im really hoping I can get a case
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