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  1. Our D is Swiss cheese, white made it apparent. Ahl guy comes in and looks more solid than half of nhlers we have on the backline
  2. Devils are just so soft, only guy that hit was traded away for a 4th round pick, even Hughes the smallest guy on the ice is being physical while everyone else watches......
  3. Agreed, Butcher has decent stats in min of time he's gotten
  4. He just didn't fit ruffs system. Also maybe covid had something to do like with zibanajad.
  5. Hall looks like he's lost a step. And why are we playing subban in ot?
  6. Im serious the only unbelievable passes he made today was missing palms twice on pp sending it behind him, there is a reason Zacha has more points.
  7. Mickey mouse club Should be 9-0
  8. Sit Simmer, Rooney bring Anderson or Bastian up Just not today
  9. Simmonds has lost every board battle today
  10. Hischier since Hall trade is on another level
  11. Halls departure might be Jack's blossoming
  12. A lucky goal and a secondary assist, i thought he looked careless
  13. Blackwood has been so calm in net
  14. Hynes becoming a one line team?
  15. ilzz89

    Fire Hynes

    I wonder if Shero goes after Bylsma if Hynes is axed...
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