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  1. I like it. It has a lot of potential, but like previous people mentioned the whole ad thing is ridiculously annoying. I'm sticking with FF3 but I'll leave chrome on my computer.
  2. Naslund will have a good streak then lose the will to play and crumble as the season goes on. Rangers fans will either bash him to no end or pitifully attempt to defend him for no reason at all other than to be "right."
  3. Pitt won't win the cup no matter how many forwards they have.
  4. brodeur, luongo, lundy, dipi, giguere, nabokov, vokoun, thomas, and maybe kipper are the only ones out of those you listed that i would take over him. Turco is still overrated and huet is better. Same thing for miller Backstrom I might take over huet, maybe. Its close, backstrom has had issues this year. Leclaire is inconsistent and thus far a one season goaltender. People get enthralled by the 9 shutouts, but he hasn't been that otherwordly. Thomas even is questionable. This is his first season where he has been something. Before this season he was an inconsistent train wreck. Kipprusoft is a
  5. Random post, old/delayed for how this day moves, but whatever. Huet getting traded for a second, IMO, is a huge steal for the capitals. Huet is an outstanding number 1 goaltender that is getting some of the most ridiculous treatment I've EVER seen. Price is extremely overrated and I hope to watch this EXPLODEX1000 in the habs face. That said Carey Price has a technical game and skill set far beyond his age and has the potential to be one of the best goalies ever. Though right now I don't think he's ready.
  6. The bruins will undoubtedly do something stupid.
  7. I don't think he deserves to get his number retired. Then again Ray Bourque got his number retired after one and a half seasons so with that precedent who knows really.
  8. I can get to 71. I find more success the less towers I build in general and the earlier I upgrade? Towards the end this strategy backfired though....
  9. I never thought practice mode was all that great. It's frustrating because you can practice a section but the loading times are annoying. That's just me. I've never been much of a "practice" anything haha. I just played the songs over and over and over and it usually works out. I play on expert so something must work.
  10. He still did it and should have watched himself better. Once your stick is that high its capable of danger. Watch yourself.
  11. I just saw this on CBC bruins sens broadcast. Anybody else? He got his stick lifted and wasn't really watching his stick as he drove the net and his blade stabbed dipietro in the eye and dipietro left the game. Crosby whined about getting called for something right afterwards. It didn't look intentional, but he should have watched himself nonetheless. I believe it was 4 minutes.
  12. bruins4777


    Normally I'd agree that hossa is better than kovalchuk, but this far this season hossa has done sh!t. Blame the injury or whatever. Kovalchuk is the only thrasher showing up to every game.
  13. Can anybody confirm if the differences between 360/wii/ps3 and the ps2 one are just online and graphics?
  14. Speaking of covers, A two disc set of some rather notable artists covering Bob Dylan songs entitled I'm Not There came out on tuesday. It's for some movie I believe. I enjoy it a lot. They aren't just normal covers a lot of them have a nice spin or something on it. Lots of diversity.
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