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  1. I just got a pr sec 20 on the aisle best deal in town. The suite deal is good if not a far corner suite . . . .and by far corner I mean the further suite away from where the devils shoot twice.
  2. http://www.nj.com/rangers/index.ssf/2012/10/nhl_lockout_links_the_2012_loc.html#incart_more_sports NJ . com posted this, may mean nothing but it is SOME "news" about our headache . . . .
  3. You sir are wrong but are SO blinded by the game you do not have the stones to cancel your season tickets and go to JUST the games you WANT, if a good part of the STH did this IT WOULD make the impact you state the FANS can't make. I know you are going to argue because you can not help yourself or maybe just with me but this is may last writing on this subject with you.
  4. What happened to "you are only hurting yourself by protesting" the truth is here everybody NOW changes their minds.
  5. After this FRIDAY we shall see what there is to watch hockey wise. I would track down the cartoon network if I were you however . . . .
  6. you can be the top mman on this page, if you are telling me there are 2 - 10 seats open you are drinking the kool aid for sure there really is NO discussion here I was there and know what I saw. Believe what you will. Maybe the rafters were missing a few seats but not the lower bowl. Cheap devils fans strike again . . . .
  7. Bro I pay 3x what you pay . . . . Who is being punished? I will save my $$$ and do what I wish to do with it. Not have the Devils or ANY other team in any other sport control my time, plus they hold your money for months and months now NO product. You wait around and let the devils control your schedule and time. As far as the "fans" go you can't even call them fair weather becuase "the fans" couldn't even full that arena during the playoffs or the Stanley Cup, some fans . . . . I don't want to hear they were sold out because there where MANY open seats for all the post season games . . . I kn
  8. If this poll is any type of indicator on how most people feel . . . I am out, no more season tix for me. I will go to 5-6 games with my son and they can see if it was worth their nonsense. I am sure that I'm not the ONLY person to feel this way, many people will bail and further STH . We shall see VERY shortly.
  9. you talk about screwing the pooch . . . . 8M and they wait for the last second. Should have taken care of it last year. Very disappointed. MAY drop the season tickets, will return in dribs and drabs. . . .shame if it ends this way
  10. Kinda sux I was looking forward with playing with them after such a good season. . . . bunch of a-holes puttiing that game together huh. . . . .
  11. Rolston really . . . . his best days are behind him. Please lets move forward. He is gone for a reason. Lets leave it that way.
  12. This is an update talking about losing the first three (3) months, sux if they don't get serious http://dallas.sbnation.com/2012/8/14/3241447/nhl-lockout-2012-news-gary-bettman/in/3006450
  13. Like it or not we were Lebron Jamesed by Parise period end of sentence
  14. Mahon

    Fayne out 3-4 months

    I doubt it will take that long but if he his having surgery it would be nice for him to get there so he does not lose much time. If he goes now hw WILL be ready for the beginning of the season. If it is a run of the mill herinated disk. If ANY type of complications THEN the problems begin.
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