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  1. I can understand you sentiments, but as far as the owners getting together and simply agreeing "Hey let's keep player saleries on the whole down and not sign anyone to contracts over $X million.," aside from the fact that will never happen - it's illegal. It's called collusion and it violates just about every anti-trust law on the books.
  2. I'm sorry - is it just me or didn't Donald Trump declare bankruptcy... and later declare it the greatest business move he ever made. If Bettman is supposed to try to be like Trump then, yes, there would be no lockout of the NHL... the NHL would simply be BANKRUPT AND NONEXISTENT! Brooks.... sh!thead.
  3. Recchi agrees to terms with Penguins TSN.ca Staff 7/9/2004 Mark Recchi is looking to finish his career where it started. The Pittsburgh Penguins, who drafted Recchi in 1988, have agreed to terms with free agent right winger on a multi-year contract, it was announced today by General Manager Craig Patrick. In accordance with club policy terms of the contract were not released. Recchi, 36, a 16-year NHL veteran, led the Philadelphia Flyers in goals, assists and points during the 2003-04 season, recording 75 points on 26 goals and 49 assists while playing in all 82 games. He has scored 20 or more goals in each of the last five seasons and in eight of the last nine seasons, and has scored 25 or more goals in a season 11 times in his career. Recchi ranks in the top ten in Flyers' history in goals (tied 10th), assists (6th) and points (8th). A veteran of 1,173 career games, Recchi has recorded 456 goals and 745 assists for 1,201 points with the Penguins, Flyers and Montreal Canadiens. And he's durable - his consecutive regular season games played streak of 570 (10/4/91-12/11/98) is the eighth longest streak in NHL history. A seven-time NHL All-Star, Recchi began his career with the Penguins, playing in 225 games from 1988-1992, recording 252 points. He led the Penguins in scoring during the 1990-91 regular season, recording 40 goals and 113 points in 78 games. In 24 playoff games that year, Recchi recorded 34 points, helping the Penguins to their first Stanley Cup Championship. Recchi was traded by the Penguins to Philadelphia on February 19, 1992 with Brian Benning and a first round draft choice in exchange for Rick Tocchet, Kjell Samuelsson and Ken Wregget. He played in parts of four seasons with the Flyers (1992-1995), setting career highs in goals (53) and points (123) during the 1992-93 season. After a 40-goal season in 1993-94, Recchi was traded by Philadelphia to Montreal on February 9, 1995 with a third round draft choice in exchange for John LeClair, Eric Desjardins and Gilbert Dionne. In parts of five seasons with the Canadiens (1995-1999), Recchi eclipsed the 25-goal mark three times. He was traded back to Philadelphia on March 10, 1999 in exchange for Dainius Zubrus, a second round draft choice and a sixth round draft choice. In five-plus seasons with the Flyers (1999-2004), Recchi scored 20 or more goals in a season five times and played in 79 or more games four times in five seasons. The 5-10 and 190 pound native of Kamloops, British Columbia was drafted by the Penguins in the fourth round (67th overall) of the 1988 Entry Draft.
  4. I've only been watching the finals passivley, but has ABC persisted in using that cable camera again? I remember feeling sick from that view last year. Honestly, my favorite view is from the camera above the goal judge's box when at team is keeping the pressure on the powerplay. It makes me feel like a goal's gonna be scored any second.
  5. Shootouts are a great idea for a few reasons: 1) The NHL is still the only major sport (though not really a major anymore) that allows ties. Yes, the NFL allows ties as well, but it hardly ever happens - there is MAYBE one tie in the NFL each season. How unfulfilled do you feel leaving a game that didn't seem to have a real ending to it? 2) The NHL can tinker with the rules all they want with tagging-up, no-touch icing, and (it still sounds stupid to me) penalizing goalies that play the puck behind the red line. It simply won't make the difference they hope it will. If the NHL is looking to put the excitement back in the game, can you think of better way to decide a tie game than with a breakaway? Anybody else remember Canada v. Czech Republic in Nagano? How about Dany Heatly in the 2003 All-Star Game? 3) Another big complaint about hockey these days is that players aren't allowed to be as creative anymore. That is, there isn't enough room on the ice for them to show their stuff, whether that be becuase of defensive game plans or the sheer size of the players today. You want to see Federov fly the way he used to or Pavel Bure (if he plays again) bank one off his own skate again? Take everyone off the ice except for them and the goalie - you'll get your money's worth, guaranteed. 4) Ties are horrible mostly because you still gain in the standings for it. If there were no ties last year, or at least no bullsh!t point for losing in overtime, the Devils would've won the division this year and the playoffs would've been much different for them.
  6. No, he signed a contract with the Devils, so by NCAA rules he cannot go back to UND. He will be in Albany or with the Devils.
  7. Tampa will definitely win the ECF if they end up playing Toronto. Toronto will be incredibly banged up from two rough series, and the Lighting have had a very easy road thus far... just like the Devils did last year in the first two rounds. If they play Philly, then it really all depends on how far Esche will take them. If he pulls a Brian Boucher - 2000, then Philly's toast. Tampa may not be big, but they're fast as hell and have guys that can finish and will make you pay for mistakes.
  8. Also fairly strange from this video, the Japanese team actually seems to know what they're doing.
  9. I remember 6 or 7 years ago Paul Coffey (still with Detroit) putting the puck in his own net during the playoffs. And just like this guy, he didn't just put it in his own net - he SHOT it into his own net off a blind centering pass. No celebration though. Coffey immediately realized he was an idiot, unlike this schmuck.
  10. Actually, when he signed his contract in September Larionov did say that this year would be it... thank God.
  11. You know what, a few weeks ago, I certainly would have agreed with you that Friesen had to go, the most obvious of reasons being his numbers. But the truth is, he wasn't the only one with sub-par numbers. Langenbrunner (even with the injury), Madden, White (+/- wise, at least), and even everyone's truest Devils, Sergei Brylin, were really guilty of less than expected seasons. Not just their numbers, but their overall quality of play, intensity, and overall team cohesion left many of us wondering about previous Cup and non-Cup seasons. Ever since each and every one of those players has become a Devil, they have been able to become what we all thought was the prototypical Devils player. Even when they weren't lighting the lamp or assisting others, they were putting in solid hard-working nights - playing smart, finishing hits, skating hard every shift, killing penalties, minimizing mistakes. But for one reason or another, many of the Devils from which we've come to expect automatic performances looked like they were out of gas. Unfortunately, but in this case I really have to think that the problem this year was Pat Burns. This is not to say that the Devs have not had a great, but also mediocre, season (by Devils standards). But it certainly seems like the Devils have, yet again, manage to tune out another coach. But, by my own opinion, I feel one (well actually two) decisions proved to me that Burns had lost the team - he sat Victor Kozlov twice in one playoff series. We've all pretty much agreed that Larionov was utterly useless in Game 2. And I do believe that Bicek put in a solid effort in Game 4. But Lou went out of his way this year to broker a deal to get Burns the type of player he needed, and he gave up a quality player in Burglund to get him. To not play him in the playoffs is a slap in the face. Honestly, many of us are pining over impending doom and gloom. And as much faith as I may have in the Devs to take us back to the Eastern Confernece Finals in 2000 - well, they're amazing when they happen once... they don't happen twice. But at the same time, the Devils have still won 3 STANLEY CUPS IN 10 YEARS. That, in and of itself, is an amazing feat, that only the Detroit Red Wings have been able to match it in 15 years. Not even the Mario, Jagr, Francis, Coffey, Tocchet Penguins could pull that off. As die hard fans of such an extraordinarily successful team as the Devils, we've simply become spoiled. To us, as to the Devils organization, a Stanley Cup is sought after every season - most of us, including myself, have come to expect nothing less than a Stanley Cup every season. The fact that most of us feel this way is truly a testament to the devotion of the Devils fan base, no mater what the size may seem to be. For that reason, and for the season the Devils have managed to have even with tremendous and glaring losses to injuries, I am proud to be a Devils fan.
  12. Faking a slap shot is not illegal - no matter how dramatic the fake.
  13. Hellacious D

    Sean Brown

    Actually, I think the last time the Devils had a d-man play forward was Albelien - and I think they won that game. But if they end up feeling the itch for some size up front, if he's on the playoff roster, be prepared to give a big playoff welcome to Rob Skrlac.
  14. I've had it. I think we should sit Brodeur for the rest of the playoffs and trade him in the offseason. How dare he let up 3 goals in a playoff game. Who does he think he's playing for, the Rangers? Clemmenson is the wave of the future my friends. Mark it down, you heard it here first.
  15. A very good analysis, but again, why do people insist on giving the Flyers an advantage on defense? This guy acknowledges the loss of Desjardins and they STILL get the advantage. Does the Jennings trophy mean nothing?
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