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  1. Kovy-Zajac-Shane Doan Elias-Henrique-Zubrus Wojtek Wolski-Josefson-Clarkson Carter-Gionta-Bernier Possible?
  2. Martin Brodeur - 2 years $9 million

    Thats a real backwards way of thinking if you ask me. Making the cap floor or not Marty's simply noy worth 4.5 million a year now, it will be even worse next year, If someone gave me 5 bucks to buy candy and I HAD to spend it to reach the candy spending floor I wouldnt just overpay for a Hershey bar and call it quits, Id spend the 5 bucks in the most effective way possible to get value for my 5 bucks Silly analogy, but all this talk of spending a little extra to reach the floor is foolish when you can get extra players with that money
  3. Martin Brodeur - 2 years $9 million

    Waaay to much money and time, absolutely insane deal if you ask me. Is nobody else pissed at Marty? I haven't seen that opinion offered yet. If he really did live for this team and was so loyal then he would have taken a reasonable contract for what he was actually worth instead of getting money hungry when the team is in financial ruin. Honestly if it weren't Marty, a 40 year old goalie with his current level of play would be hard pressed to get 2.5 million a year, especially for a 2 year deal. I think a one year 3 million dollar contract would be well beyond fair for Brodeur, and would imagine that's what he was being offered at first. Hell, I'd rather have Michael Leighton at 900k a year for 2 years than Marty for 2 years @ 4.5m per year. They are both goalies that can get hot but generally aren't up to par and let in major softies. Yes I respect everything hes done but he isn't doing them anymore and a 2 year deal weighs this team down further when his play hasn't warranted it.
  4. I see from looking at these posts that I'm in the deep minority, but I honestly don't want Parise back. I don't think he is work 8 million now, but more importantly 7 years down the line there is no way I see him being worth that much. It has been discussed that his play is largely based on hustle and I think we will see a sharp decline outside of the 5 year mark in his level of play. I would rather have the 8 million+ in space in the next few years to lock up Henrique and Larsson then pick up a few defenceman and depth players. Plus we could sign a few mid level FA's in the next 2 seasons as a stop gap while players develop and remain equally competitive.
  5. TICKETS!!!

    Same, I entered the lottery also. I would be willing to pay someone trustworthy before hand with paypal if they could pull 2 tickets. Really desperate.
  6. GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    Going to be an incredible game 6. Rangers obviously will be bitter and hungry also, hope we can match that intensity
  7. What is going on with the refs?

    I have seen a pretty even series honestly. There have been some shaky calls, but the devils have gotten away with some stuff also. Im sure Rangers boards have the same types of threads going on right now also.
  8. GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    As a new member, I certainly shy away from the board a bit because of the constant can't do attitude. Our team is 1 game away from reaching the fvcking stanley cup finals. That is SO huge, this is such an exciting time to be a fan. But it seems day in and day out on this board its nothing but "we suck" "well never do X Y or Z" "the game/series is over were down by a goal" Clearly were doing something right being one victory away from the SCF. If you were to look at the mood of this board from the outside, it would seem as if the team finished in 30th place so many years in a row that they were being moved to Nebraska to pay in the ECHL. And yes, its stressful so posts will be emotional but theres a difference between that and saying the season is over because were tied 3-3 in a series thats tied 2-2
  9. Matteau defends his goalie

  10. GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    No penalty... thats cool
  11. GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    That was not a goal...
  12. GDT: ECF Game 1 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    He consistently gets beat near our blue line and is caught chasing the opponent down the ice. Has happened twice so far this game, which is about par for the course. Even in game 4 when he got praise for being a huge part of the first 2 goals we scored, he was pretty much directly responsible for the first 2 goals scored against us.
  13. GDT: ECF Game 1 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    Zidlicky really scares me. I know he is here to give us an offensive spark but defensively he has been terrible throughout the playoffs.
  14. Zidlicky Injured?

    I know I pretty much speak for myself here, but I am absolutely not a Zidlicky fan. His offensive abilities have certainly helped us a good amount this playoff run, but I don't think his offensive talent has made up for his numerous mistakes defensively, or penalty wise.