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  1. I think the best thing we could do as fans is actually no go to games to send a message. The new owners are not going to be happy with terrible attendance, stuff like that might at least put pressure on Lou to do something. If they try and patchwork this team again next year I might lose my mind, I would much rather watch a team developing new talent than watching a team with old aging veterans suck every night and know there is no future. I'm a fan of a chronically bad football team, I watch them week in week out never miss a game, specifically because there are things to watch in hope of, right now this devils team is just fvcking bleak. And we cant fix what's wrong with FA, we need to start drafting some talent that pans out. This team has no real forward core.
  2. Yes, hockey seasons are to long to watch a team struggle every night. I just can't do it.
  3. I haven't watched a devils game in like 3 weeks, what happened to Larson? He was one of the only bright spots for a while.
  4. Sneax

    Any Truth?

    I didn't say he would be a top 10-15 offensive player because he is playing well in the KHL. I just said it because clearly his bad back isn't an issue this year. Anyway Kovy is still a great player and he probably wouldn't miss a beat coming back here. I think everyone is just upset that he screwed us over. I wouldn't want him back at an insane contract, but I would define ty want him back. He'd instantly be the best offensive talent on our team.
  5. Brunner cleared waivers, don't see a trade anytime soon for him.
  6. Sneax

    Any Truth?

    You eventually have to pay to retain your high end talent. I would take kovy he would be a top 10-15 player in this league from an offensive stand point. This team could easily compete with kovy as the offensive center piece, I think he has been playing extremely well in the KHL this season as well.
  7. Cam elias henrique and our goalie won't win us many games, we don't win many games with more than that. Tank for McDavid I say.
  8. We have been bad for years now. Might be hard for you to see that, but it isn't for other people. We have been swimming furiously to keep our head above water for a few years now. But when you think Scott clemenson plays great letting up 4 goals on like 30 shots, or that we are to talented to lose like this, I wouldn't expect a different response from you. You probably still think we are making the playoffs this year.
  9. First stretch? Where have you been for the last 5 years. Outside of a cup appearance this team has had a pretty steady trajectory, and it's been terrible. I feel like the red wings aren't to far off from being us. There core is definitely dwindling and they are no doing a great job replacing players. I could easily see them in our exact position in a few more years.
  10. At this point I'm most afraid we win enough games to be out of the McDavid sweepstakes. This is not a playoff team, let's not kid ourselves. All we have to look foward to is the lottery this year.
  11. that makes to much sense, the total percentage should be higher than 100.
  12. Delusional as fvck. Remember last year when he assured us we would make the playoffs with like 8 games left and like 8 wins needed. Good times.
  13. you are in touch with reality? Scott clemmson looks great, those words came out of your mouth tonight. How's that for a reality check.
  14. except how saying things like "every team does this" is not proof or a point. Because it doesn't make a case against what we all know. That this team is really bad right now, even when things are really clicking we find ways to lose the game. BAD Teams do that, good teams find ways to win. Also for someone so out of touch with reality its hilarious that you would tell someone else that.
  15. Just when you think they are about to turn a corner.
  16. Oh boy yayo d didn't't score we are boned
  17. Ruutu, yayo, cam That needs to be the lineup
  18. I can turn a blind eye to this if they win this one in OT/Shootout. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself if we lose.
  19. This isn't due to deboer hockey. We kept the aggression up all game, we didn't exactly sit back. This is garbage goal tending. Cory get ready to play 50+ more games.
  20. don't worry scott Clemson is greaaaat clearly.
  21. The games not over scott. Put your phone away.
  22. What is our record with Salvador out of the line up. What has our PK done without him. If he comes back this season I might fvcking lose it. The team has looked good on defense since he's been gone.its actually lunacy that Larson was on the bench while that slow fvck was playing.
  23. Man if 4 isn't enough to win this that would be depressing.
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